Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother

A Mother's Love
A Mother's love is something
that no one can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,

It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .

Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Pink Royale

It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .

Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Pink Royale
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .

Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Pink Royale

It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation . . .

Scrapblog,Scrapbook,Pink Royale

A many splendoured miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God's tender guiding hand.
Author Unknown

Happy Birthday Mom
We Love You!
Kristi, Landon, Debbie, Jeff,
Ashley, Alee, Chase & Gracie

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Show & Tell Friday.. The Freaky Worm

Show and Tell Friday ...
Special Thanks to Kelli @
for hosting today's event.
Be sure to stop by and check out
all the creative Bloggers participating today.

My Weird Show & Tell ...
One day last summer as I went to get in my car
I found this big fella perched on my
At the time I didn't think to lay
something beside it to show and
compare it's massive size.
Yeah that's it .. that's my story.
That sounds so much better than
I was scared to death it would fly up at
me an attack !!
It's wing span was about 7 inches wide
and it's huge furry head was about the size of a penny.
It's called a
Eacles Imperialis Moth
I only saw "him" a couple of times and
"he" was always near my car.

A few months later Jeff and I were outside
and found this ..
Eacles Imperialis Moth Larva
heading down a tree.
Jeff the smart one .. pulls out
one of his business cards to show
a size comparison.
If you click on the picture you can
see the enlarged version..
He's a lil furry and has HORNS...
I was amazed at his size and even
though Jeff knew I wasn't coming within
jumping distance of it .. he did warn
me not to touch it ..
lol Yeah Right.. Me touch it ! hahaha!

The Church on the Ole Dirt Road..

Sincerely 'Fro Me to You Carnival
Post about something from your past.
To Understand All Is To Forgive All...
A few years ago I decided to start
a daily journal..
A place to keep a record of happenings
in my life.
But things, ideas and determinations
change a lot with me.
So I decided that I'd use that journal
as a release
of my mind in a different sort..
To go back
to the first memory
I could remember and start from there.
Below are lil snippets from one of those memories...

The Sister
who loved her baby Brother
with all her might...
His Protector to shield him
from terror that one horrid night...

The rural dirt roads that led no where...
Except to a Church
with no one there.

Left abandoned out back .. just us two.
Scared to death as we cuddled together
in the cold night dew.

We knew not what was in store
as morning arose...
A new life for us
Our Great God Had Chose..

When the storms of life are raging.
God will rock you in His arms of protection.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ... Redneck Feeder

Susan at
is hosting
Outdoor Wednesday
Stop by and check out all the
bloggers posting their
cool outdoor things.

My addition for Outdoor Wednesday is some before and
after images of my back yard.
First picture...
Before: Summer
My beautiful green
full of life back yard.
Second picture...
After: Winter
Same view .. but gray gloom
bare trees.. and
*drum roll please*
Redneck Monster!
For those of you wondering
What the Heck is that..
Well .. it's a gravity fed
tripod deer feeder.
Last year Jeff bought this lil lovely for his
hunting property.. which is about 80 miles
east of where we live. He was having a problem
with the motor and it wasn't dispensing
the corn twice a day like it was supposed to.
Long story short.. after 2 or 3 round trips of 160 miles
when gas was $4.00 a gallon he brought
this baby home to monitor and nurse
back to health under daily supervision.
Below.. another before shot:
Another shot of our current view..
It stands about 12 feet tall,
and viewable from my back patio..
my neighbors back patio..
and those lucky folk who
pass by my house from the street.

It dispenses corn twice a day..
25 feet in every direction.

This is what was released this morning..
and all will be eaten by 4pm just
in time for shot number 2 for the day.

As I walked out the back to take these pictures
I scared away about 12 squirrels, 4 doves and
2 crows chowing down
on breakfast.

It appears the lil motor problem has been corrected
and hopefully this big monster
will be finding its rightful
home in the backwoods of
huntersland very very soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell Friday ...
Special Thanks to Kelli @
for hosting today's event.
Be sure to stop by and check out
all the creative Bloggers participating today.

Another Family Heirlom...

My selection today is another family heirlom...
2 Books from 1913
1 pair of antique eye glasses
All 3 belonged to my Grandmother Maude
and were passed on to me by my Dad.
The first book is a 1913 Georgia school book:
First Lessons in Georgia History
By: Lawton B. Evans
Published by: American Book Company 1913
The cover isn't in such great shape..
it is stained, weathered, torn
and the title is worn away,
but all pages
are intact and in wonderful condition.
The next book is:
Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
By: Laura Lee Hope
Published By: Grosset & Dunlap 1913
Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge was
book number 5 of 117 written in the
Bobbsey Twins Stories Collection.
A lil bit of info I found on the internet states:
The Bobbsey Twins series is probably the
longest-running juvenile book series of all time.
The first book was published in 1904
and new volumes were added as late as 1992.
The cover is in really nice condition
and all pages intact and in great condition.
My Grandmothers Reading Glasses...
Or as she called them..
Her Reading Spectacles.
This is one pair of about 3 she had and I'm
not sure how old this particular pair is.
The case is at least 60 years old..
My Dad bought this one in Germany
for her just before he returned from
Inside view of the case.
It's lined with felt which is very worn.

Thank you for taking the time
to view my precious family heirloms.
They are priceless to me
and I have so enjoyed the opportunity
to share them with you all.
They rarely get a chance to
come out of their
secure hiding places...
so I'm very grateful to Kelli
for creating a venue
where I can showcase their beauty
with so many others.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Cravings Were Met...

Last week Susan at
Posted a picture of a book she saw at
A Classy Flea.. That book was
The Blue Willow Inn
Bible of Southern Cooking.
It was so funny because I had been
craving that place all during the holidays.
If you've ever been to the Blue Willow...
you know it's not the kinda place you just show
up and walk right in. There's usually a long wait,
and well worth it... but it's best to make a reservation.
I made reservations early on Friday for Sat night..
only to change it about 3 different times through out
the day.. because once word got out
as to where we were going.. everyone wanted to come.
We had a wonderful night..
The food was as always... Yum-a-licious!
To graciously quote my dear country'fied Husband...
"We was all fuller than a tick on a yard dog"
"I accidently got a lil peach cobbler on my forehead and
I thought my tongue was gonna beat my brain out licking it off"
Yes.. I know you're rolling in laughter bout right now huh.

It was a rainy night in Georgia..
but not under this huge magnolia tree
where Ashley found shelter.

After the teenagers finished eating they
went to this awesome new soda shop..
Lou's Soda Fountain & Grille
located in the new Blue Williow Village
behind the Inn.
I Love All The RED and BLACK decor.
"Ain't That A Shame"
By Fats Domino
was playing on the big ole jukebox
when we walked in.

Huge Beautiful Poinsettia..
This thing was at least 3 feet wide.

I didn't get a picture of one .. but
all of the waitresses were dressed
in sweaters and poodle skirts.
Each table had a small jukebox.

The Teens...
after they all finished their
Coke Floats.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Long Overdue...

Someone got a long overdue haircut today!
His constant bumping into things from
hairdoo blindness and
slip sliding all over the floors from
fuzzy paws shoulda been my first clue
that it was time!
But noooo it took the shameful actions
of someone .. I won't name names.. BUT
she's 15 and her mugshot is located
over there on the right hand side of my page.
This nameless person
along with a gallon of
Bed Head Rocks hair gel..
maybe not a full gallon.. but certainly close,
decided to give poor lil Gizzy a
Spiked Mohawk!
Poor baby looked like an
extra from the movie Road Warrior.
Once he had a bath and was
de'gelled.. he wassa fuzzy hot mess!
He was being taunted and made
fun of by the other dogs
so I had no choice but to
give him a lil clippity doo dah.


He's nodda happy camper with me right now,
but he sure does look better.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

This is my first time participating in
Show and Tell Friday ...
Special Thanks to Kelli over at
for hosting today's event.

I have chosen one of my most
valued and favorite family heirlooms to
share with everyone.
My Antique Mantle Clock:
I'm not certain on it's exact age but
based on stories and tales that
I've been told over the years
it is somewhere around
120 years old.
Back in 1890
it was given "used" as a wedding
gift to my paternal great
Grandparents by my great great Grandparents.
Who in return gave it as a wedding gift
in 1915 to their only female child, my
Grandmother Maude.
Since my Grandparents only had boys
and didn't have a female child to continue
that tradition it stayed in my Grandmothers
possession until her passing in 1992.
Have I lost ya yet?
I hope not.. it gets simple from here on.
When my Grandmother passed she left
it to her eldest son.. My Dad Thomas.
In 2002 when my Dad was 85 he became
very ill and just before his death
he passed the clock to me.
Even though I have older siblings who
rightly should have gotten it..
He chose me... And he did so because he knew
the care and respect I would take.. the love I had for it..
and that nothing but death would part me from it.
Now if you're doing the math and
trying to guess my age
and you're a lil lost..
I'll help you out a tad..
My Dad was in his 50's when I was born!
I was a shocking surprize!
But not as shocking as my lil brother!
Now on to pictures of my precious clock..

It keeps perfect time!
I can usually go about 3 days between windings.
Every half hour it strikes once
and each hour it strikes according to time.
Everything you see is original.. and to
my knowledge it has only had to be mechanically
repaired 2 times .. last time being in late 1970.
Beautifully detailed carved body is in great condition.

The glass door is in good condition with

original gold etching of butterflies and scroll.

Beautiful brass movement and pendulum.

Original dial face a bit worn. Two key holes , one

to wind for time.. the other for chime... and the original key.

It has one spot on the left side.. where a

drip of brown paint dripped on it...

No idea when that happened but it's always

been there as long as I can remember.

I think it adds a lil character..

I couldn't leave without sharing a picture

of the clocks previous owners..

My Grandmother Maude & My Dad Thomas.

I hope you enjoyed my lil contribution to

Show and Tell Friday.

I know I enjoyed the memories.

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!