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Garden Party .. Outdoor Wednesday

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Outdoor Wednesday
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Garden Party
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Rhoda is throwing a Garden Party
today.. Where we get to show off
all of our outdoor pretties.
Click the picture below to join
in on the fun.
Welcome to Lazy Hollow Lane..

Here in Georgia it was a wonderful
82 degrees today.
As I sat out on my
front porch I was able to enjoy
the peaceful sounds of
birds chirping and watch as all of
God's glorious critters
played throughout my yard.
I even got a couple of pictures of
them just for you all today.

So pull up a chair..
kick up yo feet
and share with me
a nice cold glass
Cran-Grape Juice..
It's delicious!

Before I show you all
the beauty of my lil haven,
I thought I'd share with you
a few before shots.
Jeff hard at work
spreading pine straw.
I have a plant stand that holds
nine pots..
Last year when we had
a big hail and wind storm
all of my pots got broken.
To save money..
I decided to paint some of my old pots
along with the cheap plastic pots
that some of my new plants came in.
You'll see them later.

We fenced in our backyard
with chainlink..
and decided to use wooden pickets
for the front..
I hate the look of chainlink..
This is a much nicer view.

Took down some old bird feeders..
and repaired them.

Chose a spot for Ashley to use for a
FFA School Project.
This area was all covered with undergrowth
so we would have a little privacy.
When we added the chainlink we
cleared all of the undergrowth out
and prepared to plant.
Here is the before.

Ashley's Lil Garden Project

My white and red roses are blooming.

I was told this is called
Mandevilla.. The lady
at Lowe's didn't know for sure
and I really didn't care I just loved
it and knew it'd be perfect to hide
the view of my A/C unit.

This is the after picture of the
I cleaned it all up..
removed all of the rust and
gave it a fresh new paint job.
It looks brand new again.

Filled and hung my hummingbird feeder..
So far I've only had 2 show up..
They usually come late in the

A lil treat I got today..
We have a nesting
black capped chickadee couple.
They built in one of our
bluebird boxes.
Mom peeking her head out.

Another visitor today...
A wild bunny munching
on some clover in our
front yard.

Better view of him.
He was a big'un.

Another front porch view.

All of our Hostas are
coming up nicely.

These continue around my
wrap-around front porch.
We started with 2 hosta plants about
5 years ago.. and each year
we split them up and add them
throughout the yard.

A lil fake foilage mixed with
some real coleus on the front porch.

The nine pot plant stand..
with the newly painted recycled pots.

Jumbo Marigolds..
Aren't they beautiful.

I love this shade of Coleus.

The painted pots turned out great huh.

My Favorite Flower...
Gerber Daisy!
These I bought for
Stellan .. since Orange is his color.

More coleus planted in coconut husk pot
doubling as a tiki torch holder.

My other favorite..
Pink Hybrid Geraniums.

Thank you for dropping by..
I certainly hope you enjoyed the view.

Thank You For Visiting
Have A Blessed Day,



  1. Debbie! Wow! What a great porch and yard tour!! I love the job you did on the birdhouse and the tiered plant holder is just great!!

  2. How pretty! You've really been busy - love the plant stand and the recycled pots.


  3. boy, you've been busy!
    love that red bird feeder...

  4. Wow! You'v been busy! Looks like Ashley did a nice job on her little garden and I love the coleus against the green (I never would have thought to paint the pot)

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Boy! someone has been real busy, You did a fantastic job with the planter and bird house. Ashley's garden looks great too.I so enjoyed visiting your place, now just sit back and enjoy them and watch them grow. Sue

  6. Debbie your garden and porch are lovely. I especially like your planter and the painted pots look great. My favorite though is the pot with Coleus that doubles as a tiki torch holder...i would have never thought of that. My husband has them attached to our deck with some very unsightly ties. Thanks for the idea! Great post.

  7. Wow, it all looks fabulous!! and I have a mandevilla just like that one! It is beautiful. I thought I had lost it but it came back and bloomed recently.


  8. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Debbie! You have a beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  9. Just had to say, I love your "super Tommy" photo! That is priceless!

  10. Wow, your yard is gorgeous. I love all the beautiful plants and flowers and the pots turned out just great as well as the birdhouse. I really love the little chair painted white on the porch with the geranium and sign. So cute. Hugs, Marty

  11. Everything is gorgeous Debbie. Love the birdhouses and the flowers are going to be fantastic! Great job! Enjoy the garden party!!

  12. Your yard and surrounding area is just fantastic. What a good idea to recycle those pots by painint them. Isn't FFA a great organization! My son was in it all through high school. It gave him such a sense of accomplishment and self confidence. It is great that now so many girls are involved in it. Our son is already talking about his son, only 4, being in FFA.
    I really enjoy your blog. You have wonderful things to share with all of us.


  13. Debbie, your yard is just beautiful! I love your porch and it must be nice to sit out on it on those warm days! Thank you for visiting my blog too! :-)

  14. Party garden... perfect place for a party!

  15. What a beautiful yard!!!! Lots of work... a good strong man is nice to have around... especially if he is your prince charming too!

    ~Really Rainey~

  16. Debbie, everything in your yard is perfect. Love your porch. How nice to sit outside and look at that gorgeous view. Happy Wednesday.

  17. Hi!
    Your nine pot stand is so cool. What a neat idea to use recycled pots by painting them green. Great job!
    Joyce M

  18. Beautiful photos & loved the birdfeeder & pot re-do's. ☺ Diane

  19. Your yard is just lovely. What a wonderful place to unwind. Great idea to paint the pot, the yellow marigolds really look beautiful against the green. And that was a big bunny! Thanks for stopping by. Kathy

  20. What a pretty yard. Good idea to split the hostas every year. I might have to do that.

  21. Hey, Debbie, it is looking beautiful in GA, my friend! What a pretty yard you have & that porch is so neat. Wish I had one of those! You've obviously been working hard in your yard and it shows. Thanks so much for playing today!

  22. Oh, I love it! All of it. I saw some of my favorite things here.
    Mama Bear

  23. Your painted pots turned out fabulous, and I love the white rose!

  24. great pictures love them all and oh so much love and work must of went into the work

  25. Debbie, I love everything you've shown us. You've created a perfect place in which to relax. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I hope you'll come again.

  26. Oh, what a pretty yard. You have done a lot of work.

    What a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday post!!!

  27. Debbie,your garden is just beautiful and I love the green pots. I wish I can see it all at once and soak it all in. That bunny is adorable!

  28. What great pics. Love the chickadee sticking her little head out. I would love to have that last sign for my own yard. Love it!

  29. Thank you for the wonderful tour! Everything looks so lovely!


  30. What a beautiful garden you have.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  31. Hi Debbie, your pictures are wonderful....so cheery and full of spring time!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  32. Hi Debbie. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving a comment about the NY Botanical Gardens. I really enjoyed my trip there, and I only posted about a quarter of my pics! I get a little carried away sometimes. I love your blog! I'll be back for more! (I'm also loving your pine straw mulch--what a great look!)

  33. I could lose myself in all those beautiful flowers and plants - wow! Love the bunny pic - we seem to have one hang out in our yard every other year (this is the off-year for us).

  34. Just love that liitle birdie peeking out of the birdhouse!! So precious!

    Thanks for visiting with me today. I appreciate your kind comment!

  35. I love all the pictures you posted! So springy and lovely. :)

  36. Debbie your flowers are so pretty!

    We were traveling yesterday, so I'm trying to visit the gardens today. I do believe that is a mandevilla, a beautiful plant.

  37. Hi Debbie,
    Your yard looks great and all the plants blooming are so beautiful. I love your sign at the end,Y'all Come Back, way to cute. I enjoyed your post today.
    Have a great day,

  38. Just beautiful, Debbie! Isn't it fun to see all of these gardens all across the country? I love it!
    Becky B

  39. Wow! Really beautiful, and I love your front porch. Did you take the picture of the wedding rings in the Bible? It's really beautiful.

  40. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your flowers and plants are beautiful...love seeing all the lovely things you shared!

  41. Oh my goodness~you go, green thumb girl! Thank you for posting my button, although I hate to say this, I found out it's wrong. So, if it's not too much trouble, you may have to come back and re-copy the code. I'm sorry. I love your blog though and am a follower now!

  42. Your garden is delightful with the attractive plantings, delightful creatures, and welcoming signs.

  43. What a wonderful tour of your garden! So many pretty flowers and colours, it's delightful. I loved the rabbit pictures, what a cute little visitor :)

  44. What a great tour!!! Thank you for sharing:)

  45. This is wonderful!! I LOVE the bird houses, and how sweet was that bunny???

  46. Whew! A lot of work there. Looks great. Love it when hard works pays off with such beauty.


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!