Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Take Off The Blinders...

I believe in my heart of heart this is one of the
most serious elections this country has ever had
and it could very deeply affect
Christians living in the United States.

Any discerning person that calls Jesus Christ
their Lord and Savior should look at
what we have before us in this election.
From where Obama started and where
he has come to today is almost supernatural,
and not in the Holy sense.
Have you noticed how none of the questions
about his past associations ever phase him?
Have you noticed that every time he speaks,
of how many seem to think he
has the wisdom of the ages?
He knows how to speak to the natural man
in a way to cause this person to think
"he" is their savior.

All Christians need to unite in the
last days before the election.
GOD answers prayers for His children when we seek him.
We need to learn from the lesson back in the day
when the Israelites wanted a king,
and they wanted Saul.
GOD knew better, but since it was
His people's desire, he allowed it.
They were the ones that suffered in the long run.

Before it is too late, let's all commit to prayer
that the evil be stopped.
We have the history of the Bible to learn from
and to be wiser than they were.
Let's not waste the time,
as we approach this crossroad,
pray that a leader will be chosen by the citizens
of the US that has us at his heart rather than personal gain.
Pray that GOD will work in His supernatural
way to stop this evil.
We will be the ones better for it.

My vote this year is against what I
perceive as a very present evil.
I am not casting a vote because I love the candidate,
but merely for the salvation of the US
and it's very freedom that our forefathers
fought, bled and died for.
I am choosing not based on what I want...
but for the future of the children and future generations to come.
I believe that there will be a very nasty civil war
if Obama is chosen to fight
for the very freedoms I speak about.

We must take the blinders off
and see this man for what he is.

Educate yourself and your family
about what Obama stands for...

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Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear!!