Monday, May 11, 2009

Creative Ideas .. Bakerella

As I was surfing for ideas for some
cute treats for a baby shower
I came across this awesome site
Now I'm sure I'm probably one of
only a very small few left in Blogland
that hasn't already discovered this crafty lady's
site .. but just in case I wanted to share with
you all her wonderful talents.

I can't believe she's in Georgia and
I haven't seen these before.
I really need to get out more.
How about these for a
Graduation Party!!
Aren't they the cutest thing.
Click Here
to go directly to the page
that shows you how to make these
Cupcake Pops
They are so easy.

Her directions are so easy to
follow.. everything is step by step.
Even I think I can tackle these Lil
Hello Kitty Cupcake Pops.

Now head on over an visit
Ms Bakerella..
and get inspired and all crafty like.

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,


  1. Hi, Debbie, missed ya! Those are such cute pops! I like the cap ones. I think I'll try those for my dh's Apprenticeship graduation. ;-)

    Thank for discovering that talented blogger!

  2. Debbie!!! You found Bakerella!! Yes, I DID know about her but haven't popped in lately and, since I'm getting ready to plan a graduation party you can imagine how much I LOVE those grad caps and wouldn't have found them but for YOU!! Those are too cute and they look simple enough that even I could make them.

    Been havin' fun thanking your friends for their kind comments. You hang out with some fun people but, really, WHAT else would I expect?

  3. adorable.... such clever people God made.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I*m terrible at baking, but those goodies look sooooooo tempting!

  5. GM Debbie...thanks for the information on her site...these are all just darling..Maybe I could even give it a try...not much good at baking Mama now made the most awesome looking cakes in the world ones you didn't want to cut and ruin them..May you have a wonderful Tuesday my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Bakerella looks so cute!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. My first "romance novel" was THe Flame & The Flower. Maybe that was like the starter books for teen girls!


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!