Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Hummingbird Festival

It's Outdoor Wednesday
Hosted By: Susan
Be Sure to stop by Susan's to
see all the folks participating today.

Since April is just around the corner ..
I wanted to share with Y'all
what we're in the process of preparing for
around our yard.
Over the last few years we've been trying to
attract hummingbirds to our yard.
I hung the lil liquid feeders and soon we had a couple
of regulars that started feeding.
Although we were happy with the few we had
I wanted more!
A friend suggested we go to
to get more information about them.
Each year in Covington
The Georgia Hummers
host a festival to educate
the public about hummingbird conservation,
feeding hummingbirds, and how to improve
landscaping to attract hummingbirds.

The Festival is held at Gaither's Plantation
here in Covington and they have a
Hummingbird garden set up there,
and by the time the festival comes around
they have hundreds of hummingbirds feasting
on the beautiful plants and feeders.
Members of the Georgia Hummers study group
capture the hummingbirds for banding.
Banding them helps in their study of
migration pathways and they get a
lil health check up as well.

After they are checked out and banded
comes the exciting part..
They pick names out of a pot to
see who gets to release the lil
hummers back into the open.

We bought 5 tickets .. and
put my name on 2 and
Ashley's on the other 3.
She was the lucky one..

Ashley got to release 3 different ones.
2 females & 1 male.
I was so jealous!
Most of them take flight within about
30 seconds.. but
This next picture is of one that she

got to hold for about 3 minutes..
it just stayed and stayed
and got even more jealous!

I didn't pout too long..
How could I ?
Just look at that big ole smile
filled with all that joy.

Thank You Susan for hosting
today's event.. and Thank You
for taking the time to visit my contribution
to today's Outdoor Wednesday.
Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll
have pictures of my very own
flock of Hummers.

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,


  1. Getting to hold a hummingbird, that is so cool! I'll bet she never forgets it.

  2. Wow -- we love hummers! And to get to hold one -- what a treasure! What a neat experience!

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Debbie! How neat! I would love to go do that! I am going to have to look into it! Looks like alot of fun! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  4. I'm smiling too!

    How sweet are they and your daughter looked so happy.

    ~Gorgeous post! :)

  5. Oh Debbie! How sweet is that. I love it. It's always such a joy to see a Hummingbird come around!! Happy O.W. to you...

  6. The birds are so tiny and so cute! Isn't Ashley a lucky girl to be picked. She must have been so excited.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  7. What a wonderful experience and treat! Beautiful pics.

  8. Awwww....how sweet! Hummingbirds amaze me.

  9. Debbie, what a wonderful memory she'll have! Those are some cute photos! Wowie!

  10. We love hummingbirds at our house, too. Last year we were able to visit a hummingbird sanctuary. They were quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    Loved this post just loved it, hummingbirds are one of my favorites and I am so looking forward to having them back this year. Ashley looks like she is having a blast. Thank you for sharing. Ys I will but the Eldredge family on my prayer list.

  12. that is awesome!! what amazing little creatures that He has made!

  13. A hummingbird festival! What a special idea! I'm sure it was a wonderful way to learn so much and holding one is a treat I would never have in my own yard.

    Kathy b

  14. Just a wonderful post Debbie..my mama had humming birds that would laid on her hand every day...she just loved them..And Girl about Sage Lawrence I was by the other day and left my prayers for them and their great loss...it broken my heart to say the least...thanks for sharing your pics today...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. What a special treat! Great pictures.


  16. Cool pictures! How wonderful to hold a hummingbird.

  17. This looks like such a neat festival! How special for Ashley, I'm sure she will remember this forever. Hope you get lots and lots of these beauties this year. Thanks for stopping by. Kathy

  18. Ooooh, those hummers are so cute and your daughter's smile is so precious! I am still waiting for our hummingbirds to come back. I know they'll be here soon....Christine

  19. I have never seen someone hold a hummingbird! That is amazing. Thank you for stopping by to see me.

  20. Thanks for stopping by!
    Releasing a hummingbird! Amazing!

  21. How fun!! We rescued a baby Hummer from a parking lot and named it Thimble. Such a sweet little bird! When she was ready we let her go. Sigh, what a great experience.


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