Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show and Tell Friday .. Duck Head Painting

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Duck Head Painting
Painted by My Mom

This painting is 2 treasures in one for me.
First being the painting itself
the other the frame.

This is just one of many paintings my Mother
painted back in the 80's, and just a sample
of her many many talents. Back in the late
70's she taught art classes out of a small
shop in town and painted any and everything
from milk cans to saw blades.

I have always loved this painting since the
day she painted it and she finally
gave it to me as a gift in 1992.

A big nature fan I totally did all of
my home decor in this theme.

A closer look at the Mallord and his Mate coming in
for a landing.

A resting shotgun
with 3 decoys.

The second part of the treasure..
The Frame.
The frame was handmade by my Grandaddy...
who in his earlier years was an awesome
wood craftsman.
Total size of the painting with frame
30 x 44

Thank You for stopping by to
visit my treasure today...
and a special Thank You to
Kelli for hosting this outreach
for us all.


  1. Debbie,
    Very beautiful paintings, I know they have brought such pleasure!!! Your mom is so talented. Thank you for sharing.

  2. A double treasure indeed! Lovely painting!

  3. That is definitely a family treasure!

  4. What a special treasure! Your mother is a good artist! I like mallards because my maiden name is Drake! My brother used to collect things with mallards on them. Once I painted him a door sign with a mallard that had "Drake's Roost" on it!


  5. Your mom is very good and the frame looks great with the painting. How wonderful to have two treasures in one. Thanks for sharing.


  6. How lucky to have such a treasure of your mom and granddaddys talent involved ion the piece.
    Happy Show and Tell Friday!!

  7. Thank you for sharing. It must bring your heart joy as you remember how the painting came together with LOVE.

  8. Debbie you are a great person. Love the post. Thanks for sharing everything about everything.

  9. What a beautiful painting, Debbie. I can see why you treasure both the painting and the frame.

  10. Hi Debbie!
    That is a beautiful picture and enjoyed learning the history behind it too! A treasure for sure! Have a nice day~Tam :D

  11. Beautiful piece of artwork. Your mother and grandfather were both very talented.

  12. This is indeed a treasure ~ such talent and love from both of your parents.

  13. oh, Debbie, how wonderful! What a neat design! I know you treasure it:)

  14. Those are absolutely fabulous. I love to view these kinds of Show and Tells!!!!! Wonderful to have you share them with us all today.

    Mine is posted....Birthday boys, teenage, elves and such....oh my!!!

    Come on over and say howdy! You know, I do love your company! Happy Friday.

  15. I love duck art! I used to collect quite a bit of duck-y stuff, but have gottrn away from it for a while. This makes me want to rethink that. This is lovely!

  16. It's a beautiful painting! I love the details in it. Your grandaddy did a wonderful job on that frame too:) I can see why you are so proud of it. Have a great day!
    Gina Jo

  17. What a treasure with both mother and grandfather contributing! Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

  18. Wow, beautiful paintings. Your mom has much talent. Especially nice that they are framed by your grandfather too.

  19. this is beautiful, debbie, and especially treasured because your mom and grandfather made it. what a tresure for you! thanks for sharing it with us. my husband will love it when i show it to him!

    There is always room for you in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.

  20. Wow your Mom is quite an artist. The duck picture looks great! Love the picture of your brother on the sidebar ;)

  21. Oh, your mother is so talented! Just beautiful...and the frame your grandfather made is, as well! I can just imagine how much you treasure this!

  22. Debbie
    Your Mom is really talented.

    Have A Fun Filled Friday
    from Roberta Anne

  23. What a wonderful much detail...I know a certain someone who would love this.


  24. What a beautiful painting. What a special heirloom for your family.

  25. Dear Debbie,
    What special paintings your Mother created! Thank you for sharing!

  26. I love that whole style of decorating too! How neat that your Mom painted all of these. They are absolutely beautiful!
    Elaine :)

  27. This is a beautiful painting, and really special treasure because your Mom and your Grandaddy made it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. Just beautiful! Your mom is very talented!


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