Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Because ... I love him so

I have had more comments about
this one picture posted on my
sidebar than any other on my blog.
So today I thought I'd share it and
a few others.

This is my baby brother.. Tommy.
And those green tights.. well those are mine.
Yep he's a lil sissy boy alright hehehe.
When he turns 40 in a few years
I'll be using the above picture
for his Lordy Lordy
birthday wishes in his hometown's newspaper.
Don't feel pity for him.. Because if you
only knew what he has in store for me you'd
say I was way to easy on him.
I know which one
he's gonna be using for mine.
Which will not be appearing here for comparison..
it's so bad.

Now you might be thinking that with
that S on his shirt that Tommy was
a huge Superman fan huh..
Well wrong!
That big ole "S" is for
Yep that's right..
*pointing out that cotton top fro*

Now my hair that's a different story.
Mine was a perm and perms were
cool back in the early 80's.
Yes I was seriously styling
as I lay there letting him
think he had the best of me.

Blue eyed tow head cutie
working that school picture.

Tacky Day at School..

That's me on the right in the white shirt.
I came up with that look all by myself.
*So Proud*
I was kicking it in those shredded jeans lol.
Now Tommy .. he looked like a
kid straight outta the tv show
Lil Rascals... only thing missin
was the lil propeller on top of his hat.

There's lil sissy boy again..
running away from the
big ole skeery monkey.
Not me honey..
I was working on my
Jessica Lange pose.
Admit it .. you thought it was
Jessica Lange didn't ya?

If I had been wearing a shell
necklace I coulda lied and
fooled you all.
Don't forget to take a gander at
them legs.

Now before you scroll down to the next
picture I want you to scroll back up
and look at those legs again.
What I'd give to still
have em lookin like that.

Every other weekend we'd go
down to Florida to go
deep sea fishing.
My Dad had a huge boat,
and on this trip my grandmothers
came along.

Sissy Boy on the left makin
his funny face look.
Granny .. My Dad's Mom in the middle.
Me with my hair blowing in the sea breeze.
Mom.. everyone called her Mom,
Which was my Mother's Mom.
And last..
My Amazingly young
stunningly beautiful Mother.
Too young looking to have kids our
age right..
Technically she was ..
My Mother would have only been
15 when I was born ..

Tommy and I were both adopted.
We are blood brother and sister...
My parents took one look at us
and didn't want to break up the set lol.

My Grandmother "Mom" Mackie
with me and Tommy.
We miss her so much.

That's my fish...
I just let him hold it.

It made him feel good
to let folks think he caught it..
Just look at him..
puffed up all proud like
a banny rooster.
How could I deny him
of that joy.
I love you
Big Boy!

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Have A Blessed Day,



  1. Debbie:
    I raised two boys and a girl and I know my daughter would be shaking her head in agreement with your post today. Lovely memories.

    From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. Your mom is a gorgeous lady. It was fun to see all your outfits! You are making me want to dig out my old pics, the scary ones and all. :)

  3. This was so funny. I laughed and laughed. I tease my baby brother all the time, too. He's 52 and I love him, but I love teasing him.

  4. What a fun roast to a beloved brother. It's obvious how close you two are. What a blessings and what a coupla CUTIES!!!!

  5. Love that blonde hair. All three of my boys had white blonde hair.

  6. This is such a cute post! I'm betting your brother reads your blog and you are getting him back, big time! LOL! You go girl!!


  7. Love these pictures LOL. Makes me wish I had siblings like that to tease. Such cute memories.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Fun post and great memories!

  9. Hi Debbie,
    This is so sweet, I so enjoyed reading this post, but girl you are so in for it if your brother is anything like mine. LOL What a wonderful family you have!! Blessings,

  10. Oh my! I have laughed and laughed!! I really dig those groovy tights your brother wore! :)What good memories...this was such a fun post to read. Thank you for sharing! :)


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!