Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Great American Town & Outdoor Wednesday


Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday & My Great American Town Tour

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July Holiday My Lil Rocky wanted to dress up and give y’all a lil tour of this lil town we call home.. Covington Georgia. 


Where is Covington Georgia you might be asking.. Well it’s about 40 miles east of Atlanta.  We’re surrounded by all kinda good places like, Six Flags, Stone Mountain, Malls of every size and sort and just about anything else you could ask for. Now even though we like having all that good stuff close by.. we don’t like it on our back porch so to speak. So if you’re a looking for a nice quite place.. Well ya found it.


This is our beautiful historical County Courthouse.. It may look familiar to some of you.. any guesses?


Can you tell yet where you’ve seen it before?


The above photos were taken earlier in the spring.. and the one below was taken last week. Now I’m sure by now you’ve guessed.. but for those of you that might not know… it’s the same court house that Bo & Luke Duke used to get chased around. That’s right folks.. it’s the Hazzard County Courthouse from none other than the Duke’s of Hazzard. Now you other folks that guessed the Sparta Courthouse from In The Heat of the Night .. Guess what.. You’re right too. It doubled as the courthouse for both tv shows as well as quite a few others.


   We still have all the ole shops on the square.. and they’re always a buzzing. Ashley waited forever to get the picture below.. we wanted you to be able to see the stores plus she was scared someone would scream at her taking a picture with them in it…Great job Ashley!


Here in Covington we’re known as the “Hollywood of the South”. As I mentioned earlier.. both In the Heat of the Night and The Dukes of Hazzard were filmed entirely here as well as quite a few movies. Not sure which movies are being filmed right now.. but Get Low with Lucas Black, Bill Murray, Sissy Specek and Robert Duvall just finished filming as well as H2 the new sequel to the Rob Zombie movie Halloween.  Below I’ve included a few of the movies you may have seen that were all filmed here in Covington.


We have beautiful historic homes throughout the City and County.. These below are just a few of my favorites.


 This lil street runs straight into the square and is lined with all of these beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees.


Even the businesses keep to the historical guidelines.. I love this Law Office below.


This is another of my favorites.. I haven’t a clue who lives here, but when I was little I told my little brother that it was Michael Jackson’s house and he believed me lol. He’s never been the brightest bulb in the pack hahaha.. don’t believe me? Take a look at him over there on the right sidebar … He’s the one dressed up like a lil girly girl in that homemade Superman outfit.. go ahead lookie. ------------------------------->



The old County Jail ..


Our new Courthouse still under construction.. with the backside of the old historical courthouse in the background.


Last week I shared this covered bridge and the view from the bridge on the right. It’s located on the county line and sadly I took the picture of the neighboring county’s side.



This is the Old Porterdale Mill.. back in the middle 1800’s this was a cotton & twine mill and recently it was remodeled into Loft apartments. This is the side view that over looks the river.. Ashley took this standing on the Yellow River Bridge. Up until the remodel this was the local swim hole.. now this particular area is reserved for tenants of the Loft Apartments. However…..


 just down the river a bit is open to anyone and everyone. My husband and his late friend Kerry spent many a day here Fishing and Swimming with the kids.. in fact this is where Kerry had always said he wanted his ashes spread when he died.. His wish was granted 7 months ago. This picture was also taken last week and was the first time I had been back there since that day.


We are home to The Bert Adams Scout Camp.. Thousands and Thousands of young men visit here week after week.


Isn’t this entrance beautiful.. I love just riding through and seeing all of the wildlife. It’s stress relief.


This is another historical spot.. The Depot. We recently held Ashley’s 16th birthday party here. It’s been turned into a buffet style restaurant with a bar filled with the best country cooking around… fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread.. ok ok I’ll stop! It’s some good ole food! One of the other great things is the track is still in use.. and as you’re eating you get to see and feel it as it rolls on by.



Here’s Ashley and one of her great friends Lindsey… The top 2 photos are from the August Rain music video shoot they both were a part of.. Someone hollered “Here comes a train” and freaked them out for a moment. The bottom photo and the far right photo are of the same track located a lil farther down.. known around here as the Alcovy Train Tressel.


  Well.. that’s it for my little hometown tour. I hope I didn’t bore ya too much.. we’re just simple folk around these parts.. and love nuttin better than soakin up and sharing the peace and quiet.


We.. Mommie and Me wanna wish all you kind folks a Happy Safe God Blessed 4th of July holiday this weekend..Eat tons of watermelon and don’t forget to have fun spitting out them seeds.

Peace Out…  Rocky & Debbie 


Make sure you head on over by clicking the buttons below and visit Melissa and Susan and all the others participating in these 2 great parties.  Thank You Susan & Melissa .. God Bless you both .. Have a great 4th holiday… This was soooo much fun!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday .. Camp


Mckmama at My Charming Kids is the Hostess of this fun event.

Have you ever done something you can’t believe you just did.. said … or simply just thought of. Well here’s the place to share it. It’s all about admitting we’re human and share with others our lil quirks and faults no matter how disturbed silly it makes us look.

This last week I had the pleasure of dog sitting my neighbors dog.. Biscuit. He is a deer legged Chihuahua and one of the sweetest dogs around. That is til he had to spend 5 days with mean ole Ashley. Here she is torturing teasing him… moments later he gets revenge.


I did not laugh til I cried when he turned around and bit the ever living mess outta her arm. Nope Not Me!


I also didn’t cry like a blubbering idiot baby as I pulled off to the side of the road as I left this place on Sunday. Leaving behind my sweet precious husband and not so sweet child. Nope that sucking back snot blinded by tears mad woman was not me.


There was not a brief moment where I thought .. I’m really really not going to miss this eye rolling hurry up and take the picture child for the next 5 days..


I’m certainly not going to miss this sweet wonderful man like crazy all week. I’m also not going to cry myself to sleep each night as I lay there wishing he was lying beside me. Nor am I going to keep my cell phone glued to my hand the entire week just waiting for his call so I can hear him say “I miss you.. I love you”.


I also didn’t tell him “ I Love You” at least 50 times… free of tears and proud like.. til I was outta his sight.. wearing my big girl panties so he wouldn’t worry about me. Nope Not Me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thrifty Treasures & Metamorphosis Monday.. Ashley’s Room Makeover



Welcome to Metamorphosis Monday.. Hosted By Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch.  Click on the Met Monday Button above to join in on all of the Morphing for this week.


A room in dire need of a transformation.. Ashley’s Bedroom.

Her room is fairly small.. and had a 2 1/2 foot wallpaper border that ran along the bottom of the walls.  It was cute and wonderful when she was 10 and loved bunnies and such .. but not cool for a teenager.

First.. I peeled the first layer of the border away..leaving only the gummy glued part on the wall. Next I sprayed the whole border down with Dif Gel wallpaper remover.. I LOVE that stuff! As you can see on the picture below “top left hand corner” the backing peeled away easy… in large sheets.  Next we patched up all of the thumbtack holes and sanded down the walls .. There will never be another thumbtack brought in this house lol. Also in the picture below are a few pieces of furniture that I also redid to fit the theme of her new room.

















The next set of photos show the before and after of some of the pieces we transformed.. The top row of photos are the before and the bottom row is the after.

















Since money .. as always.. around here was tight.. we had to shop around for thrifty deals. I found some white wooden Finials and wooden rod brackets marked down at Lowe’s.. total for rod, brackets and finials $11.00. Those darling beaded window treatments on clearance for $10.00 “complete set” at Anna’s Linens. Her King comforter set was our greatest find for $29.00 also from Anna’s Linens. I’m not finished with her bed as of yet.. she didn’t want a headboard anymore so I’m going to give it the look of a daybed. I’ve started building a back piece out of left over picket fencing we had and when I’m finished it’ll look like a keyboard.

















Ashley’s room is no longer sad and blue.. Here it is in all it’s Pink, Black & White glory.. As you can see she loves Zebra and that is what we based everything on. I was really scared of redoing all of the furniture.. the dresser.. the nightstand.. tv stand all in black.. to me when I think of black I think goth.. but with the pink I  it took away that feeling.



















So what do you think.. you ready to go Crazy Pink?


If you are .. I highly recommend Valspar from Lowe’s. We LOVE it!















Below are the color codes for the colors we used in Ashley’s room. This picture actually shows the true color of the pink.. the flash from the camera in the above photos made it appear lighter.


 Thank You for stopping by for my addition to Met Monday.. Make sure you head back over to Susan’s and see what everyone else has been up to.

Since this was also a post about Thrifty deals I’m linking to Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasures @ Southern Hospitality too.  Make sure you drop by and check out the deals these ladies find.. Her partiers are the best in the world at finding deals.

As always.. A Special Thanks to both Susan and Rhoda for hosting these fun parties.

Happy Monday Everyone!

God Bless, Debbie


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Giveaway and a Beautiful Miracle..


First the Giveaway:

Barbara the Purple Goat Lady is having a giveaway..  You still have plenty of time to get entered.. deadline is June 27th..  So click on the button below and get entered.


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Now for that Beautiful Miracle Story:

My Best Friend Suzanne recently became a new Grandma. Her daughter Jen gave birth to a little miracle on May 31st. Little Miss Presley was born 12 weeks early and weighed in at 3lbs 3ozs.  Little Presley has been a miracle since the moment she made her emergency entrance into this world.


Jen had struggled with preeclampsia throughout her pregnancy and when she went in for her 28-week check up her potassium and calcium levels were down while her blood pressure was soaring around 200/120.  Jen had to deliver her first baby by emergency c-section.


Presley slept swaddled in an incubator with a CPAP *Continuous Positive Airway Pressure* to remind her to breathe. Doctors said she would likely have to stay in the NICU for roughly two months. Presley’s feeding volumes  increased each day she was  at the hospital and only her progress in meeting certain criteria would see her home earlier.

Here is Presley.. being compared to a 20 oz Coke Bottle! Amazing huh?


After only 21 days in the hospital.. and weighing in at a Tiny But Mighty 3lbs 9ozs Lil Miss Presley got to go home on Father’s Day! A Precious Little Miracle… To God all the Glory!


Welcome Home Princess Presley.. Welcome Home!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ... Our Day Out

It's Outdoor Wednesday time..
Hosted by the Sweetest Georgia Gal around
Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer
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First I have a bit of sad news..
For all of you that have been following along
each week as I post about all of the nests and
new baby birds and eggs we have in our yard..
I'm sorry to tell you all,
But we have lost each and every
one of them.
It's all a mystery to me.. One minute
all four nests were full of eggs including
the bluebird nest which had already begun to hatch..
then suddenly they were all gone.
No sign of any broken eggs in the nest
or by the nest... nothing.
I did however find a few of these lil spots dug out in our
pine islands located near each of the nest.. and spotted
a cat hiding in the one you see below.
It was so sad cleaning out the empty nests..
I read on the internet that sometimes when houses
are placed to close together.. other birds will rob
eggs from other bird nest.
So once we cleaned them out we placed them further apart
and hopefully we'll have some more build with better futures.
On to better news..
Here is my first tomato on my topsy turvy..
I know.. I'm silly.. but I'm so excited!

Last week Ashley and I had to run a few errands.. so I thought
I'd take you all along with us.
We were forever behind this truck..
I just knew that thing was gonna bounce right
off of the back of that truck.

This beautiful covered bridge is located on the county
line.. An unexpected surprise as you pop around the curve.

Ashley hopped out of the truck and got this awesome shot
so you all could share in the beauty.

We stopped off and had a lil lunch here..
Ashley's favorite place.
We both stuffed ourselves.

Afterwards we had to walk off those FuddBurgers..
What better place than.. One of my favorite places
Pier 1 Imports.
Got some goodies for my 4th of July tablescape!

Saw this funky lil Urkle Mobile..
Ashley loved it of course..
My big ole patooty wouldn't fit in it lol..
I'd look like HR Puff N Stuff.

Ashley's favorite colors are pink and purple..

So she couldn't resist taking a picture of these flowers
at the entrance to the shopping center.

After shopping we had to drop off an pickup some things
for Jeff at the Wildlife Federation..
As we stepped out of the truck.. this is what we
A Four Leaf Clover.

Out back behind the Federation building they
have a few pavillions that they rent out
for reunions and such..

There are also Nature Trails that you can walk..
Each trail has little markers that tell about the wildlife
in the area.

Sometimes.. if you're lucky
you'll get to see a few of these lil fellows.
Not a very good picture .. but it is a little deer.
We kinda spooked him because we were in the truck.

At the end of the road trail are these
Honey Bee Boxes..
There were about 10 .. and yep they were active.

I hope you enjoyed tagging along with us on our lil
outting. Make sure you head over to Susan's and
see what everyone else has in store.

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!