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Today's Thrifty Treasures .. Yard Sale, Kirklands & Kroger Finds!


Every Monday Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality  hosts Today’s Thrifty Treasures.. What is Thrifty Treasures about? Well its where we thrifty folks get to go and share some of our treasured finds with everyone.  Rhoda has graciously shared many of her yard sale hunting tips & numerous treasured finds and now we’ve all got the bug. 



A couple of firsts for me:  This is my first Thrifty Treasures post .. And my first Yard Sale Venture.  On Friday night Jeff had asked what our plans were for Saturday.. When I told him I wanted to get up bright and early and hit some yard sales he nearly fell outta his chair. You?? Yard Sales? What? For Real?  Yep Me.. that’s right I’m gonna go hunt me down some bargins. I made my list.. which consisted of only one because only one person listed their sale in the paper, and it was way across on the other side of the county. Luckily on the way to that one we came across 6 others along the route I had chosen… and here are my treasures I found.


First find was this old antique dresser with the mirror missing.. When I asked the price I was told $60.00 which I knew I wasn’t going to spend.. so I moved on.  I did end up with it and a few other things.. but I’m saving the price I paid til the end! :)


Next I spotted this old painted window.. $1.00 Wow can’t beat that! I will leave it chippy white but I’m gonna repaint the picture on it.. maybe some nice geraniums.



I love the detailed wood.. I can’t wait to get started on making this pretty again.



All of the drawers are perfect .. no repairs will be needed. I LOVE the little key hole in the center of the top drawer. How do ya like that wild funky contact paper?


I’m pretty sure I’m going to paint it white and instead of putting a mirror back in it I’m going to do a chalkboard. I’ll be using it to store my silver flatware and my chargers.


This is the next piece I bought at the same yard sale.. asking price $30.00.. Which I didn’t pay! It’s an old Singer Sewing Machine stand. My grandmother had 3 of these that still had the sewing machines intact. 


The first thing to go on this will be the top!


Once I clean it up and repaint.. It’s going to be awesome!


As for the new top.. I’m going to replace it with this.. Granite! Which I will be getting for FREE .. because I have the best brother in the world who happens to work and live in the granite capitol of the world .. and he is top dog at the company.


Now.. What did I end up paying for these 3 new treasures…  $40.00 ! Yep 40 bucks. I was walking away with just the window.. and the guy said make me an offer for the sewing machine table..  I told him that was the first yard sale I had ever been to and I didn’t have a clue. After a few this and that he said for 40 bucks you can have all 3.. the dresser, the sewing machine table and the window. I said sold!



A few other deals I found: 

This basket of blue silk Hydrangeas marked down from Kroger.. Regular $24.99 got em for $6.25.


Set of 4  flower dishes .. also from Kroger. Regular $6.99 EACH..  But I  paid $3.49 for the set.!!


I love them.. Won’t they be pretty in a tablescape!


These next deals I got from one of my favorite stores.. Kirklands. Memorial Day weekend Kirklands was having a 50% off their green tag clearance items.


So I paid 1/2 of the green tag price.  So I got the $39.00 tiered server stand *missing the red serving plates* for $3.00 and the $12.00 battery operated flameless candle * which does work* for $4.00.


The 3 pc Red Glass Canister set was $29.00 and marked down to $19.99 so I got them for $10.00!  I have wanted these for quite some time. The one shown below is the medium sized one.


Here’s a shot of the Scented Flameless Candle… and Yes it does smell wonderful!


That’s all folks.. So grand total for this showcase: $ 66.75 !!  Not to shabby!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share in my Thrifty Treasures.. Make sure you head back over to Rhoda’s and see what everyone else has found to share.

Have a Blessed Week!




  1. Oh, Debbie you ended up with some TREASURES this weekend!! Wahoo!!! I love the canisters and the dresser the best...oh, and the sewing machine...I have one very similar too...and the granite will be great on it!
    show us that when you get it done, ok????


  2. Shoot! You did good! I would LOVE to find one of those old sewing tables and that dresser is fabulous! :-)

  3. You really did fabulously. I love the dresser. It is definitely a keeper and such wonderful storage. You sewing machine base will be beautiful with the granite top. Love the flowers and plates and your Kirkland's treasures are all great finds. Seems like you had a great week . Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh Girl you really scored for your first time around. Yikes! I'm impressed with your treasures and the prices you paid!! Today is my first Thrifty Treasures day too :0)

  5. You really scored! Love that dresser and the sewing machine table - WOW!

  6. Wow! You did get some great deals I have one of the sewing machine bases made into a table. I also have a whole machine - but on lone to my daughter now. :) Granite will look great on it. I looked at those canisters back a while ago, but decided I would have to change to many things out in my kitchen for the red to work. They are so pretty.
    You did good.

  7. Wow! You really got some treasures there!
    I MISS yard-sales so much...and wish that Aussies were bigger on having them!

  8. Not too shabby for your first garage sale outing! I love when tables are made from the old sewing machines--so much character. I can tell that the dresser is going to look awesome, and I would've bought that window too!

  9. Wow, got some amazing deals! I love the dresser...I can just see it filled with chargers and flatware. I can't wait to see the chalkboard you put in the top and where you use it in your home! Great post! Susan

  10. Wow! You made out like a bandit! I love the old dresser and the sewing machine table! Those flower plates are too cute...they will be absolutely delightful in a tablescape! :)

  11. Fabulous dresser! And the items you got at Kroger were really pretty! Love the plates! :) ~Rhonda

  12. Hey Debbie !
    You made out like a bandit ! I usually don't garage sale either but, with all the postings I find myself doing it too !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. I would kill for that dresser !

  13. Unreal! :) You win - hands down!! I would have paid $40 for the dresser alone! I cannot wait to see how you transform it! GREAT job!

    ~Karla @ It's The Little Things...

  14. Debbie - Love that dresser! I have a sister in Michigan who always finds great furniture like this. But with my recent initiation into yard sales and thrift shops, who knows - something like this might be in my future! Great finds!
    MN Patti

  15. Love all of your great finds. Especially the red rooster canister set. Kirklands has neat things. Do you know if they had anymore of the canister sets? Would love to have one? Please email me and let me know?

  16. Debbie - Great find on that dresser! My sister in Michigan always seems to find great deals on furniture like this! But, who knows, with my recent initiation into yard sales and thrift store shopping, something like this might be in my future! Great finds! Patti

  17. ~Great deals Debbie!

    You know me and my Kirklands obsession...LOL! Love your pretty red rooster canisters.

    Granite? Lucky you! :)

  18. Debbie you are an unbelievable shopper!! What a LOT of treasure. But out of everything you got, I'm seriously coveting those red canisters. EXQUISITE!!! :)

  19. WOW and this was your first time out? You did fantastic!! I love the dresser, plates and the rooster canisters (oh they would look so great in my kitchen :)

  20. You did extremely well for your first day of garage sale-ing. Congrats. Love the dresser! Happy Thrifty Monday.

  21. You make me want to go shopping! I love the idea of the chalkboard in the dresser and I have the sewing machine bottom. Got it out of the garbage years ago! But I would love a granite top for it! Great idea...but no brother in the business! Have a fun week working on your purchases!

  22. Good golly Debbie! I want to shop with YOU! What a bargain hunter....not only inexpensive things, but WONDERFUL..

    I used to have a Singer sewing base exactly like that. It had a large top on it and was our kitchen table when my daughter was growing up. She was always in trouble for messing with the treadle while we were eating dinner... :-) I don't know why she did it, but one day I saw that she had carved a "friends" name into the top of the table. Now, my girl was really good, but my goodness she got in trouble with that table.


  23. Hi Debbie,

    Lots of Fabulous Finds. The dresser, window & vintage sewing machine table was a great price! I love the idea of putting a chalkboard instead of mirror in the dresser!

    Thanks for sharing all your great finds!


  24. Debbie, Are you hooked on garage sale-ing now?! It is fun. You got some good buys on your other items, as well. Let us see your finished product when you're done fixing them up! :-) Sue

  25. Debbie:

    I have actually found some time this morning and thought I would visit a few of my favorite blogs.

    I have been so busy but I really miss keeping up with everyone's posts. I think of it as having a neighborhood of good friends.

    You did really well for your first outing. I love your treasures and can't wait to see what you end up with when you get them all fluffed up.

    Have a Wonderful Week!
    The Raggedy Girl

  26. Debbie, OK girl, your first time yardsaling & you came home with ALL of that for $60+. You did fantastic! Need I say how great that dresser & mirror frame are?! I think it will be gorgeous painted white. Love all your finds. Do you have the bug now? I had to laugh at your description of telling your hubby what you wanted to do.

  27. WOW...all of your treasures are TRUE treasures!!
    You did great! I love that old dresser so much.
    I bought a fabulous chest at a garage sale and will post about it later. I love the idea of granite on your machine base. I want another one to use as an island in my kitchen. AIN'T IT FUN!!

  28. Oh girl I love the dresser. Great idea about the chalkboard paint. It'll look great! Can't wait to see it.

  29. Wow, you did great for a first timer!!! I loved the dresser, how cute. That set of red cannisters is wonderful...I love your idea for the granite top on an old sewing machine frame. I have a frame in my back yard and my daughter has some pieces of granite she got somewhere. Guess I'll see if she has one that will fit the frame. Keep saleing...the more you go the more you will love it!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back sometime.

  30. Girl, you were on a ROLL! You got some awesome deals and I LOVE the dresser and the window! Can't wait to see them finished! AND I love the canisters!

    Lou Cinda :)

  31. Fantastic bargains! You really hit the jackpot! Linda

  32. Unbelievably wonderful finds for your first time out! Not only did you score big on treasures, you were able to pay less than the asking price. That's always a very nice bonus. Way to go! Uhhh, so what are you doing this Saturday, as if I didn't already know! ;)

  33. So I'm hoping we'll be seeing more yard sale finds each week? ;)

    Great finds, wowza!

  34. I like that sewing machine top:)

  35. Hi Debbie! Wow, I want to go shopping with you! What great deals! I love the old dresser and can't wait to see what you do with it. I have my grandmother's old Singer peddle sewing machine like your base! The idea of the granite sounds awesome! You're going to be quite the busy one!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. Oh my goodness, girl, you scored!! I am in love with that dresser...

  37. Wow, you did great! That dresser is awesome! I love the canister set and what a deal!

  38. Fabulous deals! I also like to shop the Kroger clearance - especially at the end of the season! The dresser is marvelous! It has such a great shape it'll look so pretty painted!


  39. You were on a roll! I adore those canisters. I had been watching them but didn't go Memorial Day weekend because we were out of town. Darn the luck. Oh well, I'm glad you got them. I can't wait to see that dresser when you have done your magic.

    Thanks for sharing.



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