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Tablescape Thursday .. Christmas Tea II

Yippee it’s Tablescape Thursday time .. Don’t y’all just love this weekly blog event .. I know I do .. I just love seeing all the different styles out there and getting so many ideas for my own table. Many many thanks to Susan and all those that make this event so fun and entertaining each week.


As promised I’m sharing the last 2 tables from our Church Christmas Tea last month .. My favorite pick of all the tables and my table.

First up .. My Favorite Table .. Sister Betty’s Table!! This is what my table wants to be when it grows up next year lol .. Sister Betty had her Handy Dandy Husband Bro James come in the night before the Tea and hang this awesome chandelier that she had picked up at a local thrift store and morphed into this awesome piece of beauty. These first couple of photos were taken the night of set up .. so over look the crooked candles and the bags of trash in the background.


Love Love Love the Pink with the Gold…


Sister Betty made all of the napkins rings.. The pink & gold jewels were Christmas ornaments that she picked up last year.


Crystal glazed gold Angels with small gift box of chocolates was her gift to her guests.


All of the dangling jewels were also added by Sister Betty .. The Centerpiece Candelabra was also a thrift store find that she redid.. love it resting on the gold mirror. When I was visiting her the other day she was already changing that mirror .. adding lil knobs to the bottom to give it height .. She’s so talented. Next trip to her house I promise I will have my camera!!


Lol I grabbed a chair for this next shot .. that poor chair! On the bottom left of the photo below you’ll notice those clear plastic plates I told y’all about last week.


The night of the Tea .. There’s Sister Betty lighting all those candles.

100_8657   100_8578  

Love the Pink Stemware..

  100_8583 100_8584

Mercury Glass jars with the Gold Angels  sitting on top .. love this! There’s Sister Betty again getting things perfect.

100_8585   100_8651  

Now … My Little Table.. Winter Wonderland..


I hung clear and silver snowflakes above the table.. They sparkled in the candle light. My China is what y’all have seen me use before .. I refer to it as my “Connie China” is really Somerset.

100_8604 100_8607

These are the candelabras that I showed y’all on Met Monday’s post..


Mercury Glass Vase used in centerpiece is from Target that I picked up after Christmas last year.. I think I’ll add some knobs for legs to that mirror it’s sitting on too.


Placemats.. Napkins and Silver Chargers are Martha Stewart Collection from K-mart that I picked up last year after Christmas. The Napkin Rings are actually Christmas ornaments that I picked up from Hobby Lobby.


Below .. My gift to my guests .. A Mercury vase candle holder with Silver & Crystal Sun Catcher Cross. You can’t really see them that well .. but I finally got to use my Disciple glasses that I bought from Goodwill last summer!

100_8608 100_8710

I didn’t get a photo of them .. but I tried to dress up the chairs a bit .. using blue, silver & white ribbon with large bows.


In the candle light… after the lights went out.

  100_8622  100_8693 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my addition to this weeks Tablescape Thursday .. I look forward to seeing what all you have in store this week.




  1. Debbie--I am in complete awe!! Both tables are breathtaking!--such detail!!! The amount of work and thought that went into both of these is evident. What is in your mercury vase?? Beautiful!

  2. Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Both tables are absolutely stunning. I love bling! Rosie

  4. Oh it is all so beautiful!

  5. Was the tea a tablescape event? That looks amazing! What a lovely job you and your sister did.

  6. These tables are absolutely gorgeous! I love the pink one. It's so full beauty and the blue one is makes me think of winter. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  7. Both tablescapes are gorgeous. I can't decide which I like better so I'm calling it a tie. Simply gorgeous.

  8. Wow...beautiful!! I love the blue with the silver, what a wonderful gift to your guests pretty, thanks for sharing.

  9. Both of those tables are gorgeous! Love the gifts given on both tables, the lighting on "sister's" and the pink stemware, and love the napkins & all the silver/blue on your table. It all looks great, especially with the lights off!

  10. Hi Debbie,
    You did a beautiful job! Everything about your table looks cool, clean, and sophisticated. I think the fact that you took the extra step and decortated the backs of the chairs elevates yours to a higher level.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the nice comment. You asked about the stained concrete floors. The room is in a basement (a high ceilinged, walk out one, but I think basements are prone to problems with water). Anyway, the sewer line backed up and flooded the space the day after the furniture was delivered. The insurance company sent a restoration company in to clean, sanitize, remove carpet, etc. We asked about staining the old concrete, rather than replacing the carpet (assuming it would cost extra). It turned out that one company in town would do it for less than the price of new carpet. They buffed/sanded off the glue, removed tack strips around the edges, etc. There was a two-step process, with stain followed with a sealer. The concrete was more porous in some areas than in others, so the color's uneven ... but that seems OK to me in a casual space. It's important not to use harsh cleaning products on it. They suggested using only water for mopping if at all possible. Chemicals in cleaning products can react with the sealer and leave whitish areas that can't be removed (it's already happened in a few places .. cats have hairballs, track litter, etc.. and it has to be cleaned). Mostly, it's a very easy-to-live-with floor. Good luck with your project! Keep me posted, OK?


  11. Stunning tables! Both are so pretty in the candlelight.

  12. Oh my goodness, these tablescapes are amazing, I know I really enjoyed the pictures, and I know you all had lots of fun doing them.

  13. Oh my they are both stunning. I love the pink and gold, it is so elegant and such an unexpected color combination. The blue is gorgeous too. Both tables are outstanding. Hugs, Marty

  14. Pink/gold blue/silver...both are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.!
    I really like the pink stemware and the blue napkins.
    Thanks for sharing both beautiful tables.

  15. BOTH tables are beautiful, I can't pick a favorite! I especially love your snowflake napkins! I am wondering if they came in different colors??? So glad I stopped by! I did post today too so please stop over if you can. XO, Pinky

  16. Absolutely Stunning! So elegant! I bet a great time was had by all who attended...they had to have felt like a princess!

  17. Both of these tables are gorgeous, and they're such a nice contrast of each other--rosy gold sunset and the icy blues of winter!
    These events are so much fun! Thanks for sharing the tables!

  18. What a lovely colour combination and those tables looks like in wonderland.

    Loving it...

    Sorry for my poor tablescaping as of now. It's my first time to join Tablescaping. I will be attentive next time.
    Keep on looking.

  19. Both tables are gorgeous! I can't decide which I like best... but I am leaning towards yours with the traditional icy blue and silver reminding me of winter! Looks like y'all had a good time!
    Have a great weekend!
    Suzanne :)

  20. Stunning! Not just saying this, since it is your blog, but yours is my far, my favorite of all the tables you've shown! Absolutely gorgeous!!! :) ~Rhonda

  21. You have left me breathless. Those tables are fabulous. I love the pick, but that blue was just dazzling. The candlelight just makes everything sparkle.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  22. Both tables are absolutely amazing!!! I can't believe you both transported all of this to church!!!! Your sisters is oh so gold and glittery. Yours is so silver and shimmery. They are both beautiful!!! You have nothing to want to grow into. Yours is just as amazing, if not more so.
    - The Tablescaper

  23. I'm glad that I'm typing, because I'm speechless! Such beautiful detail. I could really enjoy myself at these beautiful tables! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Debbie! So good to see you and those two tables are perfect together. They really compliment one another. Both were exquisite and you never fail to amaze me with your creativity!



  25. Trying to catch up with the blogs...

    Your table is exquisitely sophisticated! I love the coolness of the blues mixed with the iciness of the silver. And decorating the chairs put your table over the top!
    Well done!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  26. Lovely! You definitely put a lot of work into these works of art. My favorite is the *winter wonderland*~I really love that you hung snowflakes above it!


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