Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday … Game Camera

I hope Y’all don’t mind.. But the photos I’m sharing today I had to borrow from Google. I haven’t felt that great this past week so I kinda lazed around inside just chilling and relaxing. Last week I posted about the little bird nest tucked away in my husbands Game Camera box.. I didn’t explain much about the camera but I did show you a few pictures of things happening in the woods caught by it that we normally aren’t around to see.. All this stuff is of the norm to me.. My Husband lives, breathes, and dreams wildlife so I see and hear all kinds of stuff like this. So it was a shock to read that you all were interested in the camera and the cool photos it captures. So for those of you that showed so much interest in this Game Camera .. This post is for you.

This was one of the photos I had included in the college with some of my husbands photos. It was so small that many of you were asking what on earth was that.. Well here it is.. It’s a raccoon on the back of a wild boar hog.


Now this wasn’t one taken with his camera.. a buddy of his had emailed him this one.

Here are a few other photos from other folks who have them.

A Black faced Squirrel … and a field of turkeys.

 Small_SNY10209050614414000 Small_SNY10406040317054600

A nice size Buck.. still sporting his velvet & 2 Albino fawns. Aren’t they beautiful.

2008_GC_Homesiteg albino5


A Bobcat and a family of black bears…

 Cat%203 CDY_0007

Another Nice Big Buck





A Cougar about to get a late night snack…


Wild Hog and some babies…


A vision of what my husband dreams about each night… 2 for the price of 1…


A Bat in mid flight over a group of Doe.


Wild Turkeys…


Doe and her sweet lil fawn…


A field full of Turkeys…


Run for your life.. it’s BIG FOOT again!


If you’re interested in picking up one of these nifty lil toys.. You can find them at most places that sell hunting goods or supplies. Bass Pro Shops stocks a multitude of brands and even Wal-Mart carries them. Just make sure you get the ones that are digital.. not the 35 mm. And just like your regular photo taking cameras.. the higher the megapixel the better the image. Prices range from $99.00 and up.. depending on its features.


Now for those of you that would like to watch wildlife in real time… here’s a site that has 6 live cameras going 24-7. You can watch live as the deer an other critters feed and roam the different fields in Georgia. The site is called Watch The Deer .. click here to visit.


Thank you for joining me for this unusual Outdoor Wednesday … Make sure you head over to Susan’s blog A Southern Daydreamer and see what she and everyone else has going on today.

Happy Wednesday… Hugs, Debbie


  1. I want one of those!!!! Although I am not sure where I would put it in downtown Savannah and since my husband is not a hunter....I guess it really is not sensible. I LOVE all these pictures of wildlife. Those albino fawns are incredible! I will be checking out the live cam. I use one in my classroom that is Africa but it only has live feeds part of the time. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE seeing pictures like that! Nature at it's best! Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Debbie,
    I'm from Atlanta, too and I can tell you my husband goes crazy for this wildlife stuff! He already told me bow season opens in two months!

  4. Those are some great photos. I love that picture of the cougar just about to get that deer!

    Big Foot pictures were unexpected and funny!

  5. Incredible pictures! I wouldn't wanna take them though...Christine

  6. Debbie, oh this is so, so, so cool! I still cannot get over that raccoon riding on the back of that wild hog! What on earth??? I've never seen anything like that. It's like they are at a wild, drunken party. LOL! What are they eating... or drinking??? ;-)

    Girl, this is the neatest, and I loved all of the pics. I wonder what I could see in my yard at night. I live in town, but still. I can't wait to go see the other stuff. Thanks for the link. This is just major fun!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Wow, this is fascinating...thanks for sharing!

  8. Debbie,
    I hope you are feeling better.

    My brother has to use one of these cameras to keep troublemakers off of his property.

    I wonder what else he sees from his camera.

    Your sense of humor came through loud and clear. Loved it.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  9. Hi Debbie! Now you know I had to come back for another look at the coon on a hog! lol And I love all of the others...especially the little albino fawns! Thanks for sharing! I'm emailing the deer cams to a friend whose husband hunts. Have a great Wednesday!...Debbie

  10. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It is amazing what goes on out there in the wilderness when we are safe in our homes. The white deer are so pretty.

  11. I love seeing wildlife photos as all I can hope for around here are birds and squirrels!

    Big Foot scared me ...lol ...I think I saw him riding the subway last week.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday ..it's my first one!


  12. Hi Debbie!
    Oh my gosh!
    I love watching the wildlife. What a wonderful tool to have to see what happens when the sun goes down. You get photos that otherwise you would never see. Thanks for sharing. Country Hugs, Sherry

  13. Hi Debbie,
    Fascinating pictures! Thank you for posting them. And thanks for stopping by to check out my farmers' market post. Hope our paths cross again very soon.

    Happy Wednesday!


  14. Hi Debbie, so that's what goes on while we are sleeping. Very interesting and amusing. Thanks for "hunting" down those photos. ;)


  15. Really fun pics! Your hubby could find his dream buck at my place! lol. Last time I set out corn, we had a bear. We do set it out in the winter for them. Cindy

  16. What great photos! Thanks for sharing and for letting us know how we can get one!

  17. I've always loved looking at this kind of pictures. Thanks for sharing...

  18. Hi Debbie, your pictures are great! Wow....wow! I love the one with the turkeys.....awesome.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  19. Thanks for the pictures. I will definitely show them to Honey Bear. He loves reading about Big Foot. This one seems to have on socks or athletic shoes. And I am going to make a note of the site you mentioned.
    I imagine life will be hard for the albino deer since they aren't camoflaged very well. It would be nice if someone could rescue them before they are killed.
    Mama Bear

  20. What a great way to see what happens in the world of animals at night.
    Fabuous pics.
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Amazing, awesome! just beautiful!!!

    thanks for sharing!!!


  22. Debbie, Thanks for your wonderful photos and great post. The images of the albino does and Big Foot were really memorable.

  23. Hi these are fantastic.
    Great post.

  24. What incredible photos! Thanks for sharing such an interesting post w/ us....Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  25. so many cool wildlife pictures

  26. Those were fun!! Thanks for the link to the wildlife cameras. ~~Rhonda

  27. These pictures are so interesting! I love those little albino fawns. We could set one of those up in our area but all we would see is which inconsiderate parent blocks our driveway while they pick their child up at the school across the street. Hmmm....places that sell hunting supplies?

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  28. I just bought this game camera from Sportsman's Guide top selling products as a Christmas gift for myself haha. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy stuff I can find!


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