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Show and Tell Friday .. Homer Laughlin Serving Bowl

Show and Tell Friday...
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is hosting
Show & Tell Friday
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out what everyone is showing today.
Thanks Kelli for hosting sucha fun event.

Grandmothers Serving Bowl..
This is my one and only vintage pieces
of china. It belonged to my
Grandmother Maude and was
given to me 17 years ago just
before Jeff and I married.

The flowers are a bit faded...but still beautiful.

There's 1 small nick under the rim .. not
visible from top view.

Homer Laughlin
Made in U.S.A.
J 50 N 8
Stamped on the bottom of bowl.
After a lil research I found out the the 50
meant the year it was made and the
N 8 was code for where it was made.

After searching hundreds and hundreds of pictures today
of Homer Laughlin pieces I found
1 piece which was a Vegetable Bowl.
It was the same size.. 9" in diameter
and had the same floral pattern with the amber
ring around the rim.. but the rim design differed a bit
and it was called
Eggshell Nautilus Dresden Pattern.

I finally gave up..
Nautilus.. Dresden.. Homer Laughlin
it was all greek to me..
The important thing.. it was Grandma's
and it is priceless to me.

Honestly.. I really don't recall
ever looking at the stamp on the bottom of
the dish until today lol.
I know that every time I see it
I remember my Grandma's
Sunday dinner table.
This beautiful bowl filled with the best
mashed potatoes or best green beans you
ever put in your mouth.
If only I could do it the same justice.
Thank you for stopping by to visit my
lil personal show and tell.

Don't forget to stop by Kelli's to check
out what everyone else is showing today.


  1. Beautiful old bowl,I love old dishes.

  2. I love your Grandmother's bowl! Its so lovely! So special, I wish I had one of my grandmother dishes! But I will have a lot to give to my grandchildren! My daughter has got books, and coming to my home to see what each is worth to put her name on, I told her I maybe live another 50 years! lol

  3. The dish is beautiful and holds good memories of your grandmother.

  4. Very pretty bowl,I love old dishes.

  5. The bowl is beautiful. It's lovely that you have precious memories that go with it!

  6. pretty bowl.. and even prettier when it comes from your grandmother.. very sentimental & precious.. I love old dishes too!..

  7. Beautiful Dish. I love roses. I've been thinking about decorating one of my guest bedrooms with a lot of white and accents of pink roses.

  8. Gorgeous....fade flowers or not, it has so much character!!!!

    My show n tell this week is the final showing of my troll doll collection, from the tiniest to the 'oldest' couple. Do stop by if you can....and, have a great weekend.

  9. It's a very pretty bowl, and I love the memories of what tasty foods your grandmother served in that bowl!

    My first thought when I saw the pic was "Homer Laughlin"--it has it's own unique look☺

    Have a good weekend!

  10. Hi Debbie! I love the bowl that gently reminds you of your Grandma. I too have a post today (and often) about my beloved Grandma. Today mine is about rubber bands and boxes that she would take me on a tour with! You'll enjoy it! Be blessed, as we are a legacy that lives on to keep the aroma sweet of our precious grandmas...we'll just pay it forward to our grandchildren. ;) ~CC Catherine

  11. I'm the same way with research... it's all greek to me... the main thing is that it is from someone I love ;o). I really like your dish ;o).


  12. What a sweet bowl. I love it. Homer L. made so many patterns but somewhere....there are dishes that match your bowl. Of course, they won't have the same love as your bowl. Grandma's always cooked the best didn't they?


  13. It's beautiful! I love the delicate roses.

  14. Debbie
    It is really beautiful. If it is handmade it may look different than the photo but still be part of the set. My Apple dishes are each a little different. Great share, I would treasure it.

    Roberta Anne

  15. As a grandma, I hope that my dishes will be treasured by my granddaughters. (I have five and two grandsons!) Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

  16. This is a beautiful bowl. I love vintage dishes!

    It is so special that you have loving memories of sitting at your grandmother's table and being served her wonderful cooking from this very bowl.

    That's a treasure:)

    Linda C

  17. Looks beautiful. I have 2 bowls from my grandmother and they mean quite a bit to me as well!!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. That is a beautiful bowl! My grandmother also had a similar serving bowl. I think my mother has it now.

  19. Beautiful bowl full of wonderful memories! Jean

  20. That is such a pretty bowl...and having inherited some of my grandmother's things, I know it means a lot to you...


  21. That is such a beautiful bowl!

  22. What a wonderful bowl. I love old dishes. What stories they could tell, if only.


  23. It is such a pain and hard to get the hang of, but I was able to find some great Homer Laughlin for my sisters & me in a pattern that my great grandmother had, on Ebay. Replacement Ltd is another good place to look...Eggshell N. is the style & Dresden is the pattern...there are a gajillion patterns but since you already know that, you have won half the battle!!!

    Happy's so worth it for the memories!

    M ^..^


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