Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday .. Spirit


Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday .. Today I’m sharing a few photos of Spirit .. Spirit named by my Step Dad is a baby fawn that my Mom found a few months ago. As Mom was taking a walk she spotted what she thought at first was a lil Chihuahua laying in the ditch on the other side of the road.


As she and my sister got closer they realized it wasn’t a Chihuahua .. it was a baby deer.


The lil fawn was less than 24 hours old and was very weak.  They brought her back to the house .. wrapped her up in blankets to keep her warm. Later my Mom went to the Tractor Supply Store and they told her she needed to try and feed it Goat's Colostrum  Milk. Spirit was real weak but Mom managed to get her to take small amounts of the milk. At this point Spirit wasn’t able to stand or walk .. and there was lil hope that she’d make it through the night.


The next morning Spirit was showing signs of improving .. she had managed to stand and when we took her back outside for the first time she stood on her own and took her first steps.


Here in Georgia as well as many other states it is against the law to keep wild animals. My husband Jeff works with the Department of Natural Resources and knew of a lady that was close by that was authorized by the state to care for and rehabilitate wild animals.


So after saying her goodbyes to my Meme and PapaDoc, Spirit left with us headed for her new home. Jeff and I are use to having a riding buddy with us but I was scared of how Spirit would react to this strange setting. As you can see she looked perfectly comfortable in her seat .. she wasn’t nervous or scared at all.


When we arrived at the rehabilitation farm we let her out and she did a lil deer business and seemed to be pleased to what was going to be her new home.


Ms Lee was ready for Spirits arrival .. she had her a large kennel all prepared with fresh water and fresh hay. Spirit walked right in and made herself all nice and comfy.


Spirit will remain under Ms Lee’s special care until she is stronger and a lil older.. and once she is ready she will be released in the open to free range on the over 100 acre protected wildlife reserve that Ms Lee runs and cares for. Over the next year Spirit will find her a mate and by this time next year she’ll be bringing her lil ones back up to show off to Ms Lee.

I hope you enjoyed my addition to this weeks’ Outdoor Wednesday .. I can honestly say this was an amazing experience for me .. to hold and be able to love on such an amazing creature is beyond words for me .. I was truly blessed an I will never forget it.




  1. Aww...I love this story...how darling Spirit is. Maybe you can watch her grow and check in from time to time. How amazing that your Mom even saw her and was able to keep her alive.
    A precious story.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  2. What an aha moment. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.
    Joyce M


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