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My most favorite paint in the
from Lowe's

This is the color we have chosen for
my dining room which we
have just recently completed.

Woodlawn Lewis Gold
below are the codes for the color.

This is a one coat wonder!

Goes on thick.. and coats

Smell.. what stinking smell?
Another favorite feature about
Valspar.. no stinky paint smell.

Next 2 choices are a combo of
great and bad choices.

First the bad choice..
We purchased this paint
from Wal-mart.
Color Place brand.. inexpensive
about 12 bucks a gallon.
Very Stinky!

The color was
Crazy Pink
which was a Dutch Boy
color sample that
wal-mart matched.

Color codes for Crazy Pink.

As the first coat was put on
I was really scared..
I was thinking

Once the second coat was applied..
I felt better..
It dried darker and
matched the color sample

On to the Great...

Valspar Polar White
for all of the trim and doors...

One coat wonder..

This is the color Ashley chose..
I was hesitant at first
but I'm really pleased at how well
it looks with all of her
new black and white pieces mixed in.

We've been working
on her room all week and
just finished her room today..
I'll have more of it to show for
Met Monday..

Thanks for taking the time
to see some of my
new favorite paint colors..
Make sure you head on
over to Melissa's and get
a look at everyone else's

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  1. Pretty. I love the pinkish color. We used Plink from Valspar which is a combo or purple and pink. I love Valspar too, but have recently been turned to Olympic which is eco-friendly.

  2. Debbie~thank you for being first! I love Valspar paint as well. The woodlawn gold is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the reveal on your daughter's room! What a fun color~I bet she loves it!

  3. Ooh, I love that first color! So classy and chic.

  4. I love the crazy pink. Isn't it fun doing your daughter's room when she can give you input? I loved every minute of it.

  5. Her room turned out great! I love the black and white with that color pink. It looks fabulous!

  6. Very nice! I have never tried this paint. I will use it next time. I'm glad you showed the difference between good and not so good paint. Have a great day. Kathi

  7. I love that Gold color and will be checking it out for our summer project to paint our Living Room.

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. Absolutely beautiful ... The Duck's a pilot, any chance of you coming over here for a few days of R&R (Redecorating and Rearranging !!) My favorite is the first one ... very elegant !! BTW ... did the 'Boss' help with her room ... or were you just slave labor???

  9. Love the color you used for your dining room, warm and sophisticated...Great choice!!!

  10. Very pretty rooms and colors! Thanks for the review of Valspar, too, we have never tried that paint. I say, "We" as if "I" paint ;) I pick out the colors, that's hard enough, right? ;)

  11. I use polar white on all my trim as well! :)

  12. Just stopping by to say hello! I found you on the "Georgia list". Your blog is beautiful!

  13. Hi Debbie,
    Your colors all look great and I especially love the crazy pink. The gold is very rich and inviting. ~Cathy!

  14. Beautiful paint colors Debbie! I love your daughter's room. I'm getting ready to make-over my daughter's room too. Thank you for the inspiration!


  15. I think pinks are so scary!!!!! The second coat always helps! Love the one you chose!

  16. Love that pinky pink! That's such a pretty girly color. Love your dining room too, so classic and elegant.

  17. I love that girly pink. So pretty. And your dining room color is so classic and elegant, a perfect choice! I have also noticed that Valspar is less stinky, a great perk along with the great coverage!

  18. Ya gotta love a nice pink bedroom..and the first color is really reminds me of my mudroom color called "pumpkin butter". Although I'm a big fan of Behr paint. I've had bad luck with Valspar. It looks like it worked great for you!

  19. Hey, thanks so much for the tip about "one coat" paint. I'm in love with the rich color in your first pic. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Taking notes: here's one vote for Valspar! Never used it, but I'll remember it next time. Pinks are scary; good job getting the second coat on.

    Thanks for having us in for a visit-
    Phillips Phamily Mama

  21. I love that color in the dining room!! I have been looking for a good color for my kitchen maybe I will use that!!

  22. I love your daughter's room color. I did that in my daughter's room several years ago (when she was still home). We used black and white with punches of bright orange. It was great! But, the realtors didn't think so. :-(

  23. Oh my goodness...I miss you! Allow me to vent.....STOOPID BLOGGER! Okay. I'm done. I cannot get to you through Internet Explorer anymore so I'm searching you through Firefox but hey, it works!

    I am so happy to know Valspar doesn't smell. I need to paint The Wild Man's room very soon. You did a great job! And one coat? Wow.

  24. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for sharing these great colors. I have used Valspar, it did not smell and it had good coverage.

  25. I love that gold!! Gorgeous!! If only I lived by a Lowes... :(

  26. Did you see your 100th follower?! :)

  27. Hi Debbie
    Thanks for coming to my porch party!

  28. Love the gold color - very rich and timeless, in my opinion. The pink is not for everyone, of course, but you made it work with your decor!



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