Sunday, May 17, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday.. Bird Feeder

Welcome to Metamorphosis Monday
Hosted By: Susan

Red Barn Bird Feeder
We've had this lil bird feeder for quite a
few years now..
It stays out year round feeding
all of lil visitors and has seen
better looking days.

Since I love being around my Husband..
when he's outside working I try to
find a lil something to do also.

Since this piece of plexiglass
in the front isn't removable I
had to tape off the windows and door
and the tin roof.

This feeder stays pretty busy with birds..
it is one of those squirrel proof ones.
We have some crafty
squirrels.. so there's really no
such thing as squirrel proof
to them.

Looks brand new again!

We moved it to a new location
and all the lil birdies found
it with no problem...

As you can see this picture below is
from about 2 months ago
when we first started clearing
the back property for the
new fence we put up.
Next week I hope to have pictures
of what it currently looks like.

Many Thanks to Susan for
always graciously hosting
this fun and informative event...
Thank You for taking the time to visit my

addition to Met Monday.

Make you sure check out
my big giveaway that
I'll be drawing for on
May 22nd.

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,



  1. HI Debbie, your birdhouse looks terrific! Hope you saw Susan's poat.....Brian is my son! Hugs, Pinky

  2. The little bird feeder is just gorgeous. I love the red color. I look forward to seeing the back yard. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love the bird feeder...the color is great~
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. That came out great! Just needed a little red paint! I bet the birds can see it better now too! *grin* I love your yard...
    ~Really Rainey!~

  5. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint! The bright red looks wonderful.

  6. Debbie...beautiful job making the feeder look brand new again! Turned out great! :-)

  7. O that looks ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the color and would love to have one EXACTLY LIKE IT! You did SUCH a great job. Clever GIRL! (TWM is in the background exclaiming over this. lol)

  8. It's great how a coat of fresh paint can make something old new again :-) I bet the birds are enjoying their "new" and improved feeder :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. Hi Debbie! That birdhouse turned out looking like it's brand-spankin' new!! And how sweet that you enjoy spending time with hubby so much! I do too. I may have told you this before, but I'll say it again - I think our hubbies would really hit it off - just from his picture I can tell they have alot in common! Kim

  10. Great refreshing that birdhouse!

    Happy Monday!

  11. Great bird feeder. My dog stays pretty occupied chasing squirrels from my feeder. They are tricky.

  12. The new paint transformation is fabulous! :) ~Rhonda

  13. Looks like new!!! I'm sure the birdies are happy with it.

  14. What a cute bird house. My Dad used to make several and now my dh has started buying some and painting them.

  15. Wow! That is SO cute. Thank you for sharing! And I love your blog design.

  16. Debbie, great repaint, gave it life again.
    I just love red!!
    Happy Monday to you!
    Linda Q

  17. Great repaint, gave it life again.
    I just love red!
    Linda Q


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!