Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Great American Town & Outdoor Wednesday


Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday & My Great American Town Tour

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July Holiday My Lil Rocky wanted to dress up and give y’all a lil tour of this lil town we call home.. Covington Georgia. 


Where is Covington Georgia you might be asking.. Well it’s about 40 miles east of Atlanta.  We’re surrounded by all kinda good places like, Six Flags, Stone Mountain, Malls of every size and sort and just about anything else you could ask for. Now even though we like having all that good stuff close by.. we don’t like it on our back porch so to speak. So if you’re a looking for a nice quite place.. Well ya found it.


This is our beautiful historical County Courthouse.. It may look familiar to some of you.. any guesses?


Can you tell yet where you’ve seen it before?


The above photos were taken earlier in the spring.. and the one below was taken last week. Now I’m sure by now you’ve guessed.. but for those of you that might not know… it’s the same court house that Bo & Luke Duke used to get chased around. That’s right folks.. it’s the Hazzard County Courthouse from none other than the Duke’s of Hazzard. Now you other folks that guessed the Sparta Courthouse from In The Heat of the Night .. Guess what.. You’re right too. It doubled as the courthouse for both tv shows as well as quite a few others.


   We still have all the ole shops on the square.. and they’re always a buzzing. Ashley waited forever to get the picture below.. we wanted you to be able to see the stores plus she was scared someone would scream at her taking a picture with them in it…Great job Ashley!


Here in Covington we’re known as the “Hollywood of the South”. As I mentioned earlier.. both In the Heat of the Night and The Dukes of Hazzard were filmed entirely here as well as quite a few movies. Not sure which movies are being filmed right now.. but Get Low with Lucas Black, Bill Murray, Sissy Specek and Robert Duvall just finished filming as well as H2 the new sequel to the Rob Zombie movie Halloween.  Below I’ve included a few of the movies you may have seen that were all filmed here in Covington.


We have beautiful historic homes throughout the City and County.. These below are just a few of my favorites.


 This lil street runs straight into the square and is lined with all of these beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees.


Even the businesses keep to the historical guidelines.. I love this Law Office below.


This is another of my favorites.. I haven’t a clue who lives here, but when I was little I told my little brother that it was Michael Jackson’s house and he believed me lol. He’s never been the brightest bulb in the pack hahaha.. don’t believe me? Take a look at him over there on the right sidebar … He’s the one dressed up like a lil girly girl in that homemade Superman outfit.. go ahead lookie. ------------------------------->



The old County Jail ..


Our new Courthouse still under construction.. with the backside of the old historical courthouse in the background.


Last week I shared this covered bridge and the view from the bridge on the right. It’s located on the county line and sadly I took the picture of the neighboring county’s side.



This is the Old Porterdale Mill.. back in the middle 1800’s this was a cotton & twine mill and recently it was remodeled into Loft apartments. This is the side view that over looks the river.. Ashley took this standing on the Yellow River Bridge. Up until the remodel this was the local swim hole.. now this particular area is reserved for tenants of the Loft Apartments. However…..


 just down the river a bit is open to anyone and everyone. My husband and his late friend Kerry spent many a day here Fishing and Swimming with the kids.. in fact this is where Kerry had always said he wanted his ashes spread when he died.. His wish was granted 7 months ago. This picture was also taken last week and was the first time I had been back there since that day.


We are home to The Bert Adams Scout Camp.. Thousands and Thousands of young men visit here week after week.


Isn’t this entrance beautiful.. I love just riding through and seeing all of the wildlife. It’s stress relief.


This is another historical spot.. The Depot. We recently held Ashley’s 16th birthday party here. It’s been turned into a buffet style restaurant with a bar filled with the best country cooking around… fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, cornbread.. ok ok I’ll stop! It’s some good ole food! One of the other great things is the track is still in use.. and as you’re eating you get to see and feel it as it rolls on by.



Here’s Ashley and one of her great friends Lindsey… The top 2 photos are from the August Rain music video shoot they both were a part of.. Someone hollered “Here comes a train” and freaked them out for a moment. The bottom photo and the far right photo are of the same track located a lil farther down.. known around here as the Alcovy Train Tressel.


  Well.. that’s it for my little hometown tour. I hope I didn’t bore ya too much.. we’re just simple folk around these parts.. and love nuttin better than soakin up and sharing the peace and quiet.


We.. Mommie and Me wanna wish all you kind folks a Happy Safe God Blessed 4th of July holiday this weekend..Eat tons of watermelon and don’t forget to have fun spitting out them seeds.

Peace Out…  Rocky & Debbie 


Make sure you head on over by clicking the buttons below and visit Melissa and Susan and all the others participating in these 2 great parties.  Thank You Susan & Melissa .. God Bless you both .. Have a great 4th holiday… This was soooo much fun!

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  1. What a fun post and beautiful town. I have never had the pleasure of visiting and since it is so close to Atlanta I need to make a drive out there one weekend for sure. Thanks for sharing and have a great 4th.

  2. What a beautiful town you live in! You make me want to move! LOL! (I thought the courthouse was from the movie "A Time to Kill" - guess I was wrong!) Thanks for sharing your town! Have a great 4th!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. What a beautiful town you have Debbie. The homes and shops are gorgeous, but that courthouse - be still my heart! Just beautiful. Thanks for the tour, I can see why you love it so much. Kathy

  4. What I Beautiful place you live in! I LOVE old homes they are so pretty. Back in the day each home seemed to have a personality of their own...each one unique. Thanks for taking time to share your town.

  5. Oh I want to visit your town so bad. It looks adorable. Thanks for the tour it was lovely.


  6. What a charming town you live in, my dear!
    I love the picture of the train trestle. I think I may need to run across the border and visit!
    Rocky is ready to celebrate the fourth.

  7. Debbie,
    What a beautiful town, I know you are proud of your home town and you should be.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  8. Beautiful town! Thanks for the tour.

  9. Oh what a coincidence, I did a post tour of Ball Ground, GA where I live. Of course my town is so tiny that if you blinked hard you may miss it lol. I have been to Covington and it is a very nice and pretty place to live. My hubby is doing some remodeling on some houses around there.
    Your pictures are great, I really loved the homes you showed us. I just love old homes in the old parts of town. They all just have such a charm about them. Thanks again for the tour,


  10. I really loved this post and your wonderful tour of your hometown. Your images are just fabulous.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holiday weekend.

  11. Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  12. And a happy 4th to you too! Loved your tour! What an all American town!

  13. Wow...never knew all those neat things about Covington. You are just a stone's throw away from me. :-) The courthouse is just beautiful...so sad that Marietta tore theirs down many years ago...what a dumb mistake. Wish I had lived here then, I would have fought that to the death. Thanks for sharing Covingtonn with us! Love the tour! susan

  14. Debbie,
    Oh my goodness... your town has so much charm and character! The old courthouse is beautiful... no wonder it is in so many TV shows and movies! I certainly would like to pay The Depot a visit. haha... You can fry just about anything and it would be fine by me. ;) And what gorgeous Southern homes you have in your town... They look like they are straight out of a movie as well! Thank you so much for joining in the town tour party... I'm so happy to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed taking pics for it. I definitely enjoyed looking at all the pictures that you guys took! :)

  15. Wow, what beautiful eye candy! I enjoyed spending time looking through your town. I came through Atlanta in March. It is a beautiful part of the country. TFS

    I am still laughing about the photo of your brother. Does he know you immortalized his look?

    If you love Christmas and the holidays, visit my holiday blog and sign up for the weekly Christmas in July giveaways. This week is a silly elf costume for the car. The deadline for the first signup is Wednesday, July 1 at midnight. Since I just got this blog up and going again, there may not be much competition for the first giveaway.

    Other week's items will be listed on the blog beginning July 2.
    Come visit.

  16. I love looking at old houses and structures. They have so much character :-)

    I enjoyed looking through you pictures and giving us the tour. Now I'm ready to go in those shops - yes every single one of them LoL (in my mind only though for I live way far away :-) )

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  17. O, I did enjoy this so much. You are so blessed to be living in such a beautiful and historic town.
    Those big, ole southern homes are just like out of a movie and, of course, that courthouse...o, my!!

  18. I love Covington GA!!! Your beautiful photos make me want to visit again soon. Beautiful...I love seeing the historic homes and the courthouse is amazing...
    Love your city!
    All Things Heart and Home

  19. I love small town America! Your town is beautiful!

  20. Debbie,

    That was lovely.

    It looks like the kind of town one would want to grow up in.

    Your dog is so cute all dressed up.

    Our chihuahua, Chloe, dresses up sometimes. She doesn't really like it though.
    Chelsea uses her Build-a-Bear clothes on Chloe.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  21. I know where Covington, GA is!! I was born in Decatur, but my family lived in Covington...in the Heat of the Night...I only lived in Covington long enough to get a deep southern accent. I spent most of my growing up years in NC.
    LOVE your town!!!
    ~angela @ peonypatch

  22. What a fun and interesting post and great photos! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for the awesome tour of your historic town. You are so lucky to be able to see all of these beautiful building and landscape everyday.
    Happy 4th to you!

  24. I loved the tour! Beautiful town...great shots. You take great pictures!
    Happy OW!!!

  25. You live in a beautiful place, and I've visited Stone Mountain. Loved it! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  26. My cousin and his family live in Covington, so I've had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful town. I think I'll make them take me to that restaurant on my next visit, you made it sound so good!

  27. amazing post, your town is beautiful and historic. your downtown shopping looks fun too.
    have a wonderful week, i am sure you will living in a town like that

  28. It looks and sounds like a great home town. Thank you for the tour! Have a great "OW" and 4th.

  29. What a beautiful area! I love the history, and the natural beauty ~ a perfect mix. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend! xo~m.

  30. Thank you for the tour of your lovely little town. I'd say you have the best of both worlds: quiet and peaceful but close to the action! Beautiful old courthouse, wonderful little main street, charming and awe inspiring homes, and lovely scenery! Lucky you!

  31. Happy Outdoor Wednesday
    and what an awesome town you live in....I have decided I want to live in one of those lofts that looks at the ole' swimming hole....that is almost like a little town where time stood still...the houses are very charming...your daughter is very beautiful and is a good photographer herself.
    It is funny/odd you posted this right at the time they are filming a movie at our down town court house.....they filmed in the beautiful town of Guthrie, Oklahoma and now here.....it had the whole town in an up roar...first the mail trucks could not get in and out...no one cares about a movie when they are being affected...Simon Baker on the Mentalist is one of the main characters...I didn't read the paper but it is a movie taken out of the 1950's...
    thank you for this wonderful get away...it was so very nice visiting your town
    Angel hugs

  32. Great pictures, I felt like I took a little vacation in your town!

  33. Thanks for the Covington tour. I loved the old buildings.
    Joyce M

  34. Beautiful town. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed so much. Great shots too.

  35. Seeing historic homes and landmark buildings is always a weakness for me. I could wander and gaze for hours when I visit a new place... Thanks so much for the tour of Covington.
    Rocky looks so festive! There would be NO way our dog would ever have let me do that to him. But then, he was a little dickens... hugs, Sue

  36. What a LOVELY town-thanks for sharing.

  37. What a fantastically beautiful town to live in! I love it. Those houses are gorgeous! LOVE the bridge! Love that your town was in the Dukes of Hazard! That is so seriously cool I can't stand it : )

  38. Great 4th of July pictures! :)

  39. Thank you for the "tour" of your city. My dad lived in Georgia for a year and always has told me how beautiful it is. My husband is a huge Braves fan so I'm sure we will be visiting in the future!

  40. What a beautiful town! I would love to visit someday.


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