Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday .. Big Haynes Creek Wildlife Festival


It’s Outdoor Wednesday time .. and the lovely Susan at A Southern Daydreamer is hosting this weekly blog party. Make sure you hop on over and see what all everyone is sharing this week.

Big Haynes Creek Wildlife Festival..

This past weekend Jeff & Ashley were set up at the festival working the Archery exhibit.


Ashley has been working really hard toning her archery skills. She has been working with her Dad and we have her working once a week with an Olympic Archery Coach. All of that hard work has been paying off and she has been asked to help in instructing other juniors in teaching archery.


The festival is a yearly event held here in Conyers Georgia at the International Horse Park.. Home of the 1996 summer Olympic Equestrian events.


The archery exhibit was free of charge .. and was a basic 101 safety course in archery. The host of the exhibit which included Archery safety, fly tying, fly fishing techniques, and a modern day hunters guide class was Venture Outdoors. Venture Outdoors travels all around Georgia teaching everything from all types of shooting skills & safety to Hunters Safety classes. They are highly respected for their work by the Department of Natural Resources and do so much to educate Georgia’s youth in becoming  safe and responsible hunters.

These next few photos are of my husband Jeff.. assisting some little ones in their first ever experience handling and firing a compound bow.


The bows they are using are : Matthews Genesis .. They come in 3 sizes.. The mini, The Standard & The Probow. The NASP .. National Archery in the Schools Programs.. use these bows.


Here this little guy is getting ready to shoot the Mini.. which has a draw weight that can be adjusted between 6 to 12 lbs. Perfect for his size and strength.


And here’s the release..


Each child that shot.. with the assistance of their guide.. always made at least one bulls eye shot!.. Which tickled them to no end. It was a great weekend .. enjoyed by all!


Happy Wednesday Y’all!


Hugs, Debbie


  1. I love your post, Debbie! This is the kind of family recreation I would love to see my grandkids involved in. I keep seeing so many wonderful posts from bloggers in the south, and it makes my heart long for that kind of life...but I am grateful for where God has planted me, so I will be there in spirit, anyway. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh this looks like so much fun. Those children are absolutely precious. Thanks to hubby for getting in on the action as well. I enjoyed reading your post..
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. Looks like fun! Our eldest has enjoyed teaching archery to younger children.

    Becky K.

  4. I looks like everyone had a wonderful day. It's so nice that Ashley and her dad share an interest. She must be thrilled to have been tapped as an assistant.It's really good of your husband to spend time instructing a children's group. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  5. What a fun day! It's so nice to see the smiling faces on the little ones....Chistine

  6. Welcome back! Have missed your bright posts.

    Your young ones look so intence-- wow, that bow is challenging it looks to me! How brave of them. and look at the smiles.

    Thanks for sharing.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  7. I love archery...how long is the festival for? My kids would love it and Conyers isn't too far for us

  8. Looks like a fun time -- how great for the kids to learn archery.

  9. I think it's great when people take time to share time and talents, kudos for that. I love the little red head so darling! Happy outdoor Wednesday!

  10. Yea for them, I LOVED archery classes at camp. Can't say it stuck with me (no pun intended) but I wish I still had the skill. Happy O.W.

  11. Hi Debbie,
    Great post.. I love seeing the little ones..and to get a bulleye ..yipee
    How exciting for your daughter to be asked to help teach.. she must be really good. Have a great Wednesday.

  12. This really reminds me of how much fun my now grown-up kiddos loved this!! Great skill:)

  13. Hi Debbie, I wanted to let you know that I read your blog religously...each and every post. I love your blog. I LOVE the green country side of Georgia. I live in the Arizona desert so I live vicariously through your blog LOL. We get green fall-spring with the help of LOTS of water. But Georgia just seems to be so beautiful and naturally green everywhere. I can't wait to see what your winters are like. Can you tell I don't travel much? I've never been back east so it's nice blogging and being able to learn about other places. Glad to see your back I missed reading your posts. Hope your feeling better.

  14. This looks like so much fun! I love that it's something the whole family can do together as well. Great post!


  15. I know, for a fact, that this is great fun..Mr. Sweet is teaching our 16 yr old grandson to shoot. They might miss their target but, oh what fun they are having..
    Good post.

  16. I once thought I'd be a great archer. After hitting one too many passersby, I opted for frisbees instead!

  17. Cute photos of precious children. This is great!

  18. Who KNEW we'd have ANOTHER thing in common?! LOVE the pics of Ashley and Jeff and how great for her to be working with such an accomplished coach.

    We are big bow people, too, and Grizzly, TWM, and Bo all have unbelievable bows and equipment. I really have to do a post about that camping trip we took. It is SO overdue. Of course, being GRIZZLY, after all, all bows are camo. :)

  19. Hi Debbie,
    What fun. It takes a good eye and arm power. I know my arms get tired after skeet shooting.
    Great job Ashley!.

    Enjoy your weekend,


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