Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burlap Party

Rhoda at
is hosting a
Crazy for Burlap Party

Make sure you stop by and see
what everyone has come up with using
this fun material.
Burlap Table Runner
Mine is not your usual stiff and hard
This is my Target find from a
few months ago..
A real clearance bargin at
Bunny Lamp
It keeps getting softer and softer
after each hand washing.

See .. the lamp shade and the runner are
almost identical in color...
A perfect match
made in clearance heaven!

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Don't forget to head back over to Rhoda's
and see more burlap treats..
like the beautiful
monogram lampshades
Rhoda made.

Speaking of Lamps..

Nesting Place

is having a Lampapalooza Lamp Party

today.. Check her out!

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  1. The runner is really pretty and what a bargain! But that lamp blows me away! LOVE IT!!! :) ~Rhonda

  2. I heart bunnies.

    and your runner is nice too. but, bunnies!

  3. Absolutely beautiful ... wanna come to my place and we could go "pinchin' and feelin' " (code for shopping!!) and then you could work your magic decorating this place! You are so talented! :>)

  4. I am looking for a lamp for the nursery so thanks for the site!!

  5. Really lovely. I don't think I have anything burlap in my home, wow, that is something I never thought about before. . .smiles.

    The Raggedy Girl

  6. Your lamp and burlap is very nice and it looks awesome on the table.

  7. Debbie, the two pieces complement eachother perfectly. I LOVE the lamp. Sue

  8. Great finds! I LOVE the lamp!

  9. What a cute lamp! The burlap runner looks great with it!

  10. Debbie, that is one gorgeous vignette & you know I'm coveting that bunny lamp. It all looks so cute. Thanks for joining the party.

  11. Great finds! They do match so well. It looks beautiful!

  12. Really? A dress made of burlap? No thank you! LOL! Thanks for stopping by and showing some your blog too! Officially a follower! Have a great day!

  13. What a pretty lamp, and the burlap runner is just perfect with it! Linda

  14. I love the bunny lamp and the burlap. It is beautiful!

  15. Love the bunny lamp.....your table looks beautiful!

  16. That's really lovely. Might I add, you take really nice photos.

  17. Hi Robynn,
    This is my 1s visit to your blog and it has been a fun one. You have a nice touch and everything flows together nicely. The bunny lamp and the vase filled with pears make a nice vignette. ~Cathy~

  18. ohhhhh...that bunny lamp is just too precious! What a great find.


  19. Wow, Debbie, those are some great finds~especially love the lamp!

  20. Debbie I absolutely love those. They look so pretty to be burlap? Are you sure?

  21. Gotta love a great clearance find!

    Thank you for your prayers!

  22. The runner is totally adorable....but that bunny lamp is so blasted cute and what a BARGAIN!!! I love how you put the whole vignette together. It looks wonderful!

  23. Debbie...great lamp and I love your burlap runner! I adore your bunny! :-)
    I just realized I goofed in my Met Monday post...the $35 was for 6 place settings...and I bought 2 boxes so I'd have 12. I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't expect 12 place settings for $35. It's still an awesome deal and the china has the prettiest design on the plates and cups! The china also comes with a large platter, a serving bowl, salt and pepper shakers and 6 white ceramic napkin rings. :-)

  24. Speaking of great bargains! Wow your bunny lamp! I wanna shop with you!
    ~Really Rainey~

  25. Hi Debbie...I love your bunny cute! And the burlap runner is perfect with it! Sounds like it must be really great fabric, too! Have a good week...Debbie

  26. You have a great look going. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  27. Ohhh what aperfect match...gotta love a good deal and a good match;) French

  28. We have slipcovers in the parlor that are burlap...and are so snuggly now as they have aged...! Yes, I love the way your shade mimics the runner~the entire vignette is most attractive!

  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Your vignette is beautiful!


  30. Great find on that table runner! Don't you just love when you hit deals like that? Target is great for that! And it really does match perfectly with the bunny lamp.
    Thanks so much for your kind comment Monday!
    - Meg

  31. GM My are so right a perfect that bunnie lamp..Oh it just speaks to me...what a fun post this is...May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!