Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Thank You Veterans
"Title Unknown"
Please let me hear the quiet I hope you understand
Silence is truly golden
Like the touch of a lovers hand

So many days and nights I cried
"Will I ever again, share the silent moonlight?"
"Am I still her man?"

Please let me finish my dream
I had many sleepless nights
The bombs were falling way too near
Yes, some dreams are filled with fright

But if I awaken way too soon
Perhaps I never will know
If I am meant to have wonderful dreams
Or only the ones war has sown

You see at 7 I dreamed I would grow into a soldier
Tall and strong
With a rifle on my shoulder

At 17 I dreamed I would be a hero
Fight for country and honor
For you to all be free

18 brought another dream
To come home alive and well
And relay the stories to families
Their children can now never tell

Now I pray for the chance to dream
Not lay awake with sweat and fear
Just take me away to a blissful place
Where the only noise maybe a cheer

For those of us who made it
And those that lost their life
You can help make a dream come true
Keep our memory alive.
*Author Unknown

A Tribute in Honor of:
My Father, My Husband, and both my Grandfathers
all went to war because they believed that what
they were doing was important to both
their Country and their families...
My Grandfathers both served in WWI,
my Father in WWII and my Husband in Operation JustCause.
All went into war, with their hearts fighting for freedom,
and fighting to protect the rights of those left at home.
I understand that these soldiers, these four men
who were so important in my life,
and so many others fought for many
freedoms that I and my family enjoy now.
I applaud them for what they gave of themselves to do that...
Although my Father, Grandfathers and Husband
all returned home safely ... many of their friends did not.
It is in their memory and for all those
men and women who have served in ALL
the wars that I say THANK YOU
for keeping our country free ...
My appreciation and heartfelt gratitude
goes out to Them an all Veterans of this Country
and to those who dare to stand up
and be proud of their beliefs and their dreams,
and those brave enough to fight for others.
My Father and both of my Grandfathers
have all passed away in recent years.
My daughter and I will honor each of them
all on Veterans Day an each day after.
As always I will cherish all of their tales
and stories and hold dear each memory they left behind ...
Daddy, Granddaddy and PawPa ...
I miss you all the time and love you all immensely.
"Sweat Pea" Debbie

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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!

Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!