Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Giveaway and a Beautiful Miracle..


First the Giveaway:

Barbara the Purple Goat Lady is having a giveaway..  You still have plenty of time to get entered.. deadline is June 27th..  So click on the button below and get entered.


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Now for that Beautiful Miracle Story:

My Best Friend Suzanne recently became a new Grandma. Her daughter Jen gave birth to a little miracle on May 31st. Little Miss Presley was born 12 weeks early and weighed in at 3lbs 3ozs.  Little Presley has been a miracle since the moment she made her emergency entrance into this world.


Jen had struggled with preeclampsia throughout her pregnancy and when she went in for her 28-week check up her potassium and calcium levels were down while her blood pressure was soaring around 200/120.  Jen had to deliver her first baby by emergency c-section.


Presley slept swaddled in an incubator with a CPAP *Continuous Positive Airway Pressure* to remind her to breathe. Doctors said she would likely have to stay in the NICU for roughly two months. Presley’s feeding volumes  increased each day she was  at the hospital and only her progress in meeting certain criteria would see her home earlier.

Here is Presley.. being compared to a 20 oz Coke Bottle! Amazing huh?


After only 21 days in the hospital.. and weighing in at a Tiny But Mighty 3lbs 9ozs Lil Miss Presley got to go home on Father’s Day! A Precious Little Miracle… To God all the Glory!


Welcome Home Princess Presley.. Welcome Home!



  2. Oh, how sweet! My prayers are with little Presley and her family!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. This truly is a miracle of God. May He continue to bless this precious little baby and her family.
    Thanks for the scoop about the giveaway Debbie - I will go check it out right now!

  4. Precious little Presley is wonderful. The Lord is soooooo good. What a miracle and what a strong little girl. She's going to be dynamite. The Lord has big plans for her. Hugs, Marty

  5. I posted one comment and I don't know where it went. Oh well, I just have to say congratulations to precious sweet Presley. She is dynamite and I know the Lord has very special plans for her. Such a blessing. Hugs, Marty

  6. Thanks for posting on my "new blog" and for your sweet comments about Jayce. OH MY....what a precious little girl!!! What a blessing that she was able to go home on Father's Day! She is sooo cute!

  7. Beautiful story -- beautiful baby! May God continue to bless and heal this beautiful little girl! Keeping her in my prayers!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Oh, my, how sweet is that baby?! My DIL developed pre-eclampsia with our twin granddaughters and they had to be delivered 6 weeks early - weighing just at 4 lb. each. It's hard to believe they are such sturdy looking little 3 1/2 year olds now. Maybe that will encourage your friend. (Oh, by the way, they were born Dec. 6, and were in the NICU through Christmas into January)

  9. Wow, that gave me chills. So beautiful. God bless this special little girl and her family.


  10. God Bless this beautiful little baby....happy to hear she is doing's funny my name is Suzanne and my grandbaby's birthday is May 30th....she just turned 2 and aren't little girls a joy!!

  11. Dear Debbie,
    GOD IN HIS MERCY is so very good.....We received some news about Amy yesterday that just sent us free falling from our mountain top but it is greener in the pasture by still waters.
    The message you left on my blog I will carry with me through Amy's tests and upcoming surgery. I thought we were through all this but she has to have the test where they go into the groin and will try to put a balloon in her carotid artery. We thought there would be no surgery....the mass was gone....Dr. Dexeus said they must get the lymph node out if she is to survive because the cancer will keep coming is the surgery that is so risky but the cross is shadowing all the worries and fears...we never know what might be going to happen in someone's life when we are led to leave a message the holy spirit has whispered to us.
    thank you sweet lady and it was so wonderful to see Princess Presley..she has a lot of strength already.
    hugs and love

  12. That is amazing! Prasie God! What a beautiful little baby! So glad that all is well! Thanks sincerely for dropping by my blog! I so appreicate it and enjoy new friends!


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