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Heirloom Party

Marie at Emma Calls Me Mama… is having an Heirloom Party today..  Click the link below and come on and join in on the party.


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My selection today is a couple of precious family heirlooms passed on to me when my birth father passed away a few years ago...


  • 2 Books from 1913
  • 1 pair of antique eye glasses
  • Antique Mantle Clock

All originally belonged to my Grandmother.


The first book is a 1913 Georgia school book:  First Lessons in Georgia History

By: Lawton B. Evans Published by: American Book Company 1913

The cover isn't in such great shape..It is stained, weathered, torn and the title is worn away, but all pages are intact and in wonderful condition.


The next book is: Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge

By: Laura Lee Hope Published By: Grosset & Dunlap 1913

Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge was book number 5 of 117 written in the Bobbsey Twins Stories Collection. A lil bit of info I found on the internet states: The Bobbsey Twins series is probably the  longest-running juvenile book series of all time.  The first book was published in 1904 and new volumes were added as late as 1992. Source: Keeline

The cover is in really nice condition
and all pages intact and in great condition.

My Grandmothers Reading Glasses...


Or as she called them.. Her Reading Spectacles. This is one pair of about 3 she had and I'm not sure how old this particular pair is. The case is at least 60 years old..


My birth Dad bought this one in Germany for her just before he returned from WWII.


Inside view of the case. It's lined with felt which is very worn.


My Antique Mantle Clock:

Beautifully detailed carved body is in great condition.


I'm not certain on it's exact age but based on stories and tales that I've been told over the years it is somewhere around 120 years old. Back in 1890 it was given "used" as a wedding gift to my paternal great Grandparents by my great great Grandparents.  Who in return gave it as a wedding gift in 1915 to their only female child, my  Grandmother Maude. Since my Grandparents only had boys and didn't have a female child to continue that tradition it stayed in my Grandmothers possession until her passing in 1992. Have I lost ya yet? I hope not.. it gets simple from here on. When my Grandmother passed she left it to her eldest son.. My Dad Thomas. A few years ago when my birth Dad was 85 he became very ill and just before his death he passed the clock to me. Even though I have older siblings who rightly should have gotten it..He chose me... And he did so because he knew the care and respect I would take.. the love I had for it.. and that nothing but death would part me from it. Now if you're doing the math and trying to guess my age and you're a lil lost.. I'll help you out a tad.. My Dad was in his 50's when I was born! I was a shocking surprise! But not as shocking as my lil brother!


It keeps perfect time! I can usually go about 3 days between windings. Every half hour it strikes once and each hour it strikes according to time. Everything you see is original.. and to my knowledge it has only had to be mechanically repaired 2 times .. last time being in late 1970.


The glass door is in good condition with original gold etching of butterflies and scroll. Beautiful brass movement and pendulum. Original dial face a bit worn. Two key holes , one to wind for time.. the other for chime... and the original key.

DSCF1320  100_1624   


Thank you for taking the time to view my precious family heirlooms. They are priceless to me and I have so enjoyed the opportunity to share them with you all. They rarely get a chance to come out of their secure hiding places... so I'm very grateful  to Marie for creating this party to allow us this opportunity to showcase our beautiful cherished pieces.

Have a Blessed Weekend,



  1. Your heirlooms are beautiful! I know you must enjoy them every day.

  2. A lot of stories in your heirlooms. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. What beautiful old books! Just love them!

  4. Debbie these are wonderful heirlooms and come with great stories. Thanks for sharing them. That clock is amazing.

    I've been thinking of showing one of the few things I have from my great-grandmother and this inspires me!

    Talk to you next week. :)

  5. How fun..I didn't know about this until today and too late to post..I have a lot of heirlooms that my mother left me. Maybe there will be another day like this.
    Thanks for showing your treasures.

  6. Your heirlooms are beautiful. I just found your blog and I really enjoying it. I wanted to invite you to participate in my giveaway, you have until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hello Debbie - thank you for joining the party! Oh how I love all your special treasures and the stories that go with each! That clock is my favorite and so very beautiful!


  8. Until I read your post, I had no idea where the term "like the Bobbsey Twins" came from. My mom says it all the time. She probably got it from her father that was 45 when she was born. I'm the keep of our family heirlooms as well. The clock is absolutely gorgeous!



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