Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Hop .. Baby Pictures

My apologies to everyone trying to access the blog hop links.. There appears to be a problem with the Mcklinky link again... I'm pretty sure this will be my last time participating in the blog hop... it's just too late here on the east coast to wait for problems to get worked out.

Welcome Y'all to Blog Hop Tuesday .. Today's theme : Baby Pictures!

Today I'm sharing my dearest friend Suzanne and her newest grandchild .. Miss Presley!
Today marks Ms Presley's 2 month birthday .. When she was born 2 months ago .. she blasted into the world weighing only 3lbs.. today she's is a whopping 8lbs and doing GREAT! Growing like a weed and being spoiled rotten by Grammie Suzanne.

This next photo is one of me with Ashley .. 15 years ago.. I don't have very many photos of her and I together .. I was always the one behind and not in front of the camera.. This is one I played with a lil using photobucket.

I hope you will all join in on the fun .. there's still time to get yours posted .. Just click on one of the links below to hop around and see what all everyone else is showing today.

Happy Hopping Y'all !


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thrifty Treasures & Met Monday .. Tomatoes & Apostle Glasses

Hey Y’all .. Welcome to a double Monday post .. Thrifty Treasures & Met Monday.  Thank you to our wonderful Hostesses  Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality  & Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch..  Be sure to drop by and visit them both and see what all they and others are sharing today. Buttons & Links are located at the bottom of this post.

Today I’m sharing a few things I found over the last month ..

First up .. These Wooden Candle Holders. I found these at Goodwill : $2.00 for the set of 3. I brought them home and gave them a fresh coat of white paint.


Also found this iron candle holder .. Goodwill .. 1/2 price for .80.


Gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint.. I have a cute hummingbird feeder that I’ll put in the center of it for next spring.


I belong to a co’op and we all got a case of tomatoes earlier in the month.. They were all a little pink so I laid them out for a few days to ripen up..


Then morphed them into 8 quarts of canned tomatoes! I ended up loosing 1 jar.. not sure what happened.. they all sealed really well .. but a couple of days later that one seal popped.


My next find .. Apostle Glasses.

I absolutely love these.. I found these at Goodwill and they only had 10 .. so I’m on the hunt for the others. 100_7301

These are going to be perfect for my Christmas table I’ll be doing at the church this year. I paid $1.51 for each. The photo below shows the difference once I got them home and gave them a good bath. The one on the right is the before.. the left one is after. They cleaned up great!



I tried filling them so you all could get a better look at the etching .. but all I had was yellow powerade lol.. and the etching got lost against the yellow.100_7315

Thank you all for taking the time to share in my newest treasures this week.. I look forward to seeing what all everyone else has found.

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Happy Monday & Have a Great Week Y’all!



Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Hop .. Funny Picture

Welcome Blog Hop Hoppers to Funny Photo Day!!

My Super Brother!!

We all have those photos that we wish would magically disappear.. Well here is the one my lil brother certainly wishes would! Hahaha This will be plastered all over the place on his 40th birthday.. because I love him so much and he's just so doggone cute in it hahahaha. Check out that cotton top fro .. and those girly green tights.. yep girly green cuz they were mine... I'm sure Superman's tight's didn't belong to his older sister.

Thanks for dropping by.. now head on over and check out everyone else's funny photos by clicking on all those links below.
Hugs, Debbie

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday.. Wisteria Dinnerware

Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch is our Hostess for this fun party.. Please head over and visit her and her always beautiful blog and check out all those participating in today’s Tablescape Thursday.  Just click the button below.


  • White Napkins … Home Trend from Target

  • Black Metal Flower Napkin Rings.. Pier1


  • Flatware .. Oneida Brooch pattern .. Target.
  • Placemat .. Walmart .. purchased early summer.


  • Flatware .. Oneida Brooch pattern .. Target.
  • Yellow Stoneware.. Home Brand.. Target


  • Dinner plate.. Wisteria Stoneware : From Dollar General .. purchased 3 yrs ago .. I think they look more like grapes than Wisteria.
  • White Charger .. Purchased from Goodwill .. They were gold .. I sprayed them white.



  • Bottles of wine .. more like bottles of vinegar lol they are about 18 years old.. were a gift from a friend just before Jeff and I married. We don’t drink so they’re used as decoration.


  • The green stemware is from Target


  • Coleus centerpiece is from my patio garden.
  • The green pots were purple .. I picked those up at the pot swap that we have at our recycling center. I brought them home and sprayed them along with a few other pots green.


  • Homemade Rolls .. I buy frozen dough then bake my own.
  • The Little White Dish .. No Manufactures markings.. Picked up from Goodwill.


  • This is my favorite color pattern in Coleus.. Love that pink & green combo.


  • Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers: Dale & Danielle The Target Birds .. from Target.. Still available.

Easy Pasta Salad:

  • Box Pasta Salad Mix .. These I get at Dollar Tree for $1.00 a box .. real good for quick & easy. I always add a lil extra pasta and fresh veggies.


  • To make this a Main Meal .. Just add Chicken


To see more delicious treats.. Head over to Designs by Gollum and see what Gollum and everyone else has cooking. Click the button below to join in.


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Thanks for stopping by for my addition to Foodie Friday & Tablescape Thursday.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Backyard Hummers

Happy Wednesday Y’all .. Today I’m sharing a few photos from a friend Debra’s back yard. Debra is a huge hummingbird lover and she has 12 hummingbird feeders that she has to fill every 3 days. She’s got the birds baybeee. Everywhere you turn .. they’re zipping past ya.

Take a gander at this Sunflower.. It was massive! It’s about 15” inches wide. Isn’t it beautiful!



Here are some of the amazing photos that we were able to catch of her Hummingbirds.


Did you know that hummingbirds can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12-90 times per second. They can also fly backwards, and are the only group of birds able to do so.


Ruby-throated Adult Female Hummingbird:

Emerald green back, white breast and throat, rounded tail with white tips. Larger than the male, with longer bill.


Ruby-throated Adult Male Hummingbird:

Emerald green back, iridescent ruby red throat that may appear black under some lighting conditions, gray flanks, forked tail with no white. Smaller than the female.

Here’s Ashley holding a male hummingbird at the Georgia Hummers Hummingbird Festival last summer.


Closer shot of the male Hummingbird she held.


BackYard5HumB BackYard6HumB BackYard9HumB



Here’s a Male that couldn’t wait for the feeder to get hung.. He flew right up and perched as she was hanging it on the hook.


One of the many wild baby bunnies that she’s been feeding.


Big Daddy Jack.. She calls him her “Watch Rabbit” he just lays around like a yard dog snoozing and watching everything going on around him.


I hope y’all enjoyed tagging along to see Debra’s backyard and her hummingbirds with us.. I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous of all the hummingbirds she has.. but I really don’t think I could handle taking care of that many. So for now when I need a lil hummingbird fix.. I’ll just head back over and visit Deb’s Hummingbird Village.

To see more Outdoor treats.. Click on the button below and head over to A Southern Daydreamer and see what Susan and all the others are sharing this week.


Hugs Y’all,



Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!