Friday, May 8, 2009

FFA Awards Banquet

We're nearing the end of another school year
and it's that time again...
Awards Banquets, Honors Day
Senior Week, and of course Prank Week Partying.
It's so hard to believe our lil girl
is going to be a Junior next year.
This week kicked off the first of many
events we'll be attending ..

The FFA Awards Banquet.

This is Ashley's favorite teacher
Mr Walker..
He's not hard on the eyes at all.
This was her first year taking Agriculture
and was a required intro class that she
had to take in order to proceed to the
next step Wildlife Management which
is the area she's interested in.

In the beginning she absolutely hated the class..
but Mr Walker being the young hip
cool guy that he is .. changed all that.

Here she had to send a text to let
her friends know which awards she received.
Ashley received 2 awards for projects that
she did this past year and a FFA lapel pin.

Here's our dear friend with Ashley..
Republican Senator John Douglas
I just love this Man.
Next week..
Volleyball Banquet
Honors Day

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  1. My daughter had to take agriculture this year also. I think she enjoyed the class.
    We have honor's banquets coming up next week too. I am excited.
    I'm not as excited that my daughter will be a junior next year...
    the time seems to be flying by!


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!