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Outdoor Wednesday … Kudzu and Bird Eggs



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Bird Eggs & Georgia Kudzu 

Well the rain has finally eased up here in my part of Georgia..  The area rivers have returned to normal an all of the flooded areas have dried up. This is a picture of the Yellow River which overflowed it’s banks into a playground located here in Covington.


Back to normal.. Beautiful blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds.


My Topsy Turvy is thriving.. although I think he’s being a rebel about growing upside down.. and is trying to turn upward. This is my first time ever using one of these.. I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress. How do you like my nifty lil post Hubby made for me.. He’s so handy!


This is one of 6 Catalpa Trees that we have on our property.. If you’re not familiar with what a Catalpa Tree is.. Let me clue you in a bit.  Here in the south.. Catalpa is  pronounced Catawba and twice a year these trees fill up with hundreds of Catawba Worms and they're a hot commodity for southern fishermen. The fat worms draw catfish like crazy…They just can't seem to resist. As soon as the Catawba worms arrive I’ll be sharing those with you.


This is one of 3 bird houses that we  currently have occupied. This one is a Carolina Wren nest and has 6  lil speckled baby eggs.


This next one I had just hung outside for decoration but a lil black capped chickadee couple built in it and I couldn’t get inside to check on how many eggs.


This next house is a bluebird box that Ashley built a few years ago.. and this is the second nest built in it this year. These are 4 lil bluebird eggs.


Mom & Dad Bluebird tending to the nest.. Babies aren’t here yet but hopefully they’ll be here very soon.



Since we keep our yard treated for insects there really isn’t anything for these lil guys to eat in our yard so I keep them stocked up on Mill Worms that I get from Petsmart.



These suckers are huge .. so I normally only put out a few at a time… and they really really love em.


A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of a train tressel that was getting covered with Kudzu.. A lot people commented on how beautiful it was. I’m not a fan of Kudzu.. in fact I hate it. So I thought I’d post a few pictures of  some of it’s pro’s and con’s.


Pro # 1

Here is a picture of my neighbors chain link fence that divides his property from those on the other side of him. Notice how the kudzu covers the fence and makes a privacy barrier.



The uncovered chain link fence below is mine.. Even though my neighbors is neatly trimmed and I love the privacy of those on the other side.. I won’t be letting mine get covered. Reason because this would be Con #1.. Snakes! Yep Snakes.. they love love love the protection and coolness of the kudzu from the hot Georgia heat.


Con # 2

It takes over..  an over.. an over..




Everything in its path!

Here are a few facts about Kudzu..

Kudzu was brought into the southern states from Japan.

Our government paid farmers to plant kudzu from 1935 into the 1950's to help control erosion, use it as an herb, and kudzu as food for cattle.




The government realized kudzu was invasive and would eat the entire southeastern USA in one quick gulp...so they said...don't plant kudzu any more.

There is no biological way to kill Kudzu.

Kudzu grows as much as 60 feet a summer, about a foot a day.



Not so pretty anymore huh? lol



Thanks for dropping by for my addition to Outdoor Wednesday..  Make sure you head over to Susan’s and see what all everyone else has in store today.


  1. Great pictures, but oh my! I don't think we have kudzu in California & I had no idea! I thought your neighbors fence looked so nice & neat, kept reading, then came to the snakes & yikes! No way would I want anything to do with that!!!

    Loved the birds & nests. ☺ Diane

  2. Wonderful post, Debbie!!

    You are so right about the Catalpa worms, being a hot commodity. They are in Missouri, too. Perhaps I should remind J of this particular fish bait!:-)
    I just love the Catalpa. I posted photos,last year, of one, in bloom, here in our town.

    Our daughter has tomatoes on her topsy turvy plant. Her's is a cherry tomato. It's usually the 4th of July before we have larger ripe tomatoes.

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Debbie! I am happy to se the rain gone too (finally)...but now we ae getting a preview of the heat to expect this summer! I love seeing all your bird houses...and the kudzu... too funny...and true! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  4. Oh my goodness. I learned so much on your outdoor post Debbie. That kudzu is amazing on how it gets overgrown! I see why you are avoiding it. Then I'm intrigued with those trees that the worms enjoy! Yikes. Do you sell the worms? Love those blue robin eggs...so pretty!

  5. Oh, what I liked were the train tracks! I love train tracks. A road to nowhere and everywhere. Love the eggs. I had a "decorative" house I nailed to a fence post and the Carolina chickadees nested in it too! They liked the tiny hole I think. And I have bluebirds every year. I'm like you, hated that I couldn't see the chickadee eggs!

  6. Awww, I love the birds, eggs and birdhouses! We usually get some nesting in our hanging baskets, but we haven't so far this year.

    This is our first year trying the topsy turvy tomato, too, and I think ours is heading upward, just like yours.

  7. Oops I wonder where my comment went. What I said was... I learned so many new things from your Outdoor post this week. Kudzu looks like something good to avoid. Those trees that the worms enjoy have the coolest leaves. Love the blue robin eggs...so pretty! Glad the flooding has subsided! Happy O.W. to you!

  8. I hate kudzu too... every now and then we'll see an area that has been overtaken by it. People don't realize that it kills everything in its path... very invasive and destructive.

    Love the posts about the birds, eggs, and birdhouses. Can't wait to see more.
    Happy OW.

  9. Wow I never knew about this plant - or should we say pest....LOL ! You are right about the pros and cons....It is pretty as a pro... Loved your pics and history lesson !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  10. the last kudzu picture looks like a trumpeting angel!! That's cool...did you take the pic?


  11. Kudzu - taking over! Love the pretty bird nest pics. Aren't they a joy!

  12. Not fond of kudzu...very invasive and destructive. I love the birds, eggs, and birdhouses!!

  13. Hello Debbie! I knew I was going to love your blog as soon as I saw your bunny lamp! I came over from Susan's to check out your outdoor Wed. I too live in the south and kudzu is an alien designed to eat us all alive!! I can't believe your neighbor actually planted some!
    I loved all your birds! you are so blessed to have all those birds nesting in your yard! I look forward to following your blog from now on! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  14. Oh boy, I know what you mean about the kudzu as I am a GA blogger too. Canton area. Boy that stuff can cover up your car if you're not careful, haha.
    I love your birdhouses, those bluebird eggs are precious.


  15. Great post! What wonderful bird habitat you have. And I'm with you 100% on kudzu - it is a menace! And anything that provide habitat for those nasty legless creatures is not getting anywhere near my yard lol. Kathy

  16. Loved seeing your bird eggs. I'm so envious of your bluebirds. We have a bluebird house but only get sparrows every year. Thanks for sharing some of your world.

  17. I don't have kudzu but have had some trailing plant from a neighbours hanging basket take up in my yard and it looks like it will take right over. Every year I pull and pull but now it is in the greenbelt next door and I will never get it.

  18. That last picture of the kudzu is quiet amazing. It really takes over, doesn't it.

  19. I have seen it all over Kentucky when I visit my daughter. I think it's pretty and my what interesting shapes it takes, but shakes and taking over everything else are certainly cons. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  20. I love the robin's eggs. That kudzo on the light post looks like a girl holding something.

  21. Love your pictures. They look like postcards! I know what you mean about the rain. It's been like that here in NC too. Finally the sun has come out this week.

  22. We, too, are trying the Topsy Turvey planters for the first time. They are all 3 doing well. We planted a BeefEater and a cherry tomato plant and also a pepper plant.
    That kudzu is SCARY !!

  23. Debbie, I was just in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky this past week-end and this is everywhere. I don't like it either. Your photos are lovely though.

  24. I tried to follow you but the button doesn't seem to be working. I added you to my blog roll, tho.

  25. Aaawwww how cute, you have new residents :-) I still have yet to see a blue egg :-) They look beautiful!

    For the second half of yur post - yikes! It's the invasion of kudzu! I don;t want to be covered with kudzu LoL.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  26. I was thinking to myself, Kadzu would be great for me, my neighbor has the ugliest fence. A 6 foot tall, green chainlink filled with green and white slats arranged in one foot wide stripes. It was cute the first few years, but now it's just sickening. It's like living next to a circus tent. But then you mentioned the snakes. That would be reason enough for me to not even think about it. You've got some pretty cool shots of your bird nests, too. ~ Robyn

  27. Aaawwww how cute, you have new residents :-) I still have yet to see a blue egg :-) They look beautiful!

    For the second half of your post - yikes! It's the invasion of kudzu! I don;t want to be covered with kudzu LoL.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  28. Hi!
    Awesome photos!! I really like all those Kudzu photos, especially that last one. That's amazing! We have a plant here something like that, it's called Trumpet Vine and Honeysuckle. It will take over if left unattended. Have a great day!!


  29. Great photos - kudzy does create eerie shapes when it covers things like telephone poles and all!

  30. What truly spectacular photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful day.

  31. Came over for Outdoor Wednesday and, can I just say, a big "Amen!" about the kudzu. However, I DID find someone selling kudzu fragrance oil for soaps and such - that's probably the only semi-acceptable use, as far as I can tell. Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. Debbie
    Your Outdoor Wednesday is just so interesting....Love all the photos of the birds, bird nest & eggs, scenery...I learned so much..thanks for sharing...Love the nifty post your husband made...Look great! Happy Outdoor Wednesday...Katherinellen

  33. I have heard a lot about the government trying to get rid of the scourge that is kudzu. I do LOVE the color and lushness but I realize that is deceiving as it chokes out everything else. In California, where so much of our area is dry and golden, we long for anything green. I can't believe kudzu hasn't made it here yet.

    Debbie, your photos are phenomenal. Really, just beautiful shots. Such a pretty area you live in. :)

  34. Your bird houses are wonderful and I love that you feed them those big fat worms! How great is that?! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures.


  35. Hi Debbie,
    I have the same topsy turvey tomato plant hanger. My daughter gave it to me for Mothers Day. Our plant is growing very nicely. My daughter has two tomato's growing on her's. It is fun to watch grow.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Have a great day,

  36. Until we started to visit the south a few years ago, I would not believe how beautiful the kudzu could be. Breathtaking! I can see why it covers everything in it's path! We have lovely Trumpet Vine and Honeysuckle we try to keep up with!
    Loved your tree and its leaves! The birds and eggs...wow what a lovely post!


  37. Enjoyed your post. We have a Bluebird nesting box and this weekend, the pair were building their second nest of the season.
    Being from Alabama, I am very familiar with Kudzu and wonder how anyone could think it pretty or desire to have it cover their fence.
    Mama Bear

  38. Love the pretty blue of your birdfeeder! My in-laws just brought me a topsy turvy with a tomato plant to put inside... now I just need a dh like yours to build a beautifully functional hangar like yours :) Oh my, you warned us about how invasive the kudzu is... crazy something could grow that fast!

  39. Debbie I loved your pictures. We are lucky that there is no Kudzu around my place. I'm sure it has it's purpose but none that I like. lol

  40. Love your topsy turvy plant and the hanger your husband made! I've seen these around and they are really neat! I'm with you on the kudzu! I'm in NC, and it runs rampant here too!

    Can't wait to see Ashley's room! My Ashley's room is done in zebra also, but the walls are a light beigish peach. She accented the black and white zebra with red. Doesn't sound too pretty, but it turned out well! I didn't want to move furniture and paint that room, so we worked with the previous wall color! LOL! Love the hot pink you used! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  41. Yes, kudzu takes over everything. I have seen it down in North Carolina, my relatives talked about it also. I have been told that it is creeping into southern PA also. When you look at it in a photo, it does not look very destructive. Oh how deceiving!

    Thanks for your post!

  42. Thank you for the sweet words on my blog. Living in Alabama, I can also understand the cons of Kudzu. As a child, I remember staring at it through the car window trying to find animal forms. I've even seen kudzu jelly at some county fairs, but I've never tried it. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Hi Debbie,

    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I've got an email in the works. I want to share with you about the film you sent me. The photos are absolutely beautiful ... especially the Topsy Turvy plant (let me know how that grows, please) and the great hanger. I love the birds, too. Such a peaceful and serene place you have. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  44. Snakes? That alone makes kudzu evil! And it looks like it's strangling the trees - how sad. How sweet of you to leave food for the birds! Keep us posted on all the babies!

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  45. Loved your post. I had never heard of Catalpa trees or worms or of Kudza. (I'm from Calif) I learned a lot from your post. In regards to the topsy turvy planter. We have 4 of them & you are right, the plants still try & face upward. We have roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, grape tomatoes & jalapenos growing in ours. Nothing ripe enough to pick yet, but they are getting bigger. Loved the bird houses & birdies.

  46. Keep us posted on the bluebird eggs.
    Joyce M

  47. Hi Debbie!
    Just wanted to stop by and wow! I had forgotten how kudzu totally takes over EVERYTHING! I think my favorite pic is the last one of it growing on the light pole...looks like a golfer. Anyhow, also wanted to let you know that we are having a party over at my place next week and hosting a giveaway...head on over when you get a moment to find out how it all works. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  48. This is a fantstic outdoor wednesday post! I'm late catching up with outdoor wednesday this week but I'm glad I got here, the pictures are wonderful. I'm fascinated by that topsy-turvy thing, I've never heard of those before :)

  49. Hi Debbie,

    I did a random image search for kudzu and discovered your blog. The kudzu photos were great. I hate that stuff too and began drawing some Kudzu Monsters and thought you might enjoy. Check 'em out at www.theredstool.blogspot.com.

    thanks for the inspiration,
    Richie Gunn - Decatur, GA


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