Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell Friday ...
Special Thanks to Kelli @
for hosting today's event.
Be sure to stop by and check out
all the creative Bloggers participating today.

Another Family Heirlom...

My selection today is another family heirlom...
2 Books from 1913
1 pair of antique eye glasses
All 3 belonged to my Grandmother Maude
and were passed on to me by my Dad.
The first book is a 1913 Georgia school book:
First Lessons in Georgia History
By: Lawton B. Evans
Published by: American Book Company 1913
The cover isn't in such great shape..
it is stained, weathered, torn
and the title is worn away,
but all pages
are intact and in wonderful condition.
The next book is:
Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
By: Laura Lee Hope
Published By: Grosset & Dunlap 1913
Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge was
book number 5 of 117 written in the
Bobbsey Twins Stories Collection.
A lil bit of info I found on the internet states:
The Bobbsey Twins series is probably the
longest-running juvenile book series of all time.
The first book was published in 1904
and new volumes were added as late as 1992.
The cover is in really nice condition
and all pages intact and in great condition.
My Grandmothers Reading Glasses...
Or as she called them..
Her Reading Spectacles.
This is one pair of about 3 she had and I'm
not sure how old this particular pair is.
The case is at least 60 years old..
My Dad bought this one in Germany
for her just before he returned from
Inside view of the case.
It's lined with felt which is very worn.

Thank you for taking the time
to view my precious family heirloms.
They are priceless to me
and I have so enjoyed the opportunity
to share them with you all.
They rarely get a chance to
come out of their
secure hiding places...
so I'm very grateful to Kelli
for creating a venue
where I can showcase their beauty
with so many others.


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Such great items from your family's past. They're treasures to hold on to and pass to the next generation. Wow.

    My Show n Tell is being BLUE today...come on over if you can. I'd love your company.

  2. What treasures! I love old books! I have a few that belonged to my grandpa.

  3. Your items are great! I have my grandmother and grandfather's glasses also...but, really, I love the pictures. It looks like a photo shoot. Beautiful job!

  4. Debbie! I love these! How awesome that you are able to cherish and enjoy them. I really like the way you displayed them for us to enjoy :)

    P.S. I saw this pic of Ashley and had to do a double take...she resembles my youngest daughter!

  5. Okay, I just had to add that I showed my daughter this picture of Ashley and she even saw the resemblance. LOL! They say their is twin for everyone :0) Gee, we have pretty girls :0)

  6. What a treasure you have! I love old books and that they were your grandmother's makes then more special. Great glasses too.

  7. Thanks for sharing a part of your life.

  8. Debbie:
    What special things to share. I think family heirlooms are the very nicest of treasure and give us connection.
    Roberta Anne

  9. Precious heirlooms for sure! Thank you for sharing your treasures:)

  10. What a wonderful show and tell! The books are wonderful and I love the glasses, too!

  11. Hi Debbie...Love your name! Your treasures are wonderful! But your grandmother's glasses are my favorite! When I think about how many times a day I pick mine up and put them on, I would love to know that I had something that had been handled so frequently by my grandmother! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  12. Just stopping by for Show and Tell ~ sweet place you have here.

  13. Hi Debbie! Loved your sweet family heirlooms-they are beautiful! Hope you have a nice weekend!~Smiles~Tam!

  14. It's so good to have an excuse to get such beloved things out to have a look at. And you set your pictures up so beautifully too, your blog is a joy to look at! I remember having an old copy of a Bobbsey twins book when I was a child - I am sure it came from a thrift shop, it was so old! I used to read it to my younger brother in bed. I had forgotten all about that until today. Your blog has been a lovely reminder to me of something from deep in my past. Thank you so much!

  15. I love these special treasures, Debbie. They are so sweet. Kathi

  16. Debbie,thank you for the concern about my has always given me problems.But I thought it was me,because I was new.I took off the hearts and I'm going to take off all the fancies.Susan told me I could change the composing part.I'm going to try to do that.thanks for caring...Ann


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