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Show and Tell Friday ... Rabbit Lamp

Show and Tell Friday...
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The Rabbit Lamp

For those of you that follow my blog

regularly you know I'm in the middle of

a home facelift...

Well, Jeff and I have been spending

a lotta time at Lowe's over the last couple of months

picking out paint, ceiling fans, blinds etc.

I knew about the bargin paint section

Lowe's calls it "oops paint".

But I had no CLUE they had

a returned goods clearance section

hidden way back in the back corner of the store.

Here is my newest treasure

and one of my greatest finds...

Just in time for Easter!

My Rabbit Lamp

Isn't it Beautiful!
Even greater than it's beauty
was the price I paid!
Yep.. That's right $7.30!

I know you're thinking...
What's wrong with it.. right?
That was my first thought also..
So before leaving the store we opened
it up and to my surprise it was...
Perfect !
Yes Perfect .. Nodda scratch, crack or chip!

Added a lil touch of spring..
with the Birds Nest.
The table is one of the
pine pieces I painted black a few weeks ago.
I'll post before and after on all of those
pieces later. Be sure to check back because
their transformations are awesome.

I hope you enjoyed my lil
show and tell of
my newest treasure..

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to see more beautiful treasures.

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  1. I love it!

    I need to go to Lowes this weekend and see if my store has any.

  2. Oh come on!!!! Are you kidding me? That is adorable. I really am amazed and I also am heading to my store's corner....thanks for the tip!

  3. I have to go to Lowe's and find this spot. That may be the best bargain I have ever seen.

    Roberta Anne

  4. That is gorgeous and the price makes it even better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My jaw just dropped. Wow what a find. I got my chandy and matching kitchen light for $35 for the set. It wasn't even clearance. They are selling just the chandy for $141.00. I haven't seen any other deals like that since, but then again I'm not in every day. The real bargains go fast. BTW, your home is lovely.

  6. It's really beautiful, I like it! And at that price it's a real bargain.
    Gracie at

  7. Great find!
    I love a good bargain! It's cute too!

  8. Oh how sweet. And what a bargain!

  9. I love it too, and what a bargain!!

  10. Wow what a find. We are in Lowes a lot but I did not know about this "section". I'll have to check it out. What is the rabbit made of? It almost looks like wood.

  11. How lucky are YOU?!!!!! I'm now so jealous. I love bargains like this. I wish I had been with you. I want one. LOL Love it.

    My show n tell is offered for viewing, won't you stop by sometime today and keep me company?

    Have a terrific Friday and wonderful weekend.

  12. What a great lamp and an even greater price!! I am going to look at our Lowe's to see what they may have. Thanks for the post!!

  13. I liked it in the beginning but by the end when you told me how much it was I liked it even more! Thanks for sharing. I may just have to go and check it out.


    Please visit me at

  14. Wonderful! I know where I am going today! LOL

  15. Thank you so much everyone for the comments.

    Susan .. the whole piece.. the rabbit, base and pedestal are all made of iron with a crackle whitewash finish. It's a tad over 2 feet tall and quite heavy.

    Thanks again everyone for leaving such wonderful comments. Have a Blessed Weekend All!

  16. I am in LOVE with that lamp! The price is unbelievable!!!! I love it when I find a treasure for a unbelievable price...Happy Friday...julie

  17. I'm thinking of buying stock in Lowe's after this advertisement hits blog world:) What a cute bunny lamp!!:)

    Isn't it fun finding a treasure for a great price?!

    I didn't know about the clearance area either- gotta check that out.

    Linda C

  18. What a deal! And how cute! Now you'll have me looking for the back corner at Lowe's.

  19. I just love your is perfect for Easter time! And you're right...truly a bargain!
    Thanks for sharing...and for stopping by with your congrats on my Show and Tell post! :)
    (Lattes and Lollipops)

  20. What a bargain! Love it! Jean

  21. Oh, what a precious lamp! I didn't know Lowe's had the clearance area either! Oh, you did good!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  22. What a great find! Perfect for springtime and Easter.

  23. So cute!
    And thanks for visiting me today!

  24. That's really cute! What a bargain!

    I have posted some unusual lamps too!


  25. I love your rabbit lamp! It is so cute, and for a wonderful bargain to top it off! Thanks for sharing it.

  26. That is the very best deal! The lamp is so interesting and looks great with the nest!

  27. That's the best bargain in blogland! Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday. Here's mine.

  28. I swear I saw some birds' nests just like that at the wholesale florist this morning. Love the lamp. Thanks for the heads up on Lowe's.

  29. I love your lamp! What an awesome deal!

  30. It's darling and what a great price, too! I love the soft glow.

  31. what a great find with your lamp! i'll have to check out that section in the store for myself and see what i can find :O). thanks for the tip.

    There is always room for you in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.

  32. How cute and what a bargain too!

  33. SHUT UP!!! 7.30??? No Way!! SHUT UP!! I am going to Lowes TOMORROW! I LOVE that lamp! Great job you lucky little thing!

    Lou Cinda :) :) :)

  34. Wow! that is an great deal! I paid way more for mine! Lucky gal! :)


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