Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burlap Party

Rhoda at
is hosting a
Crazy for Burlap Party

Make sure you stop by and see
what everyone has come up with using
this fun material.
Burlap Table Runner
Mine is not your usual stiff and hard
This is my Target find from a
few months ago..
A real clearance bargin at
Bunny Lamp
It keeps getting softer and softer
after each hand washing.

See .. the lamp shade and the runner are
almost identical in color...
A perfect match
made in clearance heaven!

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Don't forget to head back over to Rhoda's
and see more burlap treats..
like the beautiful
monogram lampshades
Rhoda made.

Speaking of Lamps..

Nesting Place

is having a Lampapalooza Lamp Party

today.. Check her out!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Alcovy Trestle

It's Outdoor Wednesday at

Stop by and visit our
wonderful Hostess Susan
and everyone participating this week.

Rain Rain Georgia Rain..

Well this is what the last few weeks
have looked like around my house..
Rain.. Rain... Rain......

and more Rain.
Next week I'll be sharing pictures
of that Ark we're building.

Sunday after Church
we decided in between the
pop up rain showers.. that
we'd ride down to the river to
check out how high the river was.
This is the track that leads
to the Alcovy Trestle
over the Alcovy River.

If you're fans
of the old tv series
The Dukes of Hazzard
you may recognize this lil

Georgia Kudzu..
Thriving with all this rain..

By summers end you
won't be able to see any
of the steel support beams..
they'll be covered
in kudzu.
In case you're wondering..

The Alcovy River..
which is usually
very shallow in this spot
and normally looks more like
a stream instead of a river....
Is swollen and..

overflowing it's banks.

Lord knows we are grateful for the
rain .. and grateful to no longer
be in a drought here..
but a lil break would be wonderful.
Sadly if the local weather folks are
right.. looks like we'll be getting
more rain everyday this week.
So I better get busy
decorating that ark.

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Have A Blessed Day,


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank You ... Memorial Day

Thank You Heroes

Please let me hear the quiet
I hope you understand
Silence is truly golden
Like the touch of a lovers hand
So many days and nights I cried
"Will I ever again,
share the silent moonlight?"
"Am I still her man?"

Please let me finish my dream
I had many sleepless nights
The bombs were falling way too near
Yes, some dreams are filled with fright

But if I awaken way too soon
Perhaps I never will know
If I am meant to have wonderful dreams
Or only the ones war has sown

You see at 7 I dreamed
I would grow into a soldier
Tall and strong
With a rifle on my shoulder

At 17 I dreamed I would be a hero
Fight for country and honor
For you to all be free

18 brought another dream
To come home alive and well
And relay the stories to families
Their children can now never tell

Now I pray for the chance to dream
Not lay awake with sweat and fear
Just take me away to a blissful place
Where the only noise maybe a cheer

For those of us who made it
And those that lost their life
You can help make a dream come true
Keep our memory alive.

*Author Unknown*

My Father, My Husband, and both of my Grandfathers
all went to war because they believed that what
they were doing was important to both
their Country and their families...
All went into war, with their hearts fighting for freedom,
and fighting to protect the rights of those left at home.
I understand that these soldiers, these four men
who are so important in my life,
and so many others fought for many
freedoms that I and my family enjoy now.
I applaud them for what they gave of themselves to do that...
Although my Father, Grandfathers and Husband
all returned home safely ... many of their friends did not.
It is in their memory and for all those
men and women who have served in ALL
the wars that I say THANK YOU
for keeping our country free ...
My appreciation and heartfelt gratitude
goes out to Them an all Veterans of this Country
and to those who dare to stand up
and be proud of their beliefs and their dreams,
and those brave enough to fight for others.
My Father and both of my Grandfathers
have all passed away in recent years.
My Family will honor each of them
all on Memorial Day an each day after.
As always I will cherish all of their tales
and stories and hold dear each memory they left behind ...
Daddy, Granddaddy and PawPa ...
I miss you all the time and love you all immensely.

"Sweat Pea" Debbie

Have A Blessed Memorial Day,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodie Basket Winner...

We Have A Winner !!
First I want to
Thank each and everyone
that participated in my big giveaway.
This was so much fun for me!
I wish I had a gift for everyone..
but since that isn't possible
I hope you'll all join me
in excitement for this
giveaway's lucky winner...

Fruitcake Sandy
Congratulations Sandy!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First Tablescape .. Honor of Memorial Day

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday
Hosted by Susan at

This is my very first time participating
in Tablescape Thursday..
After viewing everyone else's
beautiful work week
after week over the past months
I have to admit I've always
been hesitant.
Have you ever heard the expression
"If you can't run with the
big dogs.. Stay on the Porch"
Well that's me lol .. because
In Honor of the upcoming
Memorial Holiday
I wanted to share with you
a lil something I put together
to Honor the
past and present
Military Men in my life.
I used the colors
Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Camo & Black & White
all colors connected to our military.
Red, White & Blue .. Our Flag & Country
Yellow.. Rememberance of those
gone out from amongst us to places far away.
Camo.. Military Uniforms
Black & White.. MIA/POW

One of Jeff's old Boonie Hats..
used to display a few medallions.
I wish I could show you
some of his Honor Medals..
but those are locked away
in our safe deposit box,
and I had permission
from him to only show these.
Since I didn't like the look
of the bare wood of the tabletop
I tried to incorporate
some of his old uniforms
on the table but..
no matter what I tried
it just didn't look right..
So , I went out
and found a piece of
camo material to use as
my table covering.

The camo set it off..
I added old military pictures of
my loved ones as
place cards.
This is my handsome Father In-Laws.

My precious Daddy's

Added a lil touch of my
Daddy's favorite thing..
Fresh picked Blackberries.

A special cross to honor
those no longer with us.

My Daddy
Granddad in the background

These are M-16 magazines..
used underneath my centerpiece.

I think it looks so beautiful set up..
Everytime I look at it
I see my Daddy.

Jeff has complimented
many times over the last
few days...
and that makes me
so proud.

of the Military Men in my life..

to HONOR those who fight
and who have fought
for the very freedom
I enjoy each and every day.

Thank you for sharing in my first
tablescape .. I do hope you
enjoyed your visit.

Have A Blessed Day,


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Indian Springs Park

It's Outdoor Wednesday
over at
Hosted by the wonderful Susan.
This week I'm sharing a few photos from a
lil get together we had a few weeks ago
at Indian Springs Park
located here in Georgia.

It was a beautiful day..
all the trees were towering
above sporting their new green color.

I didn't get the name of this lil Inn..

but it's located just across the river
at the entrance to the park.

This is a picture taken when we first arrived..

only a few people out on the rocks.
When we left the park.. it
was filled with folks on tubes
and sunbathing on the rocks.

Originally we were suppose to go to
a huge family reunion at Dosset Trails
just a few miles from Indian Springs..
but my In-laws who had driven
5 hours from Alabama
weren't allowed in the park at Dosset Trails
because they had their dog.
They had changed the rules from years past
about bringing animals .. and we didn't
Long story short.. we just hauled all
of the things that we had made for
the big family reunion and headed
over to Indian Springs and had
our own lil mini family reunion.

Ashley and Nanny..
She really loves her grandparents
and misses them so badly.

When they retired .. they hit the open roads
traveling and camping.
They came upon a lil spot
at Lake Eufala in Alabama
and fell in love .. so they
put down anchor and they
fish day and night.

Jeff & Ashley

Ashley saying goodbye to her
favorite Uncle.. Rocky.
This is Jeff's little four legged brother..
"My In-laws actually call him that"
I tend to enjoy ragging Jeff with it too..

Thanks for taking the time to share in
my Outdoor Wednesday .. Make sure you
head back over to Susan's and see what
everyone else has in store too.

I hope you'll check out my
Big Giveaway that I'm
doing before you leave..

Here's a lil glimpse..
A basket full of goodies.

Just click the button below
and it'll take you to the post
where you can enter and
you'll find the all
the rules and details there also.

Big Giveaway

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday .. Shameless Promotion

It's Not Me Monday

This being the week of our
18th wedding anniversary
and my birthday..
My Husband will be covering for
a few of his guys on vacation this week..
working 12 to 14 hours ea day..
I wouldn't dare think of feeling blue
about all that.. No Not Me.

My Teenage Daughter who
seems to have just suddenly
graduated from pull-ups
to push-ups
turns Sweet Sixteen this week..
I couldn't possibly
feel like father time is
kicking me in the rear.
No.. Not Me!

And Lastly..
Would I use this opportunity
to shamelessly promote my
No Not Me!!

Click the button below to view
Rules & Details..
Good Luck!

Visit more
Not Me Monday
Fun @

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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!