Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ... Redneck Feeder

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My addition for Outdoor Wednesday is some before and
after images of my back yard.
First picture...
Before: Summer
My beautiful green
full of life back yard.
Second picture...
After: Winter
Same view .. but gray gloom
bare trees.. and
*drum roll please*
Redneck Monster!
For those of you wondering
What the Heck is that..
Well .. it's a gravity fed
tripod deer feeder.
Last year Jeff bought this lil lovely for his
hunting property.. which is about 80 miles
east of where we live. He was having a problem
with the motor and it wasn't dispensing
the corn twice a day like it was supposed to.
Long story short.. after 2 or 3 round trips of 160 miles
when gas was $4.00 a gallon he brought
this baby home to monitor and nurse
back to health under daily supervision.
Below.. another before shot:
Another shot of our current view..
It stands about 12 feet tall,
and viewable from my back patio..
my neighbors back patio..
and those lucky folk who
pass by my house from the street.

It dispenses corn twice a day..
25 feet in every direction.

This is what was released this morning..
and all will be eaten by 4pm just
in time for shot number 2 for the day.

As I walked out the back to take these pictures
I scared away about 12 squirrels, 4 doves and
2 crows chowing down
on breakfast.

It appears the lil motor problem has been corrected
and hopefully this big monster
will be finding its rightful
home in the backwoods of
huntersland very very soon.


  1. Debbie, LOL! I love your story, and you do have a pretty back yard, deer feeder or not. My mother was a deer camp widow her whole life. My dad disappeard in the fall. Hence I married someone who doesn't hunt, but all of my cousins still do. Cousin Barry, however, has switched from hunting deer to duck. In the old days, they would hunt in deep woods ans swamp on foot and on horseback, and he said there was more sport to it. He doesn't like deer stands. My niece's husband bow hunts for elk out west. I do miss venison steaks. I always liked it.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Debbie, welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Your backyard is beautiful in the summer! Now (winter) it looks like mine...gray and bare!

    I am looking forward to spring!

    Thanks for sharing your great pictures of your backyard!

  3. Hi Debbie, Your before photo is awesome. The after photo looks like our yard right now. We are missing your redneck monster though. LOL. I know your animals are enjoying the fixing process.
    They will wonder where all that lovely corn has gone.


  4. Your summer lawn is just beautiful. What are all the little critters going to do when their all you can eat buffet leaves? Great pictures. Kathy

  5. Lovely backyard! At least the big monster is a short term thing! It will go away to fulfill its purpose in life! lol Debbie

  6. Debbie...gorgeous yard! I've never seen one of those things before...interesting post! Love you humor! :-) Susan

  7. How funny! I enjoyed your story! Your back yard in its green finery is beautiful. I had never seen a deer feeder. LOL
    My dad, brother and even some of my sons are hunters, even though I didn't marry one. It was because my dad was gone every spare minute he could find during season. Hope you have a fun story next Wednesday:-)

  8. Debbie,
    LOL...This is sooo hilarous. Love this post..I know how men are about their hunting things. Your backyare is fresh and green...Katherinellen

  9. Too too funny and what a difference a season or two makes.
    Roberta Anne


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