Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Alcovy Trestle

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Rain Rain Georgia Rain..

Well this is what the last few weeks
have looked like around my house..
Rain.. Rain... Rain......

and more Rain.
Next week I'll be sharing pictures
of that Ark we're building.

Sunday after Church
we decided in between the
pop up rain showers.. that
we'd ride down to the river to
check out how high the river was.
This is the track that leads
to the Alcovy Trestle
over the Alcovy River.

If you're fans
of the old tv series
The Dukes of Hazzard
you may recognize this lil

Georgia Kudzu..
Thriving with all this rain..

By summers end you
won't be able to see any
of the steel support beams..
they'll be covered
in kudzu.
In case you're wondering..

The Alcovy River..
which is usually
very shallow in this spot
and normally looks more like
a stream instead of a river....
Is swollen and..

overflowing it's banks.

Lord knows we are grateful for the
rain .. and grateful to no longer
be in a drought here..
but a lil break would be wonderful.
Sadly if the local weather folks are
right.. looks like we'll be getting
more rain everyday this week.
So I better get busy
decorating that ark.

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  1. Its been raining like crazy here in the midwest too!!

  2. Oh Girl we are having just beautiful weather here in Calif...but then we only hav 2 seasons here ha ha!! Now girl I would not want to swim in that river want to see want I am walking on...Oh before I forget dear friend you still have your memorial music on ha ha!! I know I'm a pest ..May you stay dry...and let me know how I can help decorate the ARK...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Oh gosh that swollen river strikes a little too close to home. Our region just went through a flood this spring that drove us from our home :) Lets hope the sun comes soon and dries things out a bit and the rain subsides for a little while! I totally can see The Dukes of Hazard and the General Lee cruising through those parts!!

  4. We're the same way here in the southern part of the state - glad to be out of a drought but wishing the rain would stop!

    Lisa (down in wet & soggy Valdosta)

  5. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Debbie! I know what you mean...I am tired of the rain! My yard is VERY wet! I have been trying to get pictures in between showers! We'll be begging for rain in August! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  6. Have fun building the ark. Don't be standing still out there or you will get covered with kudzu yourself! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  7. We've had lots of rain here in Missouri too. Today was an amazing day. Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain and now at the end of the day, Sun.

    I enjoyed the photos! Beautiful!

    Oh, I think southern Missouri is beginning to see some kudzu. It's slowly creeping north!!

  8. Sorry you are not getting a bread in the rain. I sure wish some of it would come our way. It is so hot and dry here and we have bad water restrictions. Everything is looking really brown and sad. Maybe you can blow some rain our way. Hugs, Marty

  9. I hear ya, it's been raining every day here in central Fla. as well. I never knew the name of that plant - I have it in my yard and it overtakes everything!

    Happy Outdoor Wed.


  10. Debbie, we're growing gills here in Florida! So I can truly identify, and I am well acquainted with Kudzu. It is beautiful, but it overtakes everything in its path! Hope you get a break in the rain soon and us, too. I could actually use some of the kudzu to help hide my porch furniture that is sadly needing a new paint job! ;-)

    Happy OW...


    Sheila :-)

  11. We've had too much rain as well -- in fact I almost pulled all my plants and put in rice -- for some of the garden looked like a rice paddy!

  12. Hi Debbie! Your really got some great shots of that rain!! I enjoyed all your shots. Happy O.W.

  13. Hi Debbie,
    I am sorry for all of the rain, I loved your photos though, Georgia ia a beautiful state, our son lives there and we enjoy visiting, thank you for sharing.
    I have been off line for a while, and have not been visiting, but i love your new blog look.

  14. What wonderful pictures. The shots of the river are amazing. Have a great day.

  15. Rain, rain and more rain...I'm sorry that you are experiencing so much rain in Georgia. May rain brings June flowers? No that isn't the way it goes. Good job on your post.

  16. Hi Debbie,
    No rain here but I do love your pictures. I can see each drop (big drop) Thanks for sharing and stay dry. Good luck with the Ark.

  17. I love the kudza~ of course I live in Wi and don't get any. I hope you dry out soon, Cindy

  18. Hhhmmmm if the weather report is right, I guess you'll just have to finish that ark you were talking about? Lol

    Oh look at that plant crawl! Kudzu. That's a new term for me.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  19. Debbie, we need to be building our Ark here in the B'ham Metro area too. Here in Hover, it is so wet.... Someone told me yesterday that we are going to need swimsuits to get to work. Glad that the drought is over though. :-)

  20. Since I am reading from the brown desert, it all looks good to me and even the kudzu is green and I would like that too. But I can understand if you have so much rain that it would get old. We had a big thunderstorm last week and lost power but we did get rain.

    The Raggedy Girl

  21. Oh dear...from drought to days and days of rain.

    Hopefully it stops soon and the sun comes out so you can enjoy all of the green that will come from the rain.

  22. Livin' Bama the weather isn't any better. School is out and we have only been to the pool once. Looking forward to a dry few days. Glad though I don't have to water my plants....yeah!


  23. Good Morning Debbie,

    Please send the rain our way ... central Texas is in a severe drought ... actually I think most of Texas is in that shape. I love the photos though ... I get a sense of peace. Also thank you for sending some of your loyal followers my way ... such neat people. Okay, let's start singing "Rain, rain, go away ... Come again, ANOTHER day!"

  24. wonderful pictures our area flooded about a year ago and what devestation it left behind. I hope all is safe where you are

  25. We too have had a lot of rain. And the flowers are bursting forth in bloom due to it! By the way, I love photos of railroad tracks. Something about it, so evocative.

  26. The photos of the rain splashes are amazing! What great camera work. I'm sorry you're getting so much of the blasted stuff. It would be nice if Mother Nature could figure out the concept of "moderation". And I'm going to say something that will prove I've never lived in the south.....but I think Kudzu is so totally cool!

  27. So sorry you have had so much rain...but when the sun comes out your garden will be glorious!
    Enjoyed your post of the kudzu-(I hate it too!) reminds me of being a child up in Alabama! I know you ark will be beautiful! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  28. Hi Debbie,
    You just gave me a flashback, I use to love watching the Dukes of Hazzard. I hope the rain stops soon. It is raining here in PA also, not as much as you are getting though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  29. Kudzu...I remember reading an article about it in ...National Geographic? whatever..I read that it was brought over from Japan..and that it is terribly invasive...old cars...all sorts of things disappear. Someone said to watch the cows..because if they stand still long enough "Kudzu" would cover them. :)
    I guess it really isn't funny though..


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