Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show and Tell Friday Candy Bouquet

Show and Tell Friday...
Kelli @ There is no place like home
is hosting
Show & Tell Friday
Make sure you stop by and check
out what everyone is showing today.
Thanks Kelli for hosting sucha fun event.

Since Valentine's Day
is Saturday
I decided to take time off
from working on
the house today..
and make some
treats for my daughter
and some of
her friends.

Normally I bake my own goodies...
but this year
my kitchen is a wreck with our
remodel project going on
so I headed out to
Target for a lil help.
I picked up a few different
kinds of candy
and a few things
from the dollar section.

I got this idea last week
from my local grocery store.
I saw these cute little
Candy Bouquets they
had for sale.. not cheap at all.
The prices ranged from
15-20 dollars ea and
had very little candy in them.

Last month I did a major clean
out of glassware from
my cupboards and had actually
boxed up these vases to
send to our local Goodwill store.
I dug out a couple of the smaller ones
from the box and
grabbed a bag of skewers that
I already had and began my lil project.

I hot glued different pieces of candy to
the wooden skewers.
I bought the assorted bags of candy
and spent a lil
less than $11.oo for all the candy.

Found these lil note pads and pens
in the dollar section at Target.

Some of Ashley's friends will get this lil set in a small gift bag.
For her closest BFF's I glued
them to some skewers and added them to the candy bouquets.

The Small bouquet..
I have 3 more of these to make.

Larger Bouquet for her Favorite Teacher.

All finished and ready
to take to school.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Thank You for stopping by for my
Show & Tell.


  1. Those are really cute did a great job! I hope you have a great Valentine's day also!!!!

  2. So darling, Deb!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. How wonderful that these are all homemade and given from the heart. Your daughter should so appreciate what you've done for her.

    My SnT is the 2nd of 3 installments of troll doll collection. Hope you can stop by. Have a glorious, wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

  4. Wonderful idea Debbie! I love it! You recycled and used creativity. Great job!

  5. What a great bouquet!! Very fun (& yummy!)! Don't you love the $ section of Target?!

  6. I'm impressed. They are gorgeous and you are a creative money-saver! Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday!

  7. Hi, Debbie, thanks for stopping by. You're off to a great start with painting your clock black! It looks fantastic. It's just amazing how things can change with some black paint!

  8. These are adorable and what a great idea! I did something similar to this with a pair of porcelain baby shoes that had been brought to the hospital when my daughter was born 34 years ago..they had been her dads and brought to the hospital to his mother when he came into the world. I then saved them for 30+ years and took them to her in the hospital when she had her first born. I filled it with little tootsie rolls and sticks and it turned out cute. Who says we have to pay tons of $ for something in a shop when we're creative enough to mirror it ourself with what we already have! ;) I love it! ~CC Catherine (PS>>>She's saving the porcelain booty shoes to take to the hospital when her first grandchild is born too.)

  9. These are so cute- and what a great way to save money!

    You did a great job on these and thanks for showing us how to do it:)

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Linda C

    Happy Heart Day, Candy

  11. What an adorable and affordable idea! Really cute! I wish I'd thought of this when my girls were younger.

    Great post, great creativity!

  12. That is a cool idea. They turned out great. I'll have to remember that for next year.

    Have a great Valentine's Day :-)

  13. What a fun and yummy idea for Valentine's Day! I love it!

  14. Hey there I didn't know that you were so talented. I love these. they are so adorable.
    Katie C.

  15. Hi! Thanks for posting this link on my blog! These bouquets are fantastic!! Very cute.


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