Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tablescape Thursday & Foodie Friday.. Welcome Home Outdoors


Last Friday Ashley returned from her last week of Camp for the Summer.. Since she had been begging to dine outdoors and the weather here in Atlanta was sooooooooo nice on Saturday I decided to grant her wish. 

My Lil Honoree For today’s Tablescape & Dinner

Welcome Home BabyGirl


My pretty ceramic umbrella vase was a casualty of a really bad storm we had here earlier this summer so I needed to come up with something .. I had this old basket that fit the ticket.. I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint.. then had Jeff make me a starter hole. The wooden bottom was really thin and very easy to cut.. I used tin snips .. only took a couple of minutes an viola I had a perfect size hole for the umbrella to slip down through.


Perfect for today’s outdoor table setting.. Sunflowers. Those silk sunflowers are really getting a workout this month.


100_6169 100_6181

  • Red & White Napkins … Home from Target
  • Red & White Table Cloth.. Target. Got this one on clearance about 3 weeks ago for $2.50. It’s vinyl with a thick padding backer. 
  • Black Metal Flower Napkin Rings.. Pier1
  • White Metal Pail.. Target $1.00 section *sprayed white was silver*

100_6179 100_6214

  • Red Stemware.. Target *purchased years ago*


  • Bordallo White Serving Bowl … Ross
  • Black Stand holding Serving Bowl … Pike Nursery. Purchased years ago.. was a citronella candle stand.


  • White Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers… Target *available item $4.99 set*


  • Metal Sun .. From  Kirklands .. part of a 3-piece set.


  • Sunflower plate.. is by Boston Warehouse Trading Company.. picked that lil set up at Kroger… *Still available in some locations on clearance*
  • Red Sedona Plate..  Mainstay.. from Wal-Mart.
  • Red Mat Charger.. Wal-Mart.
  • Red Place Mats … Pier1
  • Cambridge Jubilee Yellow Flatware… from Ross.


  • Green Square Charger… Target *recent purchase*

100_6188  100_6184100_6183100_6192

  • Watermelon… Georgia Grown from local produce stand.
  • It Was So GOOD!

100_6191   100_6200100_6194  100_6179 100_6271

As the sun sets… Skeeters start buzzing so for light and defense against those nasty lil blood suckers these lanterns perform double duty. I love that they don’t produce that nasty black stringy looking smoke.


  • The lanterns are from Walmart .. Set of 3 for $9.99.. they hold 3 small prefilled bottles of citronella oil with wick included.. extra bottles of oil can be picked up also at Walmart for $1.00 each.


Dinner was a lil late.. and darkness caught up with us. I removed the Sunflower centerpiece and added the napkins so we could see one another.


Sorry these aren’t the greatest looking photos.. I’m still learning the settings on this camera.. I don’t know if y’all have this same problem.. but alotta times it looks GREAT on the view screen on the camera but when I load it on my computer .. I get this blah looking thing. Anyways.. Hunger was getting the best of me…and I only took 3 photos. After viewing them and thinking I had some good shots… I devoured dinner.


Ashley’s Choice for the night.. Carb & Starch Overload

  • Ribeye Steaks … Well done
  • Pasta Salad.. for her
  • Grilled Vidalia Onions
  • Baked Potatoes..  for husband .. he’s a meat & potato boy!

And Yes … I served it on a clear dinner plate.. That way everyone can enjoy the beauty of the good stuff and I don’t worry about them cutting into that steak and scratching the Melamine.


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today.. All of your visits & wonderful comments mean the world to me. I also wish to thank Our Hostesses Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch and Gollum @ Designs By Gollum.. for always graciously hosting these fun and entertaining blogland events. They have both inspired so many of us to be creative wonders in creating our tables both with beautiful dishes and delicious tasty foods.

Be sure to click on the buttons below to visit each of them and all those participating in today’s party.

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God Bless Everyone! … Hugs Debbie


  1. Your daughter is such a cutie. How nice to have her home. Your table is also just gorgeous. I love the mix of dishes, they are all so pretty. The tablecloth is one of my favorites too. I love it. You always do such a wonderful job, it all looks beautiful. I love dinner too. I am really hungry. Hugs, Marty

  2. gorgeous!!! And that food looks so yummy!!

  3. Debbie, such a beautiful setting for a truly beautiful young woman. You are so talented, thanks for sharing. Gotta run ... I'm HUNGRY!!!

  4. I LOVE the white sunflower plates! Beautifully done. That is a fantastic picture of Ashley too! :)

  5. Debbie - What a wonderful welcome home for your daughter. It is so summer and so lovely. I love that last picture. Are those little lantern candles strong? Some I have found to be overpowering and not pleasant during dinner. Let me know because I will try to get a set. We need them at the lake. Thanks and have a wonderful evening.


  6. Hi Debbie,
    This is just gorgeous girl! We have a lot of the same tastes because I would for sure pick all these lovely things! Oh that tablecloth is my fave and the sunflowers too! Love it ! Hugs, Cindy

  7. Your tablescape is so pretty and fresh looking for a nice lunch outside! Lovely!

  8. Debbie, what a CUTE table! I loved it all, and I loved the fact that it's red! So fun! I am in love with your cloth, and i'm not sure you said where you got it. But it's GREAT! I saw all of the other things, and I appreciate you letting us know!

    This was such fun, and I enjoyed visiting your party for your cutie pie daughter whom I sure loved it, too!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  9. As always Debbie, Beautiful post. Just beautiful. I especially loved the basket touch with the sunflowers. Sunflowers say Summer to me. The dishes looked so pretty. Country Hugs My Friend, Sherry

  10. Love those white sunflower plates and the flatware is great fun too! so glad you granted her wish for an outdoor dinner. - The Tablescaper

  11. Welcome home Ashley. Your table is so pretty. I love the tablecloth and all the red and white. I also have the same photo problem but most times I am so hungry I don't remember to even take my camera out of the case:)

  12. Oh my goodness everyone I am so sorry I forgot to mention the tablecloth.. *hanging head* I'm going to go edit my post right now.. thank you for pointing that out. It came from Target.. and was part of their summer collection which is now clearanced out. I paid $2.50 for it about 3 weeks ago.. so I doubt they have any more in store.. try online to see if they are available.

    Will be getting around personally to each of you regarding your other comments.

    Big Hugs,

  13. What a wonderful summery table. Love the red and white and the sunflowers are perfect with it.

  14. I love this red and white table and the sunflowers just pop right up. The red glasses are so pretty and I love the plates. Beautiful!

  15. Debbie, very cheery and truly summertime post! Loved your oolors. Watermelon looked great with you setting too!

  16. Hi Debbie, your table is wonderful...such pretty colors and I love those sunflowers. The watermelon looks so refreshing. Charming....just charming!


  17. Your colorful, outdoor table is just stunning. I love every single thing about it. Your idea for your umbrella holder was a stroke of genius and looks fabulous!
    Your menu sounds delicious, too.
    Great post! and your photos are beautiful..

  18. The table is beautiful and so summery. The food looks delicious.

  19. What a pretty outdoor tablescape! I love the red; it's so cheerful.


  20. What a lovely tablescape! It is set perfectly for a summer meal. And speaking of your meal, I can practically smell the delicious aromas! I'm sure you had a memorable evening.

  21. Wow!!! Wonderful color!!! I love it!!! The sunflowers re gorgeous and I love all of the attention to detail!!!

    This a gorgeous tablescape!!! A perfect welcome home for your precious daughter!!!

    Happy TT!!!


  22. Debbie, that is one amazing outdoor table! I love those candleholders in the end. Love 'em!

  23. Oh my goodness... this is SO CUTE! I love the tablecloth... and the flower dishes... LOVE IT!! :)

  24. Beautiful table. There is so much here that i love. The watermelon has me wanting to go buy one NOW!

    I love the sunflowers and your white plates. The color combos are just great with all the variety. That is also true about the various shapes and types of dishes.

    Very nice table.

    My DH is also a meat and potato person. I sometimes hesitate to show my meals because I am sure that some cringe at the combos of things used.

    Don't forget to join us on this weekend for the final Christmas in July Tablescape Party on Saturday (some may spill into Sunday since the 25th is Saturday. I am having a real CIJ family dinner on Sunday, but will post my table photos Friday night and Mr. Linky will be up and ready at Playing Dishes.

  25. This is the perfect summer table. And I'm a fan of Georgia-grown watermelons, too!

    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  26. You did a beautiful outdoor table, just lovely. Love your creative idea for the umbrella--and it's so versatile.

  27. Everything is beautiful. I love your idea of using the clear plate over the red one to protect the red one. Love all of the red and white. Fav colors!


  28. The dishes are beautiful and I love all the attention to detail!
    Great post!
    All the best,

  29. I just loved your red, white and sunflower theme. So summer!! Everything looked perfect. Your daughter is lovely. Your rib eye steak made my mouth water!! Eeeek...must be close to dinner! Hugs!!

  30. A great table to welcome your daughter home! Love it all!!! :D Jewel

  31. Hi, Sweet Miss Debbie!

    Thank you so much for your very kind birthday wishes and post today! You are a sweetheart, girl!

    And I am just as impressed with this tablescape as I was the first time around! BTW, I drew the winner for the Followers Contest, and it was Debbie. I left a little hint over there about what the prizes are. You won't guess in a million years, or at least I'm not thinking anyone will! LOL! There are still the other drawings to go, so you are in the running for that!

    Happy Foodie Friday!


    Sheila :-)

  32. wow Debbie, this pops, love the sunflowers with the red, wouldn't of thought of that combo!

  33. What a great idea to use the basket for a umbrella holder, I think it looks perfect. I just love your tablescape, and those red goblets are sweet.

  34. I'm really jealous of this table, seeing as I have only fed my family on paper plates this summer.

  35. Debbie-Your table is beautiful! I know you are glad to have your baby girl home! I have those Target buckets left over from gift buckets for out of town wedding guests--may have to pull out the spray paint!

  36. What a lovely tablescape and beautiful photos! I would never have known that tablecloth was vinyl, lovely! Sunflowers with the red, so striking. Your evening pics with the lanterns are wonderful! Great job!


  37. Debbie, Love the table setting and particularly the red glasses.

    You have been tagged! Stop by my blog when you get a chance.

  38. Hi Debbie! What a fabulous outdoor summer table. I love the depth of the red. So pretty. The food looks great for a welcome home from camp dinner!

  39. Your daughter is lovely! I'm glad she asked for dinner outdoors -- because I REALLY enjoyed this exuberant and joyous tablesetting. Just perfect!

  40. Great post. I loved how you celebrated our daughters homecoming. Very special.. and your dinner looked delicious and you table was darling. Those sunflowers made for such a happy table.

  41. What a wonderful post and a lovely family meal together out side... Youre table looked fantastic in the day and night! Nice...Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Really Rainey~

  42. What a truly beautiful tablescape! Ommit the sunflowers and replace by wintergreens and you would have a perfect Xmas table. I love the red stemware.It is gourgous.

  43. Beautiful tablescape. Those sunflowers make it perfect and you did a great job with the basket.

  44. Love the ruby glass against the sunflowers, just beautiful.

  45. beautiful! and that dinner looks yummy!

  46. What a lovely young girl! Everything here was beautiful. I loved your dinner menu but the watermelon looked so real I wanted to grab a slice for myself.

  47. Hi Debbie,
    Great summertime table! Loved all the reds, including the watermelon (which looks mouth-watering!)!

    Great idea to repurpose the candle stand into a serving dish - very dramatic! The lantern light really created a romantic glow ... and I thought the photos were fine (but I know what you mean about the little screen on the camera fooling us sometimes).

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  48. We're your ears burning a few days ago? I was just telling a friend about your amazing talents and that she should check you out. So lovely. So creative!

    I think I may have overwhelmed the dear, little family with the sick child. They didn't expect such a response so quickly and they seem to have decided against sharing. I don't think they realized when you call on caring Bloggers, we don't sit around wringing our hands and telling you we'll pray about it...we pray and put FEET to those prayers - FAST - but I know that can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the level of involvement out here. Thank you, Debbie, for all your hard efforts and may God bless you for them. If I hear from them I'll let you know. LOVE YOU!

  49. I really enjoyed this table scape. And oh the watermelon. I wish I could taste it. We have to import here in Canada and I am sure we don't get the quality that you have there. So jealous.

  50. What a nice table. I have the same red stemware. I just love them. Steaks are cooked just the way I like them:)

  51. Beautiful table. I love the way you pulled so many things from past and present. Your daughter is just gorgeous. And your dinner looks wonderful. Great post!

  52. It is so sweet when our girls want to be creative with tablescapes and help out in kitchen. I was really impressed with the white wicker basket cutting the hole and putting umbrella holder thru that then flowers i love it. Thanks for the great idea. Your table looked so nice. we love to be out on our patio as much as we can.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  53. This is all very pretty! I love all these colors together! Great idea for the umbrella basket!


  54. What a beautiful post! I love your tablescape & the menu sure does sound yummy!

  55. Your table looks lovely. So festive. Have a great weekend!

  56. A great homecoming party for such a cutie! I'd dive right into that plate! I love your basket idea for your umbrella with those cheery sunflowers . ~ Robyn

  57. I loved this table too! If you want to purchase the painting of your table... email me:


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