Friday, May 8, 2009

Magnificent Motherhood Award Party ..

It's The
Magnificent Motherhood Party
Hosted By:
Kendra at My Insanity

What is this party?
Well it's where you get to pay tribute to
a special blogger Mom that has
encouraged an inspired you.
We are only suppose to pick one,
which is soooooooo hard
for me to do because I have so many
that inspire me.
This is a very special award that
can only be given through linking to
this party.
So it belongs to the person you choose
and they don't have to pass it along.

My Magnificent Motherhood Award
goes to:

Robynn's Ravings

Why I choose this person:

"This blog makes me want to be
a better mother because______."

Robynn inspires me by the
wonderful relationship she has
with her 2 teenager children.
She's a Homeschool Mom and
Sunday School Teacher to a large
group of teenagers who she
gives credit to educating
her on a regular basis.
Robynn is a gifted writer who uses
material from her everyday travels to
bring humor and encouragement to
her many readers and followers.
I had a hard time choosing which
posts were my favorite.. because all
of them are great..

Here are a few that had
me rolling on days I really needed laughter
and inspiration when I needed inspiring.

I'm not the only one that love's Robynn..
Here is what others have to say:

Beadin By The Sea said...
Just beautiful Robynn.
I felt like I was there with you.

Tim said...
I love you so much!
You are soooo funny and you
ALWAYS make me laugh.
Just wanted you to know how glad
I am that the blogging world
brought us together.

Homestay Mama said...
I chuckled all the way through
part one of your story!
Looking forward to part two!
When I got to the part where you
started talking relocation,
my first thought was:
"not gonna work--homing pigeon!" LOL

LadyFi said...
Brilliant story!
Twig must be a homing pigeon then?
Or a homing crow?
This is such a hilariously funny post ...
I*m snorting like a horse on coke over here!

Sniffles and Smiles said...
As always, you are MUCH loved,
and your writing is thoroughly
admired and appreciated!
I am thrilled.
May you dance with joy this Easter!

Please stop by and visit Robynn

I promise you .. You'll be Inspired!

Don't forget to check back over at
Kendra's to read about
other inspiring
Blogger Mom's.

Mother's Day!

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,


  1. Good choice! I adore Robynn too!

  2. D.E.B.B.I.E........

    I am FLOORED. My fingers are perched over the keyboard and I don't know what to write. Really? Me?

    I am honored, amazed, startled. You took all that time to figure out which posts to list and you even read and inserted comments? You have blessed me beyond anything I have the skill to convey. I hope you can truly understand because I know I'm doing a poor job telling you. But you definitely made MY Mother's Day complete with happy tears.

    But me? A great mother?

    Uh, maybe it's time for honesty. I am sitting here looking like the wrath of God. I was at a sleep study last night where they put glue in my hair and stuck electrodes to every follicle with four gallons of toothpaste. My head is itching and I keep reaching up to scratch and getting glue on my fingers which transfers to my keyboard.

    Why, you might ask, didn't you take a bath the second you got home and rinse it out? Well, I didn't want to wake the kids up because I wanted to come here and read the blogs I'm behind on. So they slept on when I should have showered and made them do the dishes I see are still sitting in the sink from last night. They were supposed to do them after I left last night.

    They, apparently, do not fear me. Maybe I should let them see me with five pounds of glue in my hair with it sticking out in all directions. Now THAT's frightening.

    So, if you still think I deserve the award after that little glimpse into my dysfunction, then I accept with a heart full of gratitude and love. I can't wait to post this on my site on Saturday - oh MY! Happy Mother's Day to ME! OH!....and YOU TOO MY DEAR SISTER!! lol

  3. Update from the last note........GET THIS!

    Okay, I finally decided to get Bo out of bed (just so I could drag her in her to see THIS) and guess what? The kitchen wasn't cleaned all the way because she went in and cleaned and detailed my bedroom so it would be perfect for Mother's Day! This is turning out to be a grand time for me! Oh! I'm jumping up and down and things are jiggling EVERYwhere!!

  4. What a nice tribute to Robynn. I am going to have to go visit her.

    I hopped over from My Insanity and glad that I did. I close my posts with Have a blessed day too. Great minds huh?

    So I hope you have a blessed day!!

  5. Hi Debbie,

    What a wonderful idea and post. Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Mother's Day!!!

  6. What a fabulous choice! It's mom's like her (and my own) that make me relax about the 'bigger' picture. Have so enjoyed the jump over ...LOVE your blogs and all the different side pictures. AND the ones at the bottom- your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! ...and I like your song list too -great choices. Am going to have to add Forrest Gump to mine as well as the Sesame Street "Sing" song. Thanks for such a nice visit. You sound like my kind of people.

  7. Beautiful choice!
    It is so touching that Robynn was so humbled by your tribute. I'd say that's a prime example of why she was a great choice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a special and wonderful tribute to a fellow blogger. Such a very nice gesture. I know it was music to her soul. Thanks also for stopping by my LR post and leaving such kind comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  9. What a sweet tribute to your blogger friend! She sounds like a great mom and gal! :)

    I have an Ashley, too! And she is a sophomore also! Your daughter is beautiful and CONGRATS on her FFA awards!

    Enjoyed browsing over your blog! Thanks for visiting mine and I do hope you will come back! ~Rhonda :)


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