Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Round-Up Remodel .. Hooked on Fridays

is hosting a
Spring Round-Up
Remodel Party.
Tim is hosting this party to give
some of his readers a chance
to showcase
and showoff some of their
hard work.
This party runs from
May 1st - May 3rd
so it's not to late to get in on the fun.
Make sure you stop by and see
all the hard work everyone has
been up to.

I'm also participating in

Hooked on Fridays

Hosted by: Julia at Hooked on Houses

Some of the things I've decided to share
are a few projects that Jeff and I have
been working on these last few months.

I have tons of old pine furniture that
is old and outdated looking.
With funds short
and the desire to spruce up things
around the home.. We decided
the best way was to make new
what we already had.

This stand is one that we had stored away and
brought back to life for use as
a TV stand in Ashley's newly revamped
I sanded it down and
painted it black.

I gave it a lil distressing and
replaced the door pulls.
Below are samples of the
new theme that she has chosen
for her room..
The black goes very well with
the black and white theme.

This next piece is an old
pine clock that was given to me
almost 20 years
ago by my Mom when I moved out
for college.

It was all handmade by a gentleman
the same one actually that made the above
TV stand.. that made things for
a lil craft store my Mom owned.

I sanded it down really well
and rolled this one with
American Accents Smooth
Semi-Gloss Black that
I purchased from Lowe's.

Gave it a bit of distressing also and
changed the white ceramic
knob to an antique brass one.

I love it again.

This next piece is from a
suite that my parents had
way back in the 70's.
It had been stored in a barn
where it had gotten
a lil bit of water damage.

I loved all the details this piece has ..
plus I love that it reminds me of
my parents.

I used my hand sander and
was able to get all of the old
varnish off and smooth
out the water damage.

The handles were really nasty and the brass
had turned that ugly green... so I orginally
wanted to replace them.

Ashley had suggested that I just paint them
white.. I figured what harm would it do..
I was just gonna toss them anyway.
She loves it.. I think it turned out
very nice , and matches
her whole Zebra theme.

These next few pictures are a work in

This picture is a shot of my dining
room .. where I had just removed the
wallpaper boarder just above
and below the chair rail.

I was trying to decide on
the new colors I wanted.

Plus this is where you can see
the old color on our walls.

Before shot of our ceiling and the
trey border.
My new ceiling fan isn't up
yet.. but it's a beautiful
black iron with cherry blades
ceiling fan we purchased at Lowe's.

This next picture I'm almost embarassed to show..
but hopefully you'll scroll back up and see
that my ceiling didn't really look that nasty
until you could compare it to the newly
painted section.

HUGE difference huh?
The old looks like dirty pond water...
I was seriously gagging when I saw it.

I'm proud to say.. and very proud of my
hardworking Husband..
that all of the ceilings in
our home now have this
beautiful clean looking ceiling.

The new paint in the Den..

It's a summerset harvest gold color.
Pictures don't do it justice and it's
a major difference for us.
We wanted to go bold .. and
bold we did.

Another shot of the Den...
with the finished ceilings and gold trey insert.

I have new 2" white wooden blinds to finish
installing and finish the molding and trimboard.

Oh and we're in the process of ripping out the
carpet. Our house is built on a concrete slab
and I've decided instead of going with
hardwood flooring right now that
I'm gonna try my hand at
staining the concrete.
I've seen it done .. and it's beautiful.
Can't wait to get that finished and
show it to y'all.
Wish me Luck!

Thanks for stopping by to share in
my lil remodeling projects..
Make sure you head back over to
and see all the hard work
everyone else has been up to.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

An Award.. A Tag and Stardom

After all of the attention
Tippy has gained since my last post..
She thinks she's a SuperStar now.
As if she wasn't Divalicious enough..
now she's just down right rotten.

A lil glimpse of Tippy when we first brought
her home.
See that lil white tip on her tail..
That's how she got her name..
Original huh.

She worked hard last week..
so she's taking it easy
relaxing in her bed.
What a Life!

An Award
Rhoda at

Has graciously honored me with this
wonderful award.

"An Attitude of Gratitude”

When life gives you lemons....
make lemonade!

So there are a few rules to this award:
*I'm a rule breaker*

1.Put the logo on your blog or post
*Did That*
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that
show an attitude of gratitude.
*Did That Too*
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
*Did That*
4.Comment on their blogs to let them
know they've received this award.
*Working on That*
5.Share the love and link to this post
and the person who nominated
you for the award.
*Did That*

Those I am Nominating:
* With an Escape Clause*
Please accept this award without
having to nominate 10 others.
The reason I chose to do that is because..
Once I got an award and nominated someone
and they sent me a ugly reply back telling
me they didn't do awards blah blah and it
really hurt my feelings..
So I'm attaching an
Escape Clause to those I'm nominating.
Please accept this award without having to do
anything other than what you want to with it.
Pass it on if you like.. Or Keep it all to yourself..

Lara @ Copelands

*Lara is at the hospital right now
bringing into this world baby number 4*


I Was Tagged By:
Bethany @
8 is Enough

Here's the rules--
mention the person that tagged you.
Complete the lists of 8's.
Tag 8 of your wonderful blogger friends.
Go tell them you tagged them!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. The Month of May

2. Ashley's 16th Birthday

3. Spending the weekend with my Mom

4. Summer Break

5. Jeff's Vacation Week

6. Being one Step ahead of my Teenager

7. Being Pain-Free

8. Fall

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to a Family Reunion *Jeff's Family*

at Indian Springs State Park

2. Missed Church *I hate missing Church Service*

3. Saw a Park Ranger capture a snake

4. Spent the whole day with Jeff & Ashley

5. Planted my tomato plant in a Topsy Turvy *we'll see*

6. Ate the best Potato Salad I've ever eaten

7. Ate too much of the above mentioned Potato Salad

8. Relaxed and enjoyed the sunset with my husband.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Not Worry so much

2. Find the $50 I hid from myself

3. See my brother more often

4. Finish my flooring all by myself

5. Understand my Teenager

6. Win the Lottery *might help if I played*

7. Cure all of my sick friends

8. Hold Matthew

8 Shows I Watch:

1. Lost

2. The Closer

3. Frasier *reruns*

4. Deadliest Catch

5. Desperate Housewives

6. The Real Housewives of New York

7. In Plain Sight

8. Reba

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Have A Blessed Day,


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you have one of these... The Tippy Claw Cultivator

It's Metamorphosis Monday

Not Sold In Stores Anywhere..
Not Available for purchase at any price...


The Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009

Do you own one of
these knuckle busters?

How about one of these back breakers?

Let me introduce you to the newest,
painfree, hardest working, loveliest,
sweetest, powerful, easiest to use
cultivator around.

The Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009

All you need to get started is a
neglected area from last summer that
never got finished.

Secondly you rake all of

last winters leaves away
to reveal the
hardened drought-ridden Georgia clay.

Next you just simply point
to areas that you want
cultivated and your
Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009
takes over immediately.

Got big roots ?
Pish Posh..
No Problemo for the
Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009.
It will chew right through those
pesky roots.

Ever accidently tilled up a plant that
you wanted to keep in your garden?
No Problemo
with this handy work horse.

The Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009
only likes to work in the dirt.
So no more chopped up

Now that the ground
is all nice and soft again..
It's time to think about adding a lil color.

Ahhhh .. a nice assortment of color.
36 little beauties just waiting
to be put in the ground.
What's that?
You expect me to dig how many

No Worries!
The Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009
can dig small holes too.

Just point..
Give the command..
" Tippy Get Chippy "
and off it goes

Now just place your plant in the hole..
and cover.

Would you like to add some of your
new color in between
some pre-existing daylillies?
But you're just to lazy to
hunt down that
never where it's suppose to be
spade-shovel-cultivator thingie?
Well.. again no problem.
Remember I told you..
The TCC 2009
only likes the dirt..
No harm to the greenery.


Most Importantly
You can call that

spade-shovel-cultivator thingie
all day long and it won't
come to you when you call it's name
like the Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009 will.

Plus it likes to sit and admire
it's work as it waits
patiently for Her next command.

This is Ashley's end of the year

project for her FFA class.
She was to pick a gardening
project to start and complete on her own
without the help of any grown-ups.

I think she did a great job..
for a lil greenhorn.
But she couldn't have done it
without the help of her
bestest 9 year old friend..
Ahem.. I mean..
The Tippy Claw Cultivator 2009.

Have an AWESOME week Everybody!

Thank You Susan for
graciously hosting this
fun event!

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,


Monday, April 20, 2009

Yahweh Highway .. August Rain

Yahweh Highway

By: August Rain

My Baby Girl Ashley

in her first music video.

Thanks August Rain for allowing

her to be a part of such a

great experience.

Ashley had a BLAST!

Thank You For Visiting

Have A Blessed Day,


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Because ... I love him so

I have had more comments about
this one picture posted on my
sidebar than any other on my blog.
So today I thought I'd share it and
a few others.

This is my baby brother.. Tommy.
And those green tights.. well those are mine.
Yep he's a lil sissy boy alright hehehe.
When he turns 40 in a few years
I'll be using the above picture
for his Lordy Lordy
birthday wishes in his hometown's newspaper.
Don't feel pity for him.. Because if you
only knew what he has in store for me you'd
say I was way to easy on him.
I know which one
he's gonna be using for mine.
Which will not be appearing here for comparison..
it's so bad.

Now you might be thinking that with
that S on his shirt that Tommy was
a huge Superman fan huh..
Well wrong!
That big ole "S" is for
Yep that's right..
*pointing out that cotton top fro*

Now my hair that's a different story.
Mine was a perm and perms were
cool back in the early 80's.
Yes I was seriously styling
as I lay there letting him
think he had the best of me.

Blue eyed tow head cutie
working that school picture.

Tacky Day at School..

That's me on the right in the white shirt.
I came up with that look all by myself.
*So Proud*
I was kicking it in those shredded jeans lol.
Now Tommy .. he looked like a
kid straight outta the tv show
Lil Rascals... only thing missin
was the lil propeller on top of his hat.

There's lil sissy boy again..
running away from the
big ole skeery monkey.
Not me honey..
I was working on my
Jessica Lange pose.
Admit it .. you thought it was
Jessica Lange didn't ya?

If I had been wearing a shell
necklace I coulda lied and
fooled you all.
Don't forget to take a gander at
them legs.

Now before you scroll down to the next
picture I want you to scroll back up
and look at those legs again.
What I'd give to still
have em lookin like that.

Every other weekend we'd go
down to Florida to go
deep sea fishing.
My Dad had a huge boat,
and on this trip my grandmothers
came along.

Sissy Boy on the left makin
his funny face look.
Granny .. My Dad's Mom in the middle.
Me with my hair blowing in the sea breeze.
Mom.. everyone called her Mom,
Which was my Mother's Mom.
And last..
My Amazingly young
stunningly beautiful Mother.
Too young looking to have kids our
age right..
Technically she was ..
My Mother would have only been
15 when I was born ..

Tommy and I were both adopted.
We are blood brother and sister...
My parents took one look at us
and didn't want to break up the set lol.

My Grandmother "Mom" Mackie
with me and Tommy.
We miss her so much.

That's my fish...
I just let him hold it.

It made him feel good
to let folks think he caught it..
Just look at him..
puffed up all proud like
a banny rooster.
How could I deny him
of that joy.
I love you
Big Boy!

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,


Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!