Monday, January 12, 2009

My Cravings Were Met...

Last week Susan at
Posted a picture of a book she saw at
A Classy Flea.. That book was
The Blue Willow Inn
Bible of Southern Cooking.
It was so funny because I had been
craving that place all during the holidays.
If you've ever been to the Blue Willow...
you know it's not the kinda place you just show
up and walk right in. There's usually a long wait,
and well worth it... but it's best to make a reservation.
I made reservations early on Friday for Sat night..
only to change it about 3 different times through out
the day.. because once word got out
as to where we were going.. everyone wanted to come.
We had a wonderful night..
The food was as always... Yum-a-licious!
To graciously quote my dear country'fied Husband...
"We was all fuller than a tick on a yard dog"
"I accidently got a lil peach cobbler on my forehead and
I thought my tongue was gonna beat my brain out licking it off"
Yes.. I know you're rolling in laughter bout right now huh.

It was a rainy night in Georgia..
but not under this huge magnolia tree
where Ashley found shelter.

After the teenagers finished eating they
went to this awesome new soda shop..
Lou's Soda Fountain & Grille
located in the new Blue Williow Village
behind the Inn.
I Love All The RED and BLACK decor.
"Ain't That A Shame"
By Fats Domino
was playing on the big ole jukebox
when we walked in.

Huge Beautiful Poinsettia..
This thing was at least 3 feet wide.

I didn't get a picture of one .. but
all of the waitresses were dressed
in sweaters and poodle skirts.
Each table had a small jukebox.

The Teens...
after they all finished their
Coke Floats.

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  1. Hello Debbie! Looks like you all had a fun night! Loved all the retro decor in the soda shop! Have a nice day!~Smiles~Tam!


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!