Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday .. Archery Season Is Upon Us


Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday .. Where we share all our fun Outdoor Photos and Stories. This week since Archery season is right around the corner I’m sharing with y’all a trip to the Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources State Headquarters located in Social Circle, Georgia.  It was spring and time to get in a lil archery practice… and what better place to safely do that than the 3-D archery field at DNR Headquarters.


This field is open to the public 7 days a week .. As you can see they have an assortment of 3-D targets in various sizes available. All targets are marked and measured off .. and paver stones set to stand on at ea yard mark. It’s ideal for setting up sights on your bow.


I’m not even going to pretend that I know anything about all this stuff .. but I did know why we were there. Both Jeff and Ashley had gotten a few new things for their bows for Christmas and this was the first chance they’d had to test it all out. Jeff is a right handed shooter as you can see above .. and down below you’ll see that Ashley is a lefty.


For a left hand shooter things are not as easy to come by and when you do find them or special order them .. they ain’t cheap.  On this day they were both adjusting the sight pins on their bows.. This lil device holds multiple colored pins and each pin is placed on the device according to the distance they set it. In order to get the correct yardage for that pin they have to use the target below and make adjustments accordingly.


At the Archery field they have markers like this one placed in different spots .. ea one representing different yardages .. ranging from 25 yards an upwards.


See the big ole moose up above .. easy shot at 100 yards away yes .. but can you get his buddy Mr. Black Bear standing there beside him shooting from 100 yards away too.


How bout ole T-Rex there .. think you can get him at 50 yards.


It’s always good to practice shooting dinosaurs .. ya never know when one just might pop up outta the woods at cha! As you can see the targets are all different sizes and shapes and geared for all ages .. What 8 year old wouldn’t wanna take a shot at a Dinosaur .. Cool huh?


I think Jeff’s prepared for him if he ever does show up LOL..


There are picnic tables and benches set up around the area also .. for us non-participants who are there just to spend quality time with our family .. and right now the field you see above is covered in Sunflowers .. I’m told it’s beautiful and I must go see it.


For those girls that like to play “boy games” and want to still feel like a girl .. they have all kinda things in Pink. This of course is Ashley’s stuff .. all girl. She even has pink in her camo bow case .. She had a case that was just like Jeff’s at one time and he accidently grabbed hers instead of his for a Hunter’s Ed class he was teaching one night .. when he opened it up to demonstrate there was all this pink .. and the folks in his class looked at him a lil strange .. Can you guess how many times he said “ This is my daughter’s bow” hahaha about every other sentence.


Here’s a close up of her arrows .. They are fromThe Pink Arrow Project” awesome group.. When you buy pink products you know that you are helping to fight the terrible disease “CANCER.” For more information about The Pink Arrow Project and what they have to offer click here: THE PINK ARROW PROJECT


We had a great day in Social Circle .. I hope you enjoyed coming along as well..


If you’re out an about in this heat .. Protect your eyes and your skin and… drink plenty of fluids!


C’ya Next Week Everybody ~ God Bless, Debbie

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  1. What a fun post.. I've always admired those that have the strengh to do this.. thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.
    hugs ~lynne~

  2. This looks like a fun archery course! I always wanted to learn how to do this....I'm sure it takes quite a bit of strength. Loved the pink arrows!


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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!