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Outdoor Wednesday ... Our Day Out

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First I have a bit of sad news..
For all of you that have been following along
each week as I post about all of the nests and
new baby birds and eggs we have in our yard..
I'm sorry to tell you all,
But we have lost each and every
one of them.
It's all a mystery to me.. One minute
all four nests were full of eggs including
the bluebird nest which had already begun to hatch..
then suddenly they were all gone.
No sign of any broken eggs in the nest
or by the nest... nothing.
I did however find a few of these lil spots dug out in our
pine islands located near each of the nest.. and spotted
a cat hiding in the one you see below.
It was so sad cleaning out the empty nests..
I read on the internet that sometimes when houses
are placed to close together.. other birds will rob
eggs from other bird nest.
So once we cleaned them out we placed them further apart
and hopefully we'll have some more build with better futures.
On to better news..
Here is my first tomato on my topsy turvy..
I know.. I'm silly.. but I'm so excited!

Last week Ashley and I had to run a few errands.. so I thought
I'd take you all along with us.
We were forever behind this truck..
I just knew that thing was gonna bounce right
off of the back of that truck.

This beautiful covered bridge is located on the county
line.. An unexpected surprise as you pop around the curve.

Ashley hopped out of the truck and got this awesome shot
so you all could share in the beauty.

We stopped off and had a lil lunch here..
Ashley's favorite place.
We both stuffed ourselves.

Afterwards we had to walk off those FuddBurgers..
What better place than.. One of my favorite places
Pier 1 Imports.
Got some goodies for my 4th of July tablescape!

Saw this funky lil Urkle Mobile..
Ashley loved it of course..
My big ole patooty wouldn't fit in it lol..
I'd look like HR Puff N Stuff.

Ashley's favorite colors are pink and purple..

So she couldn't resist taking a picture of these flowers
at the entrance to the shopping center.

After shopping we had to drop off an pickup some things
for Jeff at the Wildlife Federation..
As we stepped out of the truck.. this is what we
A Four Leaf Clover.

Out back behind the Federation building they
have a few pavillions that they rent out
for reunions and such..

There are also Nature Trails that you can walk..
Each trail has little markers that tell about the wildlife
in the area.

Sometimes.. if you're lucky
you'll get to see a few of these lil fellows.
Not a very good picture .. but it is a little deer.
We kinda spooked him because we were in the truck.

At the end of the road trail are these
Honey Bee Boxes..
There were about 10 .. and yep they were active.

I hope you enjoyed tagging along with us on our lil
outting. Make sure you head over to Susan's and
see what everyone else has in store.

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  1. This is a great outdoor post. Loved it all...especially the beautiful covered bridge. Did you see the movie Bridges of Madison County? One of my all time favorites.
    I, too have tomatoes on our first try with a Topsy Turvy...posting it on Sun. at the Garden thingy at COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES...
    xo bj

  2. I loved your outing. That bridge is well, I can't think of anything better than fantastic...but it is better! Looks like you had a fun day...and I want one of those little cars...I keep beggin for one...and my big ole fatty patootie will just have to fluff and stuff!

  3. I was sad to hear about the nests ... Bz reported the same thing at their place ... one day four eggs, the next zero, no shells, nothing. I LOVED your outing, the bridge was awesome (I know that word is used too much) but the photo was truly wonderful, thank you, Ashley, you are quite the photographer, young lady!

    I have not yet told you how much I enjoyed the movie "Fireproof" if you don't mind, I'll send an email. Thank you, lovely lady, for sharing all the beauty that surrounds you. Hugs, Sandy

  4. Debbie - I loved the outdoor tour. The covered bridge is beautiful. I find them so interesting. I always wonder what stories the old ones can tell.
    I can think of nothing better than a day with my daughter. Lucky you! Have a great week.


  5. Hi Debbie! I'm happy to see that tomato, too! Well done. What a nice road trip. I'd love to walk down Dogwood trail...

  6. How sad about the missing bird eggs!!

    But you got some great shots. Love the wooden bridge.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Thanks for taking us to all those outdoor places with you.

  8. I am sorry about the birds. We lost a nest of Bluebird eggs and now my Mother-in-law is keeping her cat in to see if the next eggs will make it. He would sit on top of the box. Bad kitty.

    It looks like you had a very nice day out with your daughter.

  9. Hey Debbie !
    I love your little trip - that covered bridge is so neat and we don't have any here in Colorado..
    I visited Penn. once and saw some - they are so neat ! I love how you took us along for your outing with Ashley ! I am so jealous of your tomato plant - mine doesn't look so good :o(
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. Sorry about the little birdies...that is a sad part of life - we live in the country so we see lots more then we would like to see.....

  10. Debbie, what a spectacular series of photos. They are wonderful, especially the one of the four leaf clover. It sounds like you had a really good day with your daughter and thats always so nice to hear. Blessings...Mary

  11. I so understand your excitement about the tomato..., it is a miracle in a way! And thanks for the tour!

  12. I too am sorry to read about the bird eggs, we have our first tomatoes too it's really exciting. looks like a wonderful town you live in and a four leaf clover, how lucky. happy outdoors, Kathy.

  13. What a fun outdoor, beautiful photographs, the water with reflection of trees, the blooms..
    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Loved the trip..........so sad about the cute bird and the eggs.

  15. Lovely cyber tour...sorry to hear about the bird and eggs. Nice job of your Outdoor Wednesday post.
    Joyce M

  16. Sorry to hear about the nests. Love your outing and the covered bridge reminds me of one movie.

  17. Enjoyed your outing vicariously..

  18. Dear Debbie,
    beautiful outdoor wednesday post.
    I am so very sorry about the bird eggs and baby birds....I was hoping it was a possum or raccoon but not a cat....I mean I would rather nothing have gotten them but I love cats soo.....
    I loved the bridge, the beautiful flowers and that adorable car with the flowers.

  19. stunning pictures, love the bridge

    great Outdoor Wednesday


  20. This was a terrific post. I really enjoy going out with both of you. Sorry I missed the burgers!

  21. So sad to hear about your nests. Poor birdies. I hope they are more successful next time and that the cats will stay away! Enjoyed your little trip. You live in a beautiful area. So much to see and do. Thanks for taking us along.


  22. Sorry about the nests. :( Thanks for taking us along on your ride. Think I would have stayed a long way behind that truck! Some great photos.

  23. whew! what a tour...i'm tuckered out!
    i completely understand about the nests...our little wrens house broke and fell yesterday and the tiny egg fell out and broke. i nearly cried.
    i do hope there is time for them to start over.
    have a wonderful day.

  24. I'm having just the opposite experience here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, my tomato plants have provided beautiful fruits for months, but now it's too hot and humid and I'm waiting for the last ones on the vine to ripen. Now I'm back to store-bought…yuck!

  25. great outdoor post, felt like i was with you, thanks

  26. Wow, you live in a beautiful place. You showed us so much! Too bad about those little nests, they must have been robbed by other animals.

  27. I just love a covered bridge. And I never see them in these parts. Always reminded me of the Bridges Of Madison County. I went to Pier 1 last weekend myself. They do have the greatest stuff!

  28. I loved all the photos. I am sorry to hear about the birds. That is sad. Otherwise, it sounds like you guys had a great day while taking this pictures. Happy OW!

  29. So sorry about the birds :(......

    love the little car!

  30. sorry about the birdies :(.........

    love the cute little car.

  31. Thanks for the trip! I love that covered bridge, it's just beautiful. I'm glad we weren't behind that flatbed - my DH would have been praying for that car to fall out just for him lol. And my daughter wants to get one of those topsy turvey things for her apt. balcony, I'll have to tell her that they seem to work! Great post. Kathy

  32. What a wonderful day you both had. I can't decide if my favorite picture is the old bridge or the fudruckers sign...haha.

    The petunias are just beautiful in the one picture. Thank you so much for sharing!


  33. Debbie,
    Great photos...I enjoy tagging along your fun outing...Love the bridge...It's beautiful! And your tomatoe loods delicous..Mmmm! Love fresh tomatoes. Happy Outdoor! Kathy

  34. This was a fun outing. I love the covered bridge.
    Mama Bear

  35. So sorry about the bird's eggs. I wonder what happened to them!...Christine


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