Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day and Zombies in Georgia

Insert Twilight music here!

Zombies, Micheal Meyers, Pumpkins,
Snowmen, & Snowballs.
No it's not October .. nor a state up North.
It's crazy week in my lil hometown in central
We Got Snow!
Yes Snow!
And Lot's Of It.
Well lots by Georgia standards lol.
Total for us here in lil C town.. 4 inches!

The first day of March..
Flowers in bloom
Trees all covered with buds of spring..
are all in shock.

Just days earlier..
A beautiful balmy 65 degrees!
Pumpkins adorned the city square..
as we said goodbye to February.

Our lil town was given a new name...

Zombies trolled the corners...
Goblins skipped along the sidewalks
and camera crews held up traffic.
For the last few days
of February all the shops on the square had
transformed their spring decor to
fall ones.. all for the filming of the
new Halloween H2 movie coming out this fall.

Although we're quite used to seeing camera crews around
these parts.. the creepy stuff was a bit unusual.
Alotta movies and TV shows use our town..
We're a lil famous *proud cheesy grin*
I'm even a "Star" myself
*batting eyelashes*
I'll share more on that later..
maybe on a show and tell Friday *wink*

As the camera crews wrapped and cleared out...
in came the Snow!

Just a few flurries at first..
Will it stick?
How much will we get?
Will they cancel school tomorrow?
All very important questions to a teen.

Four wheeling in the muddy Georgia clay
will never be the same..
She's tasted the snow and ice..
and wants to move where it's like this everyday.

Snowman time..

Filled the feeders
for our feathered friends.

Refilled the "Redneck Monster" for the
furry ones.

The Cyprus trees started to sag.

Taking time to smell the snow..
I think she even ate a lil too.

Even though the DOT advised us to stay off the roads..
We had to go check on Hubby's Hunting Property.
I'm glad we did..
We didn't have this beauty in our subdivision.

This is as far as the truck could go..
Small pines heavy from the weight of the
snow blocked further exploring.

To all my Georgia Blogger Friends..
I hope this day brought you and yours
all the joy and fun it did our Family.
Be safe in your travels if you have to venture out..
If you're one of the lucky ones who gets tomorrow off...
Have A Blast!
Play like a kid..
and have a
Great Snow Day!

Because My Friend..
Spring will be rite back!


  1. Hi Debbie! Your snow day looks like a blast!
    I really like the last photo that shows the blossoms covered in snow. Poor spring she is trying so hard to come! Have a nice week~Tam :D

  2. I'm so jealous! We only had a few flakes here.

    It looks like you had so much fun.

  3. I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and all the snow we had this winter would not add up to an inch if scraped together in a pile but in Georgia, in the deep deep south, there is snow. Something is amiss here. But I loved looking at your beautiful snow.

    Have a Wonderful Day
    from Roberta Anne

  4. Hi! Glad you found my blog and could...sit a spell. I actually lived in GA and am wondering if you are near Covington?

  5. Hi! Glad you found me, so I could visit you! I actually lived in GA and am wondering if you are near Covington? Loved all you's good to have fun. I do hope the buds survive though. Are the Cherry blossoms out? Dogwood in bloom? Maybe's early March.



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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!