Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute ... Mom

Two Tuesday Posts...

What is Tuesday's Tribute?
As described by

We'll tell you what it is NOT...
It's Not About YOU.
It's about SOMEONE ELSE.
It's our chance, each of us, to shine our light on someone else.
We each spend a lot of time talking about ourselves
and our lives, but we are also fairly GIVING people too...
Tuesday's Tribute is a chance to talk about
OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives.

My Tribute today is to my Mom.

The once Savannah Beauty Queen
at the age of 20 found out she
was missing a baby making gene.
So she sat out on a quest that would
one day make her Mom to over
20 children starting with me as her first.
Looking like an Angel with hair of gold
she rescued me when I was just six years old.
I was born unto another
but she is the one that
was destined to be my Mother.

Over the years the number of kids dwindled down to
the lasting 3
Landon, Kristi and lucky ole Me.
Success in all she's done:
Love an Shelter for those in need..
Entrepreneur to 5 successful businesses..
Saved 7 babies from abortion
by finding childless couples for their adoption..
Featured Doll Artist on QVC..
Jeweler & Designer..
Last but not least..
Meme to 5 grandchildren.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!